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AP Calculus AB & PreCalculus Honors CURRICULUM DOUBLE BUNDLE:This resource is a complete curriculum product for both AP Calculus AB and PreCalculus Honors students. If you teach both courses, you can save big by taking advantage of this double bundle product. Teachers have a set of Guided Notes
Calculus AP-Style Editable Assessments Bundle: This resource is a full-year bundle of ONLY AP-STYLE Assessments covering the topics and concepts for AP Calculus AB. The bundle will save you many hours of planning and preparation for your AP Calculus AB or College Calculus class and will challenge y
AP Calculus 1st Semester Essentials Plus Assessments This resource is a complete set of Guided Notes, homework, and daily content quizzes, plus assessments and review assignments for the topics covered in the Differential Calculus Units 1-5 with Early Transcendentals. If you teach AP Calculus AB or
This slide presentation has 17 problems (15 algebraic limits and 2 graphical limits) allowing students to practice solving limits. Students need to know how to solve limits by...1) Direct Substitution2) Factoring3) Rationalizing4) Finding the LCD5) Using their calculator window and tables6) Showing
Activity Based Learning with Task Cards really does work to help reinforce your lessons. Task and station cards get your students engaged and keep them motivated. Use all at once or as many as you like. Directions for using Task Cards included in this resource. Hyperbolic Functions are part of the
Scaffolded notes with sample copy as well as answer key. Students will learn the different rules for discontinuity, end behavior and increasing/decreasing through this sheet of notes.Please rate my products and leave comments so that I can improve them! I try to update at least one product a week bu
AP Calculus, Calculus Honors, College Calculus: Volumes of Solids Infographics Freebie Volumes: Books or Pancakes? I have heard from so many teachers about the difficulty that students have in mastering this topic. Solids of Revolution is a required Calculus skill needed for success on the AP Calcu
AP Calculus AB - the formulas they MUST KNOW by ♥ in an easy to make, no mess Flip Book. Strive for a 5! 2 VERSIONS!Your students will love this!! This resource is designed for AP Calculus AB and can be used for any Calculus class where students are requi
AP Calculus BC or Calculus 2 Fun Jeopardy™ Style Game This fun, exciting activity is designed for College Calculus 2 and AP Calculus BC. It makes a great review. It was designed in PowerPoint 2003 and is compatible with all subsequent versions of PowerPoint. It is similar in style to my very popu
After my students completed the AP Calculus Exam during my first year of teaching AP Calculus, I continued covering material from our calculus text. However, the students struggled because the material was more difficult and, more realistically, their enthusiasm had diminished significantly after t
I use this project in my AP Calculus BC course at the end of the year. You can also adjust it to make it appropriate for AP Calculus AB—some of the “jumping-off points” included in the assignment sheet involve BC-only topics, but they can be removed or replaced with more AB topics if you wish. You
I have used this worksheet as review for my AP Calculus students, as it covers derivatives (power rule only), slope of the secant line (average rate of change), infinite limits, limits approaching a point, and finding values to make a function continuous. Each limit problem can be solved with l’Hopi
This fun activity is designed for College Calculus 1, AP Calculus AB, BC, or Honors Calculus. It makes a great review. The Topics include Limits, Derivatives, Integration, Applications, Random, and Famous. I included Round 1 and a Final Jeopardy Question. It took just under a 50 minute class perio
I created this unit from a little blurb I found at the end of a homework assignment in the book. They discussed the use of matrices and how it can be linked with cryptology. From there this project was created. Over the past several years, I have redesigned it and even presented it at many local
One of my best teaching ideas!! Students Love it. Designed for Calculus 1, AP Calculus AB, or Calculus Honors.My schedule and classes are not conducive for daily warm-ups, but............, big but here, my students really need to understand that they are taking college level courses and are respon
This Calculus Integration One or Two Day Review is designed for College Calculus, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC, has 18 great problems, and is a perfect review of integration before the AP exam for Calculus AB or for Calculus BC students before starting the unit on Techniques of Integration.
This is a bundles lesson covering how to determine the sinusoidal equation from specific points. Years ago, I used an online project called "If Only Nice Weather Could Last Year Round". However when I couldn't find it recently I created this one from scratch for use in my trigonometry class. This
This Table is comprised of the 259 indefinite and definite integrals most students will come across between their AP Calculus sequence through their sophomore year Linear Algebra and Differential Equations courses. It is organized in Algebraic, Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Exponential and Logarithmic
This is fun way to incorporate a Hunger Game theme into any type of review. I use it during AP Calculus review at the end of the year but it can be used by any age level and any subject over whatever timeframe you need to. All you need to do is tie your own problems to the games but all the rest i
This offering is the set of all three puzzles that might work nicely as exercises after that actual "hard-core" study of Calculus ends. Obviously, the goal of the three puzzles is to give a little review of the Calculus course just finished and a little more prep for the AP and/or Calculus final exa
his Calculus Unit 2 Derivative and Differentiation Review with Fun Multi - Holiday Themes is designed for every Calculus teacher whether you teach AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Honors Calculus, or College and Dual Enrollment Calculus 1. It is a review of Unit 2, Derivatives, and includes problem
People have been asking me for this and NOW, IT'S AVAILABLE! Here is an Algebra 2 course that feeds into my Pre-AP* Pre-calculus and AP* Calculus AB Complete Courses that many of you have purchased/downloaded here on TpT! Units of study include: 1) Basic Algebraic Properties and Structures 2) Ba
This comprehensive 1st Semester Review for AP Calculus Units 1 - 5 or Traditional Calculus Units 1 - 3 includes Limits, Continuity, Differentiation, and Applications of the Derivative. It can be given as a Calculus 1 midterm review/exam, or an AP Calculus AB Semester 1 review/exam. It can also b
The 26 question cards are numbered 1-26 with cards 1-13 covering Learning Objective 4.1 and cards 14-26 covering Learning Objective 4.2 from the AP Calculus Curriculum Framework. In addition to the question cards there are an additional 26 cards with matching answers. These cards are labeled A—Z.

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