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An alternative or additional final assessment for the Physical Environment Unit. Student instructions, graphic organizers and planners, peer observation guides, rubrics for verbal and visual presentation modifications.

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Animal Research Project Spanish & English BUNDLE
This BUNDLE contains both the Spanish and English versions of my Animal Research Packets. This product is full of templates for students in grades 1st-3rd to complete research on an animal of their choosing. Student printables for animal booklet will cover: *Brainstorming and choosing their animal.


Animal Habitats in English and Spanish
This unit includes all materials in English and in Spanish for a Kindergarten Animal Habitat Unit. It includes...Vocabulary FlashcardsMini-book, "What Do Plants Need to Live?"Mini-book, "What Do Animals Need to Live?"Mini-book, "Guess My Animal"Cut and Sort: Living and Non-LivingCut and Sort: Anima

Also included in: Kindergarten Spanish Science Bundle


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Animal Habitats {THE BUNDLE}
This BUNDLE includes my best-selling Animal Diorama and Research Report - Project Pack, and my all-new Animal Habitats Unit to help provide background knowledge about the habitats and explore the differences between them 2before you begin the diorama project with your students. (Please note: If yo


{Animal Research Project} Flip Book (Spanish Version Included)
Here is an an animal research project flip book!All you need to do is print these. Students (or you) should cut around the black border so you don't have the extra white space on the paper. Then build it! The smallest paper goes on the top, the largest on the bottom. So work your way from smallest t

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Animal Report (English & Spanish)
This READY TO PRINT Animal report / Research project has been designed for Primary school students of different ages. It contains 2 versions: English and Spanish. The contents that can be worked with this PDF file are the following: 1. Cover 2. Table of contents 3. Appearance 4. Habitat and loc

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Animal Research Project Template + FREE Spanish Version
This is our biggest project of the year in my Kindergarten class and the students absolutely love it! Included in the packet are all of the pages that we use to complete the research report on the animal’s body, habitat, life cycle, food, and fun facts. I have also included blank research writing pa

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Habitats Unit in Spanish
This product includes numerous literacy and math activities all relating to the theme of habitats/animals! Included are informational texts about habitats and animal adaptations, posters of life cycles and food chains, non-fiction texts and projects related to habitats! ALL in Spanish!

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Animal Habitat Posters/Los Hábitats de Animales Pósters
Vibrant and bright posters with sentence frames to get your students talking and writing about where they live and where animals live in English OR Spanish! You can print these out for students to reference when writing about where they and animals live OR project them on the board. Laminate with a

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animal mapping of ideas sheet animales project spanish
Use this mapping sheet for your students to jot down their ideas or main points that you want them to remember. Students are able to jot down the colors, sounds, foods and habitats of an animal that they may choose.

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Animal Diorama and Research Report - Project Pack {EDITABLE}
This Animal Diorama and Research Report is such a fun and engaging project for your students! They will learn about an animal by creating a diorama of the animal's natural habitat. Students will research an animal of their choice, complete an Animal Research Report poster, organize and write a res

Also included in: Animal Habitats {THE BUNDLE}


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K-2 Bilingual Animal Research Paper Template / Ensayo de Animales
This is a writing template to help Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade writers organize their thoughts to include all of the parts of an informational research paper about animals. It is written in both English and Spanish. It aligns to the Next Gen Science Standards K, 1, and 2 Life Science standards

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Animal Research Bundle: From Anchor Charts to Assessments!
Animal Research BundleThis Animal Research Bundle contains all you need to teach students how to complete an individualized, self-directed research project ending in a Natural History Museum. Students will learn how to research using non-fiction books and put the information in their own words! No

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Reporte de Animal
Este producto es perfecto para que sus estudiantes hagan un reporte de no ficción sobre el animal que ellos escojan, lo único que necesitará proveer son libros acerca de diferentes animales para que hagan su investigación. También hay un proyecto opcional para llevar a la casa, con la nota de instru

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Distance Learning ENDANGERED ANIMAL RESEARCH REPORT en Espanol Research Project
**ALL IN SPANISH** ANIMAL REPORTS Endangered Animals Research Project Distance Learning with No Prep! Everything you need to get your students started on a beginning guided research writing project. Research Animals and Animal Habitats, while following the Research Process. Use the graphic organiz

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These activities are a fun way for students to understand the concept of HABITAT. This unit should last two weeks.There are 17 pages with fun activities on aquariums, terrariums and pet/caregiver. - Students make an aquarium craft and then write about it on page 1. All templates needed are included.

Also included in: INTERDEPENDENCE BUNDLE - Plants and Animals Need Each Other


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In Spanish / Habitats {Proyecto de Investigación}
***UPDATED (May 2015) If you purchased previously just go to "My Purchases" to re download. Thanks! “Habitats” Research Project in Spanish has been designed to help students to develop their ability to do independent research from an early age and to learn about the Habitats in a fun and easy way.

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Animal research paper
Use this sheet for primary children to be introduced to doing a simple research project on an animal. The sheet is provided in English as well as Spanish. Children can draw their animal in the box and provide information on habitat, diet, and an interesting fact.

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Animal project/ Proyecto de animal Dual Language material
This is a dual language product for an animal project that can be used for students learning or researching an animal that they have chosen. This document includes an outline with questions to guide students, a quick reference sheet, and booklet for finished product. Document includes: These docum

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Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems Unit  NGSS Spanish Ecosistemas
All in Spanish!This is the perfect unit to teach the following Grade 2 NGSS standards:2-LS2-1. Plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow. [Assessment Boundary: Assessmentis limited to testing one variable at a time.]2-LS2-2. Develop a simple model that

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Animal booklet/Librito de reporte de animal Dual Language
This is a dual language product that can be used after students learn or research an animal that they have chosen. Includes pages for: Title page Table of Content Appearance with a page for students to draw and label animal Habitat with a page for students to illustrate or glue a map Diet with a pa

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Habitats and Interdependence - Desert, Arctic, Rainforest - Spanish
These are 3 projects enough for a week study in Spanish!!Start this Topic watching 3 videos in BrainpopJr.: Desert, Arctic, and Rainforest.Science and language arts are integrated by learning about the main idea and nonfiction when studying different animal habitats.Watch a video daily, make the dio

Also included in: INTERDEPENDENCE BUNDLE - Plants and Animals Need Each Other- Spanish


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Ensayo de Animal - Animal Report (Spanish)
This product is to assist students in writing an animal research report in Spanish. It has notes pages where students collect information about the habitat, physical characteristics, diet, and safety/adaptations it has/uses to survive. I have also included teaching pages where students can practice

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DESIGN A ZOO - SPANISH - Project-Based Language Learning - DISTANCE LEARNING
Project Based Language Learning: DESIGN IT, BUILD IT - Make A Zoo and Learn SpanishEnvision, Design, and Build a Zoo with 2D and 3D resources!-Project Based Language Learning-Real World Application-Nature, Directions and Colors Vocabulary-Extension Activities-Differentiated Levels-Empowers students

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