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AP Language Argument Essay Planner
Planning a thoughtful essay that answers the prompt is difficult -- especially if students don't know how and where to start. With this assignment, students are asked to develop an argument by answering a released AP Language argument prompt with specific steps and strategies. Students will learn

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Hamlet AP Language Argumentative Essay
In this essay prompt optimized for AP English Language and Composition, students choose one of four arguable propositions about William Shakespeare's HAMLET and write an essay with cited support from the play. A great way to harmonize the teaching of a classic play with the goals of the often-nonfi

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AP Language Argument Fishbowl Activity
This presentation includes a comprehensive experience with fishbowl discussions. The power point includes 4 open-ended questions with directions, goals, extensions, and a reflection. I was inspired to create these questions and implement this routine in my class due to last year's argument question

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AP Language - Arguments of Fact, Value, & Policy
I use this lesson with AP English Language when we discuss types of arguments (specifically--arguments of fact, value, and policy). It includes definitions and examples, a section where students "test themselves," and a culminating activity where students create a proposal using all three types of

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AP Language Argument Essay Peer Evaluation Rubric
Use this rubric to help students provide constructive, honest, and meaningful feedback on fellow students' argument essays. This rubric is set up for the 2011 Argument FRQ, an anonymous numbering system vs. names on papers, and is scored on the 0-9 AP grading scale.

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AP Language: An Argument a Day:
With "An Argument a Day," students will have daily and weekly practice reading and interpreting presented arguments (a daily quote); strengthen their abilities to move beyond the surface with their thinking and writing; discuss openly and support fully claims with detail and evidence while acknowled

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AP Language Argumentative Essay PowerPoint
Introduce or review the AP Language test's argumentative essay with this 18-slide PowerPoint, built over nine years of AP Language experience. Includes slides on types of prompt (concrete, abstract, and combo), types of support (reading, observation, and experience), argumentative approaches (Toulm

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6-point AP Language Argument Prompt analytic one-page check sheet rubric
This distills the new 6-point AP analytic rubric for the AP Language Argument Prompt down into an easy one-page format. You can print out copies and staple them to student papers (or attach them digitally) to provide specific scoring feedback that is aligned. Students can use paper copies to circle

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AP Language: Argument Analysis and writing guide with timing for 40 minutes
This guide to analyzing and writing the argument essay within 40 minutes will help your students in their attack of the AP Language free response #3 question. Beginning with students analyzing the prompt, then critically considering possible approaches with guided instructions, and finally writing t

Also included in: Updated AP Language & Composition Bundle - Units 1-6


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AP Language Argument and Synthesis Practice Activity: Schools and Technology
Using the 2010 Synthesis Question (about schools and technology), I've created a brainstorm and outline assignment for students in order to practice how to think through a well-reasoned and structured argument or synthesis essay. I have the prompt here, however, I use it in two ways: First, I have

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2020 AP Language Argument 6 point Rubric with Peer Conference
This 3 page product has the new 6 point AP Language argument rubric complete with a peer conference that assists students in identifying the criteria needed to score well on the rubric. By participating in the peer conference, students are able to internalize the strengths and areas they need to im

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AP Language Argument Essay Outline
Argument essay outline that serves as a guide for the argument essay format on the AP Test. This is great for struggling writers who need structure and place to start.

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AP Language Argumentative Essay Assessment Task Cards
This includes peer-assessment and self-assessment task cards for the AP Language Argumentative Essay. Each task card takes students through a step-by-step process specific to the essay. Just print and pass out to your students!

Also included in: AP Language Essay Assessment Task Cards Bundle


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AP Language Argumentative Essay: Dissent and Disagreement (Boorstin)
This lesson looks at the 2008 AP Language and Composition (Form B) Argumentative prompt and helps students focus on claims, evidence, and warrants. Students first participate in an interactive lecture and then compose their own body paragraphs for the 2008 prompt.

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AP Language and Composition - Synthesis, Argument, Rhetorical Analysis
This growing bundle is a compilation of multiple resources from Lit Monster Lesson Plans: Argument, Synthesis, and Rhetorical Analysis Resources and Activities, as well as Embedding Quotes for AP Lang and A Portrait of a Speaker. This is a reduced price bundle of these resources.Within I have compil

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Gender Roles Unit AP Language High School English 11th 12th BIGGER THAN EVER!
This huge unit is now even more massive! A compendium of canonical and modern gender-focused texts that span many perspectives, time periods, and arguments.Original questions and prompts for writing and discussion PLUSEngaging and creative critical thinking tasks EQUALS Weeks and weeks of fun and ch

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AP Language and Composition BUNDLE, Rhetoric, Synthesis, Expository and Argument
New year activities for the start of the new semester! This AP Lang and Comp Bundle includes mini-lessons, worksheets, handouts and activities for teaching the synthesis essay, argumentative writing, rhetorical analysis, expository texts and more. Included in this resource are several tasks, colla


AP Language and Composition M/C Writing Drills Bundle- 2020 Updates REMOTE
*If you are moving to a remote classroom, this lesson set can easily be adapted in the following manner: assign the drills to the students; have them submit answers for grading, share the explanations with the students and have them use the following template to self-correct: 1. I incorrectly selec


AP Language & Composition Multiple Choice Test in AP Exam Style 45 Questions
This 45 question multiple choice exam models the AP English Language and Composition multiple choice portion of the exam in content, appearance, and format. Each page is typed in a two column format with line numbers included for the students' reference. The three reading passages include 1) a 1

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AP Language and Composition: Mastering the Argumentative Essay Activity Set
**Reflects 2019 Course Updates from College Board** The Argumentative Essay can be especially daunting for AP Language students because the entire essay comes from within. Often times, they produce vague, general arguments that lack any substantial evidence or logical soundness. This activity set is

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AP Literature and AP Language Textual Analysis Graphic Organizers
Do you teach AP Lit (Literature and Composition) or AP Lang (Language and Composition) or a pre-AP course? Look no further for rhetorical or literary analysis graphic organizers to help students understand literary and non-fiction texts.For each graphic organizer, I have included detailed instructio

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AP Language- Timed Writing Grading Rubric and Grading Checklist
Simplify the grading process for AP Language timed writing essays. Instead of arbitrarily assigning scores of 0-9 on AP Language synthesis, analysis, or argumentative essays, select one of these two grading rubrics. Information reflects the language of the collegeboard grading rubric but is presen

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Bell Ringers for Argument - AP Language and Composition
These "bell ringers" or "openers" include quotes or short TEDTalks with argumentative prompts (modeled after AP prompts). I have some other argument activities that use former AP prompts available free of charge.

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Introduction to AP Language and Composition
This is a 90-minute lesson for the first day of AP Language and Composition. It is an introduction to the class that involves journaling, a discussion about argumentation techniques, a short video, and a look at a released exam. Students end with a reflection on their strengths and weaknesses. Power

Also included in: AP Language & Composition Bundle


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