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area and perimeter minecraft

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Do your students love Minecraft? Have you been wondering of a way to incorporate it into your lessons about volume, area, and perimeter? Look no further because you've found a fun project-based learning activity that will interest your students! Students will complete a Minecraft-inspired math project that is related to volume, area, and perimeter. You can use the project as an extension activity, individual assignment, group project, center work, or homework. Great STEM project!You will receive
This Minecraft inspired project will engage students as they practice finding the area and perimeter of various squares and rectangles. This differentiated set makes it easy to ensure that every student is successful and challenged!
4.MD.3 - Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems. For example, find the width of a rectangular room given the area of the flooring and the length, by viewing the area formula as a multiplication equation with an unknown factor. Students will plan and design the blueprint for a Minecraft village. They are also given the area or perimeter for some buildings, and will be required to figure out length and width. Use the project with basic grid
3rd - 6th
Minecraft Fans! Students create their own math Minecraft book! Students use Cheez-it crackers to measure 1 square unit and calculate the area and perimeter of Minecraft figures. There are 2 tasks in this book. Task 1 asks to find the area and perimeter of various figures. Task 2 asks to create a biome and calculate necessary perimeter to fit the figures they choose. This booklet also contains an answer key. The kids in my 3rd grade class LOVED this, and I hope yours do too!
In this highly engaging homework project, students use Minecraft to design structures to complete their mission. The project contains six mission options and students choose 3 to complete. An example mission is, "Create a house with a width of 5 blocks and an area of 30 sq. blocks." After completing their missions they share their work on a homemade book, poster or PowerPoint. For students without access to Minecraft there are options to build the structures with Legos or just design on graph
This was such a FUN project for my students. We have been working on area in class, so after they created their Minecraft selfie, they find the area of certain body parts such as eyes, mouth, hair, shirt, hat, head, etc. (Can also be used for perimeter!)This product includes:7 Minecraft example selfies for students to referenceTheir own grid sheet to draw their selfie, and write the area.
Many students are interested and involved in the game Minecraft. Use this 3 day to week long project to reinforce and further their skills with area and perimeter. I have recently updated this project to include 11 task cards with Minecraft characters and objects. Students are required to explain their thinking and process as well as to use literacy skills to write about and explain thoughts and ideas. This project includes graph paper, area and perimeter definition cards, worksheets, instr
4th - 6th
Students will measure their classroom to create floor plans that could be used to build a house in Minecraft. They will convert the measurements of the floor plan from feet to Minecraft blocks (approximately 3ft/1block). They will transfer their floor plans to graph paper shading in 1 grid for each Minecraft block that they would use to create their floor plan. Students with access to Minecraft at home or school are encouraged to create their house and take a screenshot to share with others. Stu
An exciting Powerpoint presentation to teach pupils about area, perimeter, volume, decimal fractions and percentages in a fun Minecraft themed series of lessons.
Do you want to get your students highly engaged while working on real-world examples of Perimeter, Area, and Volume? Look no further! This bundle uses the Minecraft Education Edition, so you'll need to have access to that. Best of all, you don't need to know much about Minecraft! Just play the tutorial video and pass out the worksheet.Included:Customized Minecraft Education Edition world designed for this lesson (.mcworld file)Tutorial video to show students how to get started in the worldLesson
The learning goal is to determine if the word problem is asking to solve for AREA or PERIMETER. 4th grade Math TEKS 4.5C and 4.5DMinecraft BattleThis game can be played in teams vs teams OR teacher vs class and only requires die and powerpoint projector. Includes 12 word problem slides, printable answer document, printable Minecraft blocks for scoring, and a Minecraft music playlist.
Teacher Directions: This project was designed as an enrichment project for students after they have a solid understanding of area, perimeter and volume. This project requires critical thinking, reasoning skills, and creativity. This project requires students to create a model of a Minecraft Map and then calculate the area, perimeter, and volume of the elements in their map. Students will also need to create a key for their map. The next slide has student directions that include an overview o
5th - 6th
Design, innovate, build and create a Minecraft playground through this Activity Booklet. Learn about Perimeter and Area in a fun and interactive way that your kids will enjoy! Three phases: planning with paper, building with blocks and creating on Minecraft or a Minecraft-like app like Exploration. This is a user-friendly and step-by-step booklet. Includes templates, rubrics and assessment pieces. I have done this activity for the last 3 years.
This is a fun activity for your 4th grade students to complete. It is aligned with 4th grade common core, finding area and perimeter. Workstation: Print out the characters and laminate them. Print out the worksheet so there is one for every student. Put it in a folder and use it for a workstation for the week. Independent: Print out the packet and staple it together. Hand it out to the students to work on. (Might be a great Fun Friday activity!) What you get in this product: One answer
Students explore concepts of area and perimeter by constructing their own working village in Minecraft.
A fun Christmas Minecraft themed series of activities to teach the concepts of area, perimeter, volume, decimals and percentages.
This activity is a multisubject project in which the students, in groups, or independently build their own colony. Utilizing the properties of area and perimeter students need to mathematically work out how to get the living needs of their colony to fit within a limited amount of space. This project explores how area and perimeter are related and how changes to perimeter affect area. Students will also explore the consequences of population growth within a community, how population growth leads
Math fun with Minecraft! Student will create a Minecraft dream home and record the area and perimeter.
3rd - 4th
An area and perimeter project for your students who need enrichment.
2nd - 5th
This is a PPT (converted to a PDF to use with PPT or other lesson presentation software) that allows children to choose one of 6 tasks to help consolidate their knowledge of Area Perimeter or Volume. Students will be using Minecraft edu to complete the lesson tasks.
A week’s worth of resources consisting of a PowerPoint and worksheets to teach a Upper KS2 class (grades 4 - 6) all about Area, Perimeter and Volume, with Minecraft as the theme as the pupils will be working for “Steve’s Swimming Pools”. The resources point the teacher towards using Minecraft Edu to help teach the lessons with the teacher being able to use as much or as little of Minecraft as they like. The final lesson is for children to show communication, collaboration and originality in buil
4th - 6th
Use this lesson to create your own Minecraft math! I had painters tape down in the hallway and had small groups of students out figuring the area and perimeter. This activity accompanies the lessons from topic A module 3 of EUREKA MATH 4th grade, but could easily be modified to work with any grade. CCSS aligned.
Children love minecraft and creating within that world. The building blocks makes it very easy to use something they know to teach area and perimeter! This worksheet will be Steve once they follow the directions!
3rd - 5th
At the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. find the length of one side of a square given its area or perimeter 2. use the term ‘square number’ to describe a number multiplied by itself NO PREP!!! In this pack: - 7 page detailed lesson plan - Appendix with printable worksheets - Editable powerpoint slides (Do download minecraft font) Used it for a primary 4 class. Kids love it!

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