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This is an interactive webquest that your students can do on iPad's, Chromebooks, etc. to learn the definitions and formulas of the area and perimeter geometry unit. Hope you enjoy!
Students will practice perimeter and area using these digital measurement activities.This digital resource uses Google Slides™ and can be used on Google Classroom and Google Drive. This resource also includes an answer key.This product includes:Drag-&-drop: definitions of area & perimeterDra
Learning the vocabulary of math is crucial to reaching a deeper understanding and application of math concepts. This 4th grade math word wall includes 220 definitions and that are not tagged CCSS on the posters so these can be used by any teacher. This set includes all of the 4th grade math vocabul
This mega set includes every 5th grade math vocabulary word you might need! The set includes 498 posters in color word wall posters specifically designed to be highly visible by students from across the room. It includes all of the words fifth graders need to know and some more for enrichment and
These templates will help you prepare content rich anchor charts that can be created with your students. Project the templates and trace directly onto chart paper so you can prepare portions of the chart in advance, such as headers and graphics. Then, fill in the teachable content with your students
This set of Interactive Notebook Activities will keep your third grade students engaged and excited about math this year! This set focuses on measurement, area, and perimeter concepts aligned with Common Core standards in the Measurement and Data domain. THIS IS A BUNDLED SET OF 8 OF MY INDIVIDUAL
Teaching the area and the perimeter is important because of real-life applications. It's also important in geometry for finding volume. Later, it's helpful with higher math such as algebra. But in real-life situations, we measure area and perimeter for a variety of reasons. This PowerPoint starts w
Finding area and perimeter is important for you to teach and for your students to learn! Let them practice with this fun and engaging game that will make the skill of perimeter and area something students WANT to do! Sentence types are important for you to teach and for students to learn to help the
Area and Perimeter.Bundled. Need we say more? Ok, maybe a little more. Check it out:In this comprehensive 34-page bundle (plus answer keys) we address all the essential area and perimeter skills your math magicians are tasked with learning as per the Common Core Curriculum. While it most closely fol
This is a set of activities to use in your 4th grade math interactive notebooks. This set is aligned with the following Common Core standard in the Measurement and Data domain: CCSS.Math.Content.4.MD.A.3 Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems. F
Composite Figures:The Problem - Math students who can readily master areas and perimeters of rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles are mysteriously baffled by composite figures (often called “compound” or “irregular” - figures formed by a combination of two or more of these simple polygons). T
This 4th grade math unit covers perimeter and area. Standard 4.MD.3 is covered. Your students will learn to find the perimeter of a polygon, determine the area of a rectangle, find the missing length of a rectangle when given the perimeter, and solve for area and perimeter.This is the fourteenth uni
Looking for a complete two-dimensional geometry unit that focuses on area, perimeter, and classification of polygons (quadrilaterals, parallelograms, rectangles, triangles, and composite figures)? Look no further! This product consists of five different 2-D geometry products (also sold separately)
Area and Perimeter: Same Perimeter, Different Areas We've given you Area. We've given you perimeter. We now present to you: Wait for it... Area AND Perimeter! Let's get to the goods. In this handout we demonstrate how to compare the perimeters of 2 figures and then compare the areas of those f
Looking for extra practice with area and perimeter vocabulary? This academic vocabulary pack contains 12 content based vocabulary. These words are used for vocabulary cards and word work activities. What's included?➙12 Vocabulary Cards with definitions and picture cues (Color and Black and White Ava
This kite will brighten up your bulletins while reinforcing concepts of area, perimeter, multiplication and addition! This activity is the perfect way to integrate art into your math instruction. Included in This Resource: Kite and ribbons templateArea/perimeter recording sheetWriting activityVocab
This FREE download provides a color and black and white version of the three main measurement formulas your students need to know. Each page has the definition, formula, example and picture to illustrate how to find perimeter, area and volume. Gift Students the Ability to Review These Formulas at
Area and perimeter of triangles, triangle classification, and triangle based word problems are all addressed through a series of voyages of discovery, math poetry, competitions, and worksheets in this complete triangle unit. A must for any late elementary or early middle school math classroom! Over
Are you introducing Area and Perimeter of Squares and Rectangles soon? Or are you about to review the concept? Then look no further. This product includes:posters, interactive notebook activities, task cards, and mini assessments.Page 4 & 7: Area and Perimeter Header Poster (color
This is a set of posters and activities for finding area and perimeter. These deal with both regular and composite rectilinear shapes.Includes:PostersInclude definitions and examples of how to find area and perimeter. Hanging them as anchor charts while working on your measurement unit will help stu
This is a TWELVE day packet (180+ pages) that walks students through perimeter, area, and volume in a step by step process. It is loaded with real life examples. This resource also allows one to quickly create individual notes and assignments for students and push them out digitally. For example, yo
Perimeter or Area? This fun cut and paste activity requires your students to read a definition, solve a problem, or read an example to determine if the answer is perimeter or area. Answer key included. Have fun teaching!
This set features 6 posters to help students remember the difference between area and perimeter. 5 posters provide visual clues, and one poster has rhyming definitions. The visual clues show perimeter goes all the way around the outside and area is the surface on the inside.The thumbnails and previe
Make learning about perimeter and area fun and concrete! Using nonstandard units of measure, students will estimate and measure the perimeter and area of their hand print and footprint and their friend's hand print and footprint. Clear teacher directions are included, 2 definition posters, 10 drawi

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