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April Fools shared reading.
K - 4th
Read this article about the Lirpa Loof Bird (backward spells April Fool) with your students. Take them outside with a small marshmallow and call for the Lirpa! Once they have tried their hardest to catch the bird, have your student write "Lirpa Loof" on the blacktop or cement with chalk, or on a piece of paper. Soon they will realize that it says April Fool and you will all be laughing!
Want to prank your students for April Fools?Provide your students with this reading on the Sloof Lirpa (April Fools backwards) bird. Have the class try their best to call and search for this rare bird. Students will eventually have to write the name of the bird backwards to reveal the April Fools message.Enjoy and Happy April Fool's Day! :)
PreK - 3rd
A simple and silly set of April Fool's Day activities! Introduce your students to the elusive Lirpa Loof, a bird that only appears once a year on April 1st. This resource includes the following activities:News article about the Lirpa LoofDigital reward (build a Lirpa Loof)Color/cut Lirpa Loof easy craftDirected drawing (12 steps to display on-screen or print)Lirpa Loof writing page (editable writing prompt)Brown e's coloring page (to trap the Lirpa Loof with chocolate)Strip puzzle (10 pieces, ed
This joke will be well enjoyed by both you and your students on April 1st. There is an article written about the Lirpa Loof bird with questions where the students have to supply evidence from the article to support their answers. Of course, because this is April Fools Day the answers are NOT in the article. The article looks real and includes pictures of a real bird. I have fooled many students with this activity.It's always nice when we can combine a holiday with learning and in the process
4th - 6th
These pranks are meant to be used as in class April Fools Day activities for your students. I think it’s important to teach your students about being light-hearted and taking a joke. These are harmless, and very light-hearted pranks any teacher can pull on their student! Donut Seeds Prank -Meant for younger grades, -You will need some materials for this one! (cups, soil, a little bit of sugar and water. Baggies if sending home) -Have fun with your students while planting seeds that will grow
1st - 5th
Last year in my year 5/6/7 class I could hardly contain my giggles as I watched my class holding carrots high in the air exploring our school yard searching for the elusive Lirpaloof Bird. Listening to them singing and chanting 'Lirpaloof' 'Lirpaloof' was just the icing on the cake. Once they finally worked out the I had pranked them with an awesome April Fools joke we spent the rest of the day laughing. april = lirpa fool = loof lirpaloof :)
Not Grade Specific
I made 3 different leveled comprehension sheets for my students to practice for an upcoming multiple choice question/answer type test at the end of the school year. I want them to feel confident when that time comes. I made 3 versions of comprehension sheets per theme which can be used for differentiated instruction (easy, mid-level, and advanced). Buy the bundle and Save $$$: A+ Bundled Comprehension Passages For Guided Reading: Differentiated Instruction This set is made to use around
K - 1st
April Fool’s Day Songs and Poems! Use for April Fool's Day shared reading or fluency.Celebrate April Fool’s Day with these 5 songs and poems...★★ NEWLY REVISED to have one poem per page. ★★★★VIDEO PREVIEW HERE★★★ Full Color and Black and White.★ All Illustrated with April Fool’s Day themed Graphics★ Songs/Poems sung to popular children’s songs.Just choose those you like, and print just those pages.★ Sing to familiar tunes, or chant. ★ Use some or all year after year. 1. Sing or read to introduc
April Fool’s Day Mini Book of Jokes!Celebrate April Fool’s Day with this mini book containing seven jokes that are bound to be appreciated by K/1 students!★ Plus illustrated vocabulary cards for a word wall or pocket chart.★★VIDEO PREVIEW HERE★★3 Versions of the Book:1) Full Color Illustrations2) Black and White Illustrations for Students to Color3) Versions for students to illustrate their own. Keep in school for future fun, or send home for students to have fun with their families!*********
High-Interest April Fools' Joke + Critical Thinking Lesson! Can your students figure out if this is a real Google™ product? Seriously. This is a legit Google video. But, can your students infer it's an April Fool's Joke? Look at the Preview VIDEO and PDF to see what you get in this product.⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Want a free sample? Check out FAKE NEWS vs The Five Ws 60 minutes of content: Part 1: Fake News vs Tulips + Exit Ticket (30 min)Part 2: Taking up the Answers + Student Reflection (30 min)The slideshow l
A fun April Fool's Day prank!
1st - 2nd
Use this deck of Boom Cards to enjoy April Fool's Day as a Digital Learning Activity or in your own classroom... This is the Boom Learning Version. I also have a PowerPoint Version and a Google Slides version.★ The deck has clickable sound buttons, but I am not the music teacher, so my acappella singing is questionable! LOL★★ Students advance by clicking the GREEN NEXT button.★ Warning: Jokes are quite lame, but your younger learners might enjoy them!★ Songs are sung to popular children’s tune
Here are some simple hats that can be used around April Fools Day (April 1st). Have students wear the hats as they read stories about silly pranks to create a super simple version of a Reader's Theater.....or make them just for fun for your students to wear on that special day. Please view the small viewing windows to see the ENTIRE download. The only addition are the same hats shown in black and white. Purchase the Bundle and Save $$$: A+ Year Round Hats: Bundle Pack Follow me and catch
PreK - 1st
If a monkey, bird and squirrel race up a coconut tree, which one of them is most likely to reach the banana first?Of course, if your students read the directions first, they know they don't have to answer this mind bending trick question! It's time to update the old April Fool's Day Trick quiz. This version has 10 trick questions. But the directions tell students to read all of the questions before answering. Students will laugh and giggle as they read the questions, and then (hopefully) cli
Not Grade Specific
This is a fun "project" you can assign for students to do for homework either on April 1 or the night before April 1. It is not a real project - students are instructed to follow the directions to try and sight the "Loof Lirpa" bird. This is a great laugh for you and your class to have the next morning!
K - 5th
April Fools Day! Have a little fun with your students this April fools while you work on fundamental skills. Included:1 Color, cut, and paste activity - Create the Sloof Lirpa bird by coloring its individual pieces then cutting and pasting. You can allow students to cut and paste on their own to work on their creativity. 1 Word search - There are 7 words for students to trace, write, and then find in the word search below1 Sight word - Students are to unscramble the sight words. They are also t
PreK - 2nd
I made these math sheets with an April Fools' Day theme for my students to practice their addition and subtraction skills on or around April 1st. This is a simple three page download with 3 different levels. This would be great for differentiation, or for teachers who may be teaching both Kindergarten and First Grade. --Addition/Subtraction 0-5 --Addition/Subtraction 0-10 --Addition/Subtraction 0-20....Balancing Equations With Algebraic Math Please view the mini windows so see the entire do
K - 1st
Use this PowerPoint slide show to enjoy April Fool's Day as a Digital Learning Activity or in your own classroom... This is the PowerPoint Version. ★ The slide show has clickable sound buttons, but I am not the music teacher, so my acappella singing is questionable! LOL★★★★ Be sure to wait until your cursor turns into a WHITE GLOVE when you hover over a sound button! Otherwise, the sound will not play, and you will just advance to the next slide without hearing the sound.★ Warning: Jokes are
Tweets from the Classroom 52 Weekly Newsletter Templates with a Bird Theme *********************************************************** AUGUST 1-Back-to-School - Apples 2-Back-to-School - Scissors 3-Back-to-School - Chalk Board 4-Back-to-School - Apples 5-Back-to-School - Birds ************************************************************ SEPTEMBER 6-Back-to-School - Apples 7-Back-to-School - Scissors 8-School is Cool - Looseleaf Paper 9-School is Cool - Crayons 10-School is Cool - Pencils and Rul
Do you like to prank your students on April Fool’s Day? It’s always fun to start the ruse and keep it going. The smiles and laughs are infectious! Harmless pranks are a great way to build classroom community. And they often become those moment kids remember years to come.WANT MORE FREEBIES? FOLLOW ME TO BE NOTIFIED!THE RUSESpring has sprung by now. You’re likely incorporating many elements of spring in your classroom including flowers, birds, bees, and of course, frogs.Frogs are green. But, so a
Are you required to give your Kindergarten students bubble-in tests?If you is an April Fools' Day sentence bubble sheet for your students to practice Kindergarten sight words as they read. Although this practice sheet has nothing to do with my students’ end of the year exam (the SAT 10) which they are required to take….after practicing with this type of sheet last year, my students were much more emotionally ready to handle the rigor of the SAT 10. I am keeping this single download
K - 1st
Here are two printable sheets for your students to use to label an April Fool for April Fools' Day. You can choose whether to have your students cut and glue the labels, or write the labels in the boxes. Bundle and Save $$$: A+ Labeling Throughout The Year: Bundle Pack Please view the mini windows to the right, because the entire download can be seen there. Become a follower and take advantage of my Early Bird Specials...all of my new postings will be 50% off for the first 24 hours. Kinder
PreK - 1st
This is a simple one page download for first grade students to practice tallying and graphing. I use this as a supplement to my Go Math Florida series. I like to use this in the spring around April 1st.Save $$$ and purchase this in a pack:A+ Graph, Tally, Compare Throughout The Year: Bundle PackPlease view the mini windows so see the entire download. Become a follower and take advantage of my Early Bird Specials...all of my new postings will be 50% off for the first 24 hours.Visit my blog Fairy

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