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Students will have fun reviewing the basic parts of plant and animal cells with this brochure. Students are given a copy of the brochure that needs to be completed. In order to finish it, they use the full-color key. Copies of the completed brochure can be displayed on the overhead or with a digital
Endangered Animals Brochure Project with Rubric. Use as a research project for Life Science or to go with the book The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John. Includes research report assignment and rubric. Students must take on the role of an endangered African animal protection activist working to save
Informational Text- Animal Research Brochure - It is surprising how soon the Common Core standards expect students to begin research. This brochure scaffolds students through the research process by providing prompts for the topics they should include in their animal research. - This brochure is
These brochures are a fun alternative to research reports. Includes: ✔ Brochure templates for each of the following ocean animals: shark, dolphin, whale, seahorse, octopus, starfish, sea turtle, crab, and jellyfish. ✔ Fact Sheet for each ocean animal, filled with fun facts. Younger learners can
Teaching Informational Text with my brochures is an exciting way to get your students engaged. These science based lessons make Language Arts very intriguing. I have written 4 brochures about habitats. Instead of finding brochures from various locations, you can print these out and allow the student
Animal report writing is a great way to get your students interested in reading nonfiction text! Use this reading response template to help your students organize their thinking about any animal. You can print this front to back to make a fun brochure and great bulletin board! Save Big! 9 Different
Included are all of the resources for your class to create an instructional brochure using research and nonfiction text features. Examples of a completed brochure have been included for you to reference. It is made from a 12 in. x 8 in. piece of white construction paper folded into thirds. This a
This is a six-panel animal brochure. It has several areas for students to draw pictures, includes information about diet and where the animal lives, as well as a panel for fun facts! Print double sided and fold twice for a true brochure look and feel. This can be used for students of all abilities.
McGraw Hill Brochure (Tri-fold) Reading Wonders Reading/Writing Workshop & Literature Anthology (UNIT 4- WEEK 5) Unit 4 Week 5 All 3 stories/informational texts from the Reading/Writing Workshop & Literature Anthology book included. UNIT 4 WEEK 5- Working With Animals *From Puppy to Gui
Research different animals using this fun brochure! An optional rubric is included. This product also includes a blank brochure that can be used for future projects in any subject area!
This is a great project for students to show what they know about animal classifications! Students will create a brochure to showcase their knowledge about animals. There are brochure templates for mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, and insects. Each template asks the questions: *How c
This is aligned to match the VA 3rd grade SOL vocabulary for Animal Adaptations: physical adaptations and behavioral adaptations. Students have to illustrate and write about: camouflage, mimicry, beaks and feet, protective color/skin coverings, migrate, hibernate, learned behavior, instinct, staying
This template walks students through the process of making their own animal ecosystem brochures. Easily adapted for book reports, research projects, and writing lessons, this is a must for your classroom. The file provides lined spaces for descriptive paragraphs. It also features designated areas
All you need for your students to create a brochure all about classifying animals into 5 groups; mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibian, & bird. This is designed with differentiation in mind. There are pieces you can print and give students to make the project easier or you may choose to not give al
Here are two cute and simple products to support the informational text, research and reporting skills you are teaching your students. This compressed file contains an 8-page report (letter size) and a double sided brochure (legal size paper). The 8 page report allows for your students to report
McGraw Hill Brochure (Tri-fold) Reading Wonders Reading/Writing Workshop & Literature Anthology (UNIT 4- WEEK 1) Unit 4 Week 1 All 3 stories/informational texts from the Reading/Writing Workshop & Literature Anthology book included. UNIT 4 WEEK 1- Animal Features *A Tale of a Tail *How Bat
This .zip file contains information for students to research biomes and create brochures advertising a given biome, as well as options to create and present their own adapted animal, suited for life in a specific biome. These materials were designed for 6th grade students in New York City. Includ
***Updated to include a PDF version, as someone was having issues with the file as a word doc. **This is a brochure that can be used for a science project where students create an animal based on their knowledge of habitats, animal types, animal adaptation etc. This brochure can be edited to suit yo
This brochure format for animal reports is an interactive, exciting way to organize facts and information. Photocopy both report pages back to back and then three fold the paper to make your brochure.
Animal Research BrochureStudents can use this brochure to record research on any animal. Space for illustrating the animal and recording information about the animal's classification, size, weight, appearance, habitat/location, behavior, predators, diet/prey, interesting facts, and life cycle are i
Task: This task is to create a science brochure that identifies and describes the distinguishing characteristics of different groups of plants and animals. The project includes the following: project description and student checklistrubricbrochure planning pagesbrochure templateThis package include
Basically, students will do a brief write up on Animal vs. Plant Cells and then draw/label a cell to go with it...see document for specific requirements/directions. Additional Research websites are also listed
In this Animal Farm activity, students use propaganda techniques explored while reading Animal Farm to create travel brochures for Manor Farm (aka Animal Farm). Students enjoy putting a sales-like, positive spin on the brainwashing techniques found within the book. Teachers enjoy seeing students cre
Researching animals? Practicing Text Features? Captions, bullet points, photos. Reinforce students researching through various resources, a reference box is on one of the folds. One version also has sentence frames. Great way to have students research, present, connect with art in a diorama, citin

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