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Are you looking for an engaging print and digital research project, perfect for in class or at home distance learning?This Endangered Species Animals Research Project is broken down step by step, to help your students write a research project independently.This set includes BOTH a printable and digi
This endangered animals lapbook kit includes 10 PAGES OF INFORMATIONAL PASSAGES about animal needs, animal threats, levels of danger, food chains, and animal adaptations, PLUS black line masters and photo illustrations for making an endangered animals lapbook with your students. Also included, is an
2nd - 4th

Also included in: Ultimate Interactive BUNDLE

Students will use their scientific knowledge about animals and adaptations to create a new animal species. The goal is for them to create a unique animal and describe how its adaptations help it survive in a specific environment. This project includes * Brainstorming/instructions page * Part 1: The
Engage students with these high-interest print and digital close reading passages all about endangered species. Includes 6 nonfiction reading articles about endangered species, why they are endangered, and four different endangered species. All articles are related, so they can easily be used as pai
Print & Digital Endangered Animals Research Pennants Templates. These are great templates for your students to use to research these animals. Colored and BW Pennants included, perfect for bulletin board displays!Click Here to Check out over 200 Teach-Go Pennants™Kindly Note: Actual research is n
Grab everything you need to learn about endangered animals and species with these high-interest and interactive digital and print reading and writing activities all about your students' favorite animals!NOTE: This is set includes BOTH printable and digital versions. This set includes 7 close reading
In this activity, students demonstrate their learning of animal adaptations and human interactions with the environment through a research project on an endangered animal. Included are the project outline, reflection questions and rubric. This projects meets the following expectation for the Ontari
3rd - 6th
Endangered Species Posters 18 Different Animals Shows IUCN's Rating - Most Respected Rating Animals included in pack: African Elephant, Amur Leopard, Black-Headed Spider Monkey, California Condor, Cross River Gorilla, Dhole, Giant Chinese, Salamander, Giant Panda, Hawaiian Monk Seal, Ivory Billed W
1st - 12th
This is a fun in-class project to use with your class after teaching about adaptations in your science class. The main objectives of this mini-project are for the students to be familiar with behavioral and structural adaptations and to be able to differentiate between the two. In this mini-projec
3rd - 6th
This resource contains five non-fiction texts about animals that are considered invasive species. It was made for the MS-LS2-4 and 5 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics NGSS. It covers the following invasive species:Burmese PythonCane ToadEmerald Ash BorerLionfishZebra MusselThere are gr
Ten, beautiful, hand-drawn, highly detailed critically endangered animals coloring pages showing the world's top ten most endangered species. Leopard, gorilla, sea turtle, orangutan, elephant, saola, vaquita, tiger, rhino and pangolin. Perfect for endangered species units and lessons. Each full Le
2nd - 6th
This resource contains five non-fiction texts about animals that are considered invasive species. It was made for the MS-LS2-4 and 5 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics NGSS. It covers the following invasive species:Burmese PythonCane ToadEmerald Ash BorerLionfishZebra MusselThere are gra
This purchase is for two quick webquests that will work great as a reflection or as a starting point to a classroom report or project. 1) ANIMAL SPECIES WEBQUEST - Students will be tasked with finding a variety of animals for the 5 major species groups on our planet. (96 animals total) This also
Beginning with an introductory lesson on ant communication and how we can use our senses in the classroom, this lesson utilizes a variety of sources to create learning stations, challenges, and performance based tasks.Science Standards:6.LS2.7: Compare and contrast auditory and visual methods of com
5th - 7th
Need a lesson centered around Speed and Velocity? This is the Google Slide Deck for you! These 14 slides include a multiple comparisons of various animal speeds, instructions on how to convert to like-units coupled with a common conversions chart, interactive drag and drop slides where students vote
9th - 12th
No Prep and 100% Digital and ready for you to share in Google Classroom or OneDrive.Students will incorporate learning about an Endangered Species they choose and navigating Google Slides or PowerPoint. Completely EDITABLE! Downloads in Google Slides and works perfectly in PowerPoint! Students will
In this project you will be creating two new animal species that need to adapt to survive. One animal will be prey that is skilled at avoiding enemies and the other will be a predator at the top of the food chain. You must chose an environment for these animals to live in and provide them with app
This product features three informational texts on lions, mandrills, and tigers. Each page is accompanied by a reading comprehension worksheet. As an extension activity on page 8, you’ll find a Web Quest where students can learn more about these animals as they relate to the endangered species “Red
6th - 12th
This endangered species animal campaign package is designed to give students a chance to research an endangered species, come up with a campaign that advertises ways to save the endangered species, and write an informative essay that provides information on the endangered species. Each graphic orga
Are you looking for a FUN, low-prep activity to reinforce plant & animal adaptations? This resource is student approved! Students begin by brainstorming plant & animal adaptations (I've included some examples). Then onto the fun part! Students will use the Pre-Plan to create their own MA
3rd - 5th
You will receive 27 images with transparent background in PNG format. This set would be a great companion to an endangered species or animal study. Included are the following in color and black line: elephant wolf komodo dragon black footed ferret great white shark black rhino panda orangutan go
Endemic Species Online Web Search for TeensThis is a 20 question web search document you can use with high school students. Your students will search for questions related to various endemic species and where they can be found. Yes, an answer sheet is included :o) We have many web searches for midd
Do you love to color? Do your students love animals and enjoy coloring? This digital coloring book is for you!This coloring book includes 7 different original endangered animals that I have drawn in my personal sketchbook! You will also receive 1 Endangered Animals Coloring Book Cover page. These ar
Get your students excited to learn about EXTINCT & ENDANGERED SPECIES with this digital breakout! This breakout is purely digital, no kits necessary! Works through Google Forms! Did I mention that this breakout is editable?!? Use as is, add, or subtract questions and then post the link through G

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