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This is a follow-up activity to the lesson "Approximation Techniques for Definite Integrals" which includes application problems for students to practice their learning and intepret solutions in context. In addition to calculating left and right Reimann sums, and utilizing the trapezoidal rule, stu
UNIT 8 – Includes 13 video links and warm-ups on the following topics: • Interpreting a Velocity Function • Finding Position from Displacement • Consumption Over Time • Area Between Two Curves • Area between Intersecting Curves • Find Area Using Sub-Regions • Area with Respect to y • Volume as an In
This Power Point lesson is well-designed and ready to use in your classroom! It includes a mnemonic device to help students learn how to set up a definite integral properly in order to find the area between a curve and the x-axis or between two curves. It contains examples that involve functions in
This classroom resource, Integration of Inverse Trig Functions Task Cards plus Quiz/HW Graphic Organizer, will give your students extra practice with this difficult topic.This topic, Integration of Inverse Trig Functions, is found in the Integration / Area Unit, usually in Unit 4, for College Calcu
Definite Integrals, Integration, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, GOOGLE® Drive version- engaging and great practice with printable supplement,Best of both worlds! I have designed this set of activities to be a blended resource for your class. The Task Cards and the digital student response sheet
This foldable covers indefinite integrals, definite integrals, u-substitution, and integration by parts. All of these topics except integration by parts are covered in AP Calculus AB, IB Applications & Interpretation HL, and IB Analysis & Approaches SL. All of the topics are in AP Calculus B
This packet walks students through every step of u-substitution on four problems, ranging from common u-substitution to less common applications. All integrals in this packet are indefinite. I'll be posting one on definite integrals soon, stay tuned!This packet shows students how to accomplish u-sub
There are twenty-two questions in total, covering limits, derivative rules, applications of derivatives for physics, biological sciences and business, differential equations, integrals and definite integrals. The package is in three sections: the original unanswered questions; the questions with
Students work through 48 problems that practice the last few units of calculus: Applications of Derivatives, Integrals, Applications of Integrals. See below for complete list of topics.You may also be interested in my Calculus Exam Review First SemesterNote that this is designed for my non-AP Calcul
Accumulation Functions in Applied Contexts Lesson:Your AP Calculus students will use accumulation functions and definite integrals in applied contexts. What is included in this resource?⭐ Guided Student Notes⭐ Fully-editable SMART Board® Slides⭐ Homework/Practice assignment⭐ Content quiz⭐ Video Less
Calculus Study Guide suitable for AP Calculus or First Year College Calculus Students. Main topics covered : Functions Limits and Continuity, Derivatives, Application of the Derivative, Indefinite integration, Definite Integration, Techniques of Integration, Sequences and Series, L’Hopitals Rule, Im
This lesson introduces students to the integration technique known as "integration by parts." Students learn to use integration by parts with both definite and indefinite integrals. There are many examples of integration by parts contained in the lesson, as well as the homework assignment. This l
Your AP Calculus students will have guided notes, homework, and a content quiz in the Volumes by Shell Method lesson of a five-lesson unit on Applications of Integration that cover the concepts in depth.Lesson Objective:Students will find the volume for solids of revolution using the method of cylin
The Calculus AB skills presented in this unit are those necessary in high school Advanced Placement. Calculus AB has been divided into two volumes. Volume 2 Covers:- Antiderivatives - Definite IntegralsThe overall format of this unit provides explanations of specific topics, followed by examples mod
PowerPoint presentation, 29 slides, Explaining how the area under any graph can be calculated using integrals defined from one point to another; use the GDC to calculate the area, States other properties of definite integrals and shows some worked examples on how to use theses properties, based on
Calculus AB is part of the Straight Forward Math Series designed for students and teachers. The Calculus AB skills presented are those necessary in high school Advanced Placement. Skills Covered: - Limits and Continuity- Derivatives- Applications of Derivatives- Antiderivatives- Definite Integrals.T
This bundle includes the whole unit on integral applications as seen on the AP Calculus AB exam. All files come in word and PDF. Students will be able to apply integrals to a variety of math and real world application problems; including curve sketching, particle motion, rate problems and volum
Integration is one of the topic which is covered during Mathematics lectures and seminars in order to enhance students knowledge. During this Lecture and Seminar we are covering following subtopics (Agenda): •Indefinite integrals •Definite integrals •Applications of indefinite and definite integra
For each unit, I have connected the learning targets from my syllabus with the section in the textbook it relates to. I have included time lines for each unit, suggested homework problems for the students to try, and room for due dates. Unit 1: Limits Unit 2: Derivatives Unit 3: Applications of De
This 7 page worksheet is an outcome based review of Integration. It lines up with the Calculus AP AB Unit 6 and includes a page each for:Riemann SumsConverting between summation and integral notationUsing the Fundamental Theorem to solve problemsBasic antiderivativesAdvanced integration with u-subs
Arc Length of a Plane CurveYour AP Calculus students will find the arc length of a smooth, planar curve and distance traveled.What is included in this resource?⭐ Guided Student Notes⭐ Fully-editable SMART Board® Slides⭐ Homework/Practice assignment⭐ Content quiz⭐ Full solution setLesson Objective:★
Your AP Calculus BC students will have guided notes, homework, and a content quiz in the Arc Length lesson of an eight-lesson unit on Advanced Techniques of Integration that cover the concepts in depth.Lesson Objective:★ Find the arc length of a smooth curveCollege Board® Learning Objectives:★ LO3.4
Integral Calculus ¢ Integral Calculus Defined ¢ Symbols and Notations ¢ Types of Integral ¢ Basic Integrals ¢ Basic Properties ¢ Exponential and Logarithmic Functions ¢ Trigonometric Functions ¢ Integrals giving Inverse Trigonometric Functions ¢ A special Technique of Integration ¢ Evaluating Defi
Nearly 400 Practice AP Calculus AB Multiple Choice Questions and Full Answer Explanations! Microsoft Word file is editable. Perfect for Unit Tests, Quizzes, and review activities. Developed by experienced AP Calc teachers.Test bank is organized into the following topics and units:Limits of Functions

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