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Animal Farm by George Orwell: Complete Teaching Pack {Lesson Plans & Activities}
Animal Farm by George Orwell is as applicable today as when it was first written. These complete lesson plans, worksheets and activities aim to make that true, to make the novel relevant and engaging for your students. These resources will equip you when teaching Animal Farm, and hopefully will make
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Animal Farm Unit Plan: Animal Farm Activities + Informational Text + Pairings
This Animal Farm unit is designed to help you add engagement, movement, and rigor to your Animal Farm novel study. Teach Animal Farm like it's your civic duty by combating fake news, herd mentality, and political apathy! This is a complete unit plan with engaging and meaningful activities for EA

Also included in: British Literature Bundle: All of my 12th Grade Brit Lit Lesson Plans

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Farm Animals-On The Farm-Literacy,Math,Science and Art FUN MEGA THEME PACK
This pack contains all the farm animals activities I have build over the past 3 years. It has been revised on March 3, 2015 to now include my NO PREP printables pack (nearly 80 pages) for math and literacy bringing this mega pack to a WHOPPING 500 pages of cross-curricular Farm Animal activities and
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Animal Farm Literature Guide, Complete Teaching Unit for Animal Farm by Orwell
Animal Farm by George Orwell This Literature Guide for George Orwell's Animal Farm contains 164 pages of student coursework, activities, quizzes, tests, and much more aligned with the Common Core State Standards and NCTE/IRA National ELA Standards for ninth through eleventh grade. We've done the
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Animal Farm Activities and Assignments for Every Chapter
Animal Farm Activities: This 25 page document includes 21 pages filled different common core aligned classroom activity to use to help students understand and analyze George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm." Included in this packet: Chapter 1 – Rhetorical Analysis - Analyzing Major’s Speech - Full Te
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Animal Farm Lesson and Activity Whole Novel Bundle
Animal Farm by George Orwell Unit Lesson Bundle (Revised and Enhanced Version) If you haven't read Animal Farm with your class, you are missing a wonderful experience. It is an extraordinarily touching novel which my kids really loved. I also consider the Animal Unit Plan to be one of the be
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Animal Farm Activities & Lessons with an Inquiry Approach
Animal Farm teaches many lessons that are relevant to students of today; show them with an inquiry approach. This package can be used instead of, or as a supplement to, a more traditional approach to Animal Farm . Students will learn about the power of language as they come to understand how words
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Animal Farm Unit Plan With Four Weeks Of Lessons, Activities and Essay Writing
Help your students LOVE George Orwell’s famous allegory with this Four Week Complete Animal Farm Unit! Contains four weeks of lesson plans and student materials ALL designed for high engagement and easy implementation! Weeks 1-3 include an in-depth study of Animal Farm. Week 4 is spent on the compl
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Animal Farm Ultimate Unit Bundle
This Animal Farm Unit has everything needed to teach George Orwell's fairy story. You will have activities, assessments, and presentations for weeks of reading and teaching this story.Included are 150 pages of activities, assessments, and explanations. Specifically:→ A pre-reading websearch (student
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Animal Farm UNIT - One skills page per chapter PLUS 4 Assessments
The skills pages are one page for each chapter of Animal Farm. Chapter 1 - Characterization Chapter 2 - Characterization, Plot, Inference, Symbolism Chapter 3 - Compare/Contrast, Speech Analysis, Rhetorical Devices, Logical Fallacies Chapter 4 - Foreshadowing, Irony, Comprehension Graphic Organizer
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Animal Farm Unit: Questions, Quizzes, Vocabulary, Critical-Thinking, Analysis
Animal Farm by George Orwell: This Animal Farm Unit includes ESL differentiation and includes an introductory research project, chapter activities, chapter questions, vocabulary, interactive bookmarks, chapter quizzes, a final essay, and critical-thinking response questions! This bundle includes: "
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Animal Farm Quizzes for the Entire Novel - One Quiz per Chapter
Assess your students' comprehension and literary analysis skills with these Animal Farm Quizzes! This download includes ten different Animal Farm quizzes, one for each chapter, and an answer key. All ten of these quizzes include 10 multiple choice questions (there are a couple true or false quest
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Literature - Animal Farm Unit Plan
This thought-provoking Animal Farm unit plan includes Unit Structure, and Activities forms for planning, and a sample calendar agenda. It also offers 15 activities covering the main elements of literature, background information on George Orwell, the Bolshevik Revolution, the allegorical elements re
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Baby Animals on the Farm Differentiated books
Integrate science and literacy with this set of differentiated non-fiction books about baby farm animals and their mothers! I have included three levels of books in two different versions. The half-sheet booklets are designed with interactive elements and more detailed illustrations. These are great
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Baby Animals on the Farm Emergent Reader for Kindergarten
This emergent reader little book will help young students practice early reading skills, while learning about the farm animals!! Throughout the book, students learn about farm animals and their babies. The pattern of the text in the book is "Look at the mother (animal). She has (number word) little
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Animal Farm Learning Stations
George Orwell's Animal Farm: these stations focus on the important elements of the novella and help your students become more independent in their analysis and critical thinking. (These stations are part of my Animal Farm Inquiry Unit) This file includes stations that you can use to introduce the t
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Animal Farm - Twelve Novel Posters
Twelve decorative posters based on ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell--perfect for thematic decorations during a unit studying the novel. This download includes: * 6 WordFoto posters (pictures created out of a variety of words) with pig and horse backgrounds * 6 more posters featuring important quotation
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Animal Farm by George Orwell - Text Evidence Anticipation Activity
This pre-reading strategy uses critical thinking and inquiry learning to engage your students for their upcoming reading of the book, Animal Farm by George Orwell. Designed to meet requirements of the Common Core and help prepare students for PARCC, this activity requires students to complete close
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Animal Farm: Analyzing Major's Speech
This nine page document includes five different common core aligned classroom activities to use to help students understand and analyze Major's speech to the other animals in chapter 1 of George Orwell's "Animal Farm." This packet includes an excerpt from the speech for annotating, an annotating ac
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"Animals on the Farm" -  little reader
Little reader for PreK and Kinder students. This is a printable take home book. After reading story, students can color pictures according to the text.
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Animal Farm George Orwell Biography Informational Texts Activities
This biographical unit about the author of Animal Farm and 1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four) George Orwell, is designed as a multi-purpose reading and writing assignment for middle and high school English (or History students studying the Cold War period) students. It includes (1) a pre-reading vocabula

Also included in: Harper Lee, Orwell, Tolkien, Wiesel Biography BUNDLE 20th Century Writers

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Animal Farm Assignment: Using the Power of Rhetoric to Inspire
This Animal Farm assignment asks students to take a close look at Old Major's speech and to compare it to Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech. Then, students will check out other famous speeches to learn more about the power of rhetoric to persuade. Finally, they will write and present
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Farm Friends ~ Animals and Farm Balanced Literacy, Informational Unit
This unit, Farm Friends, relates to farms and the animals found on a farm. It is geared towards young learners, Kinder through Second Grade. Many CCSS are addressed with this informational unit and is full of balanced literacy activities and materials. Your young learners will be so excited about
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This package provides a Farm Animals Art Center activities suitable for pre-kg to kindergarten students. This package offers: 2 types of cow craft (one with a flip the flap for information and the other without) 1 type of pig craft (NO FLIP THE FLAP in this art) 2 types of sheep crafts (1 Flip the
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