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Apraxia Vowel Word List CV-VC-CVC
I created this Vowel List as a supplement to my Apraxia Word List Revised 2 (FREE on TPT.) This new list provides the therapist with more precise vowel targets for therapy. Minimal pairs and rhyming pairs can easily be created from this list. It will be FREE until January 1st 2017. Happy Holidays!
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Apraxia Cards for Apraxia of Speech
Apraxia Cards for Speech Therapy: Articulation cards for CV, VC, CVC, CVCV, and CVCVC words. These cards are great to use with children who have Childhood Apraxia of Speech or articulation delays. Included in this apraxia card packet: • 32 CV (Consonant-Vowel) Words (pages 4 - 11) • 16 VC (Vowe
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Cariboo Cards Bundle: Vocabulary, Verbs, Functions, Phonology, and Apraxia
Get these best-selling Cariboo cards at a bundled discount and have endless opportunities to work on speech and language targets throughout the year! These cards cover all of your theme units as well as the most common phonological processes and early syllable shapes for Apraxia. With the language
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Tackling Apraxia & Articulation: CV & CVC Early Sounds
Tackling apraxia and severe articulation disorders is hard work! Using effective but motivating activities like the systematic, strategic ones included in this 71 page download geared toward early developing sounds /b,p,t,d,k,g,m,n, j,w,h,f/, can help you get the job done! ASHA recommends teaching e

Also included in: Apraxia BUNDLE {4 Tackling Apraxia products}

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Speech Therapy: Apraxia Flash Cards: CV, VC, CVCV & CVC
Flashcards are terrific because they can be used for therapy tasks and home practice. These flashcards are all illustrated with child friendly pictures and help to show the targeted words at the CV, VC, CVCV and CVC levels! And we have designed them to be especially helpful for children with child
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Apraxia of Speech Interactive Notebooks
Whether you can see your students individually or are challenged by mixed groups, this value bundle contains so many materials you will love to use!When I discovered the concept of interactive notebooks or journals, I just knew it could work so well for SLPs. ****************************************

Also included in: Giant Apraxia of Speech Bundle

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Say It! Trains for Apraxia
This 44-page packet is intended for use with students with apraxia. But, it can also be used for those with severe articulation deficits or those with phonological/phonemic awareness goals. This activity would be great for those demonstrating final consonant deletion! It breaks down words into syll
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Apraxia Packet for Early Sounds
Young students with apraxia or severe articulation deficits can practice early developing sounds using this cute fish theme! There are multiple activities for bilabial and alveolar sounds. This packet includes: -8 Game boards for syllable practice + one blank -Octopus CV/VC practice -Functional v
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Speech Therapy: Vowel Articulation Cards
Speech therapy cards: 320 simple articulation cards for vowel sounds. I always have a few kids on my caseload who need to work on vowel sounds, but I didn’t have any vowel materials or card decks! So… I created my own deck of articulation cards for diphthongs, short, and long vowels. Just print, l

Also included in: Articulation Flashcards Mega Bundle

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Apraxia of Speech Smash Mats
Target Apraxia of Speech with these adorable gumball smash mats! Packet contents include: -18 total smash mats, with 8 words per mat -3 CV (consonant-vowel) smash mats -1 VC (vowel-consonant) smash mat -10 CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) smash mats -4 CVCV (consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel) sm
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Apraxia: Sound Blending in Syllables
Children with Childhood Apraxia of speech (CAS) can be very challenging to work with, especially in the early stages of treatment. Because of the nature of this motor speech disorder, children with CAS often have difficulty with:* moving from one speech sound to another in a syllable or word* produc
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Speech Therapy Apraxia and Phonics Motor Production
Apraxia, CVC words, short vowels, beginning readers, speech therapy, motor production, flip books, center activities, visual cues, picture cards, phonics, phonemic awareness Download again if you own this unit! I included covers for each flip book. This huge unit of short vowel CVC flip books was c

Also included in: Motor Speech Apraxia and Articulation Flip Books Bundle

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Apraxia BUNDLE {4 Tackling Apraxia products}
My best selling apraxia products are now together in a money saving BUNDLE! You can now get them bundled at a 20% discount. Tackling apraxia or severe articulation disorders is hard work! It's hard for you, and it's hard on the children. Using effective but motivating activities like the ones includ
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Apraxia {No Prep}
This packet was created to practice syllable structures and vowel sounds, specifically for kiddos with childhood apraxia of speech. All pages are black/white for easy printing and require little to no prep. Activities are included for VC, CV, CVC and CVCV syllable structures. Be sure to check out
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The Apraxia Bible in Spanish: Intensive Intervention for Early Readers
DO YOU HAVE AN APRAXIA PRODUCT IN SPANISH? I didn't until I created this Spanish speech therapy resource. Working exclusively with Spanish-speaking kids, I've finally created my dream apraxia resource. After YEARS OF OBSERVING BILINGUAL KINDER, I figured out how reading is taught in Spanish. This
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Apraxia | Speech and Language Therapy | Childhood Apraxia | CV Word Activities
Apraxia: apraxia of speech early sound sequences worksheets. Your speech and language students will LOVE these simple, fun, and engaging apraxia activities! This MEGA childhood apraxia packet targets CV, VC, and CVC speech sound combinations. Phonemes targeted included /p/, /b/, /m/, /t/, /d/, /n/,
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CV Word Car Mats for Apraxia and Initial Consonant Deletion
These CV Word Car Mats are designed to provide picture cueing for students who are just starting to put consonant-vowel sounds together or who exhibit initial consonant deletion. The mats help students put early developing consonants together with vowels to form real words. The highly motivating car

Also included in: Speech Car Road Mats Bundle for Apraxia, Articulation and Phonology

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Apraxia Treatment Packet - later sounds
This packet focuses on treating apraxia in older elementary students. The sounds targeted include /k, g, l, r, s/. Use the game boards to practice motor planning and rate of speech by starting out slowly and increasing your speed. There are 4 game boards and 2 blank game boards. The 2 blank game
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Building Utterance Length for Children with Apraxia
This activity is designed to help children with apraxia or severe speech disorders build progressively longer utterances. Each stimulus item starts with a single word, then progresses to a 2-word utterance that contains the same word, then a 3-word utterance that contains the same 2-word phrase from
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Apraxia of Speech Informal Assessment Kit
Complete Apraxia of Speech Assessment! This assessment kit includes: -Detailed instructions on how to prepare and conduct this informal non-standardized assessment tool 1) Limb Apraxia Assessment Subtest 2) Oral Motor Assessment Subtest * Volitional oral motor tasks * Complete Ora
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Moore Motor Books for Apraxia and Motor Speech: Lip Rounding
This interactive book targets development of lip/labial facial rounding for children with speech motor control deficits/apraxia of speech. I have selected a lexicon consisting of consonant-vowel syllable susing /o/ and /u/ with motorically easy consonants. This book is based on motor learning princi
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Vowel Sounds
This MEGA pack was created to help children who have difficulty saying vowel sounds correctly, specifically children with Apraxia. It was created for use in a speech therapy setting. It does NOT focus on the correct spelling of vowel sounds/pairs or phonics patterns. Most vowel sounds are targeted
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Apraxia Cards for Cariboo
Cariboo is an extremely popular game for many of my students. I love customizing this game to meet the goals and objectives of my students. This download contains cards that will fit over the doors on Cariboo. It also has cards containing "WH" questions so the student can guess the correct door.
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Apraxia Turkeys: Thanksgiving CV activities
This packet is developed to practice CV syllables. It includes two different activities to treat children with Apraxia or similar sound disorders working at the consonant-vowel level. -Pages 3-7. Touch the initial sound on the turkey and then a vowel to say a variety of CV sounds (ie: me, mow, mo
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