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Spanish -AR Verbs Worksheets to use with your students for class practice or homework after introducing present tense -AR verb conjugations. Included are 6 pages of print and go scaffolded worksheets (tasks get more difficult as students progress through activities), with a variety of writing activi
This file covers 24 essential regular verbs in the present tense. Each verb is used at least two times with various subjects throughout the 50-question exercise. Each sentence is given in Spanish with a blank where the verb is to be selected and conjugated to fit the subject. There is also an Englis
Each puzzle has 54 clues giving an AR infinitive in Spanish and a subject pronoun. All infinitives are common, regular verbs. Students are to conjugate the verbs in the present tense for the answers. Includes 5 versions; does not use the vosotros form.
Students race to conjugate as many -AR verbs as they can with these Mad Minute worksheets, a fun conjugation game! What's Included? * 14 different race worksheets * 14 answer keys * Language application writing activity using the verbs * Teacher tips * Student instructions and objectives * Non-edi
Help your students navigate the maze of conjugating verbs in Spanish class!This labyrinth will give students practice in conjugating regular present tense AR verbs. Each correct answer leads them closer to the end of the maze! This could be used in class as independent practice, for homework, or wou
Silly Troll-themed PowerPoint to teach and practice how to conjugate Spanish -ar verbs in the present tense! Let Melg, Kelmar and Flog lead students through the lesson with this fun, colorful, animated PowerPoint presentation. Presentation explains -ar verbs, how to conjuage them, and includes LOT
Digital classroom friendly Task Cards!Spanish Task Cards to help your students master conjugating Spanish -AR Verbs!·.·•This is the FULL COLOR version of this set.•·.·You can find the photocopy friendly version of this set by clicking here.Please do not purchase both sets unless you need both sets.·
This Worksheets Pack is great practice for your students to help them learn or review present tense regular verbs (-ar, -er, -ir). This pack includes graphic organizers in which they conjugate regular verbs next to the appropriate pronouns, sentences in which they must conjugate the verbs, sentence
Use this graphic organizer with your students while teaching the endings of present tense -AR, -ER, and -IR verbs. There is a page for -AR verbs and a page for -ER/-IR verbs. This download also includes two pages with ER and IR separated to be introduced separately. Guided Notes: breakdown of how to
In this sentence writing activity, students will unscramble sentences to say what each person is doing and not doing using pictures as cues (and choosing the correct verb form; there are multiple provided for each picture). Activity includes *13 station/center sentence unscrambles with pictures.
·.·•Recently Updated!•·.··.·•This resource is included as both ·.·•a PDF•·.· and ·.·•a PPT.•·.· in a zipped file.Having a PPt version should make it easier to display the game boards on your Smartboard if you'd like to play a whole class game "matamoscas" style, or if you'd like to assign individual
This fun present tense task card set has 48 different cards with a variety of tasks, not just fill in the blank sentences. Your students will receive a well-rounded review of regular -AR verbs in el presente. Students will be engaged as they complete various tasks on the included response sheet like
Engaging reading activity and extension activities for the present tense of AR verbs. This reading also includes the verbs IR and JUGAR. Editable warmup, reading, review, and writing prompt perfect for distance learning or in person learning in Spanish 1. Answer key included in a separate teacher fi
Get your students speaking, listening and practicing Spanish AR verb meanings and conjugations. This set includes 2 sets of 36 cards each and instructions for playing Yo tengo...¿Quién tiene...? To prepare cards, just print (use cardstock if possible), cut apart and laminate to preserve use. Color
Get your students moving with this activity! Students answer the prompt, then find the answer around the room. When they find the answer, they go to it, and complete the next prompt, repeating until they have completed the circle! Some students like to race to see who can finish the loop fastest, ot
The brand new version of this Regular AR, ER, and IR Verbs PowerPoint presentation in Spanish is an excellent way to introduce and review present tense verb conjugations! All slides are animated and have fun images! This PowerPoint teaches many Regular AR, ER, and IR verbs along with pronunciation
Are you looking for an interactive, self-checking practice for present tense AR verbs for your Spanish students? If so, this BOOM DECK is the perfect solution! Use this resource if you have devices in your classroom!Please click here to save 20% in a BUNDLE!These digital task cards review present te
Reinforce present tense -AR verb endings in Spanish with this fun game of Cucharas or Spoons. Students love collecting all the conjugations of an -AR verb in the present tense and racing to grab the spoons! This is a great way to get students engaged and focusing on the details of present tense verb
Use these Spanish Activities and Spanish Games to teach the Regular Spanish Present Tense Verbs. This time Saving Mega-Bundle is new and revised with even more EZ Prep Spanish worksheets, task cards, games and activities! More than 100 pages of PDF slides and Spanish printables that teach Spanish gr
Students race to conjugate as many present tense -AR verbs as they can with these Mad Minute worksheets, a fun conjugation game! What's Included? * 8 different race worksheets with answer keys * Language application writing activity * Student list of verbs included * Teacher tips * Student instruct
Are you looking for an interactive, fun way for your students to practice regular -AR verbs in the present tense in a digital format? If so, these BOOM CARDS are just what you need! Students will be engaged and get a great review as they work their way through the 50 cards in the deck. These cards w
This is a 72 piece regular -AR verb puzzle. Verbs included are: hablar, cantar, bailar, ganar, ayudar, cocinar, comprar, andar, llegar, dibujar, pagar, saltar, estudiar, limpiar, etc. Pronouns include: Yo, tu, el, ella, nosotros, vosotros, and ellos. I left out usted and ustedes to cut down on any
Spanish Present Tense AR Verb Unit introduces 12 very common Spanish AR verbs. Students will have plenty of practice so that they will master the verbs, not just memorize them from a list of verbs. The verbs included are comprar, dibujar, nadar, estudiar, bailar, cocinar, mirar, hablar, cantar, esc
This is a set of 2 verb conjugation practices over regular -AR verbs. Students will learn 20 regular -AR verbs and practice present tense verb conjugation.Includes:1. Spanish -AR Verbs List2. Present Tense -AR Verbs - Alphabet Soup 1 (includes vocabulary related to shopping for school supplies and c

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