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Finding Surface Area of Figures Using Nets Foldable
This foldable gives examples of finding surface area of figures made up of rectangles and triangles using nets. 6.G.4. Examples include a cube, rectangular prism, triangular prism, square pyramid, rectangular pyramid, and triangular pyramid. Answer key provided. Print two sided, flip on the short ed

Also included in: Unit 6: Area, Volume and Surface Area Bundle

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Surface Area Figures & Calculation Template
Surface area can be tricky for some students. That's why I've created a template for them to use that will help them practice this skill. The students will calculate the area of each side of the figure given, and then add up all areas to find the surface area. A diagram is located next to the chart/
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Area - Geometry Area Figures and Formulas Graphic Organizer/Reference Sheets
Area - Geometry Area Figures and Formulas Graphic Organizer/Reference Sheets This product contains a two page teacher reference and a two page student fill-in version covering the main formulas from an Area Unit in a Second Semester Geometry course. Perfect for start of a unit, study guides, pro
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Area of Figures Large Task Cards (Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids)
Assess your student's skills of Area with this large task card activity. This activity has 25 questions dealing with the area of rectangles, squares, triangles, and trapezoids! Included: - 25 large task cards (word problems included) - 3 area posters - Answer key - Student answer sheet Thank
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Area of Figures Task Cards Matching Game - Riddle
This super fun matching game includes areas of rectangles, triangles, and parallelograms. It has areas from figures as well as word problems. There are also challenge questions for the students to enjoy. Each question is matched with a letter and in order it spells out the answer to a super fun r
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Areas of figures foldable
Each page stacks on top to make a tabbed book. There are fill in the blanks for the areas of each figures along with examples to practice finding the area. There are two sets per page to help cut down on paper.
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Calculating Area of Figures Review
Students will calculate the area of parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, and composite figures. GREAT review tool! When my students completed this activity, they were able to derive their own equations for the composite figures. Talk about ENRICHMENT! Enjoy!
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Exploring the Area of Figures: PowerPoint
Exploring Area: PowerPoint Presentation
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3rd Grade Magic of Math Unit 6:  Geometry, Area, and Perimeter
The Magic Of Math Unit 6 for THIRD GRADE focuses on: Week 1: Geometry: Quadrilaterals, Congruent Figures, 2D and 3D Shapes Week 2: Area: Intro to Area, Unit Squares, Relate to Multiplication Week 3: Area: Decomposing Rectangles, Partition Shapes, Relate to Fractions Week 4: Perimeter:

Also included in: 3rd Grade Magic of Math: THE BUNDLE

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RECENT ADDITIONS WRITING PROCESS POSTERSNARRATIVE WRITING: EDITABLE FLIPBOOK********************************************************************************This is a growing bundle on Narrative Writing. It will include more Power Point presentations,note-taking sheets and lessons on the structural c
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All 3rd Grade Math TEKS Exit Slips * Exit Tickets Bundle
This bundle of Exit Slips covers all of the 3rd grade math TEKS, assessing each with STAAR formatted questions. Exit Slips, also called exit tickets, allow you to get a quick snapshot of student understanding and are an excellent assessment tool to drive your instruction and intervention. This set
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6th Grade Math Curriculum Bundle (Entire Year)
This bundle includes all of my 6th grade math material in my store. This includes my 6th Grade Math Interactive Notebook, foldables, activities, 6th Grade Math Assessments, 6th Grade Math Exit Slips, 6th Grade Math Homework, 6th Grade Math Warm-ups, 6th Grade Math Vocabulary Coloring Worksheets, an
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BEST BUNDLE Sixth Grade Common Core Math Stations Complete Year
This 400+ page file includes station activities focused on ratios, rates, percents, decimals, GCF, LCM, fractions, two-variable relationships, integers, absolute value, coordinate graphing, exponents, expressions, equations, inequalities, surface area, volume, and statistics. They are designed to al
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Area and Perimeter Game with Task Cards and QR Codes
Area and Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toss is a partner math game for practicing area and perimeter. Two versions of the task cards are included, one with the polygon dimensions given in customary units and the other using metric units. To play the Area and Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toss game, players take turns solvi

Also included in: Math Vocabulary Activities Bundle

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6th Grade Geometry Project with Nets and Surface Area
With this project, students must identify nets and 3D figures along with calculating surface area, perimeters, and volume. It is great way to practice several sixth grade standards!Students get hands-on experience working with nets, surface area, and volume. Not only is this activity engaging, but i

Also included in: 6th Grade Math Bundle, Growing

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Area and Perimeter Bundle of Activities
Teach third and fourth grade students about perimeter and area concepts with this bundle, which contains multiple resources. The activities in this bundle focus on the following skills: - defining area and perimeter - determining the perimeter of a figure - determining the length of an unknown side
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Rectilinear Area - Rectilinear Area Worksheets Activities Games
Do your students struggle to find the area of composite figures? In this rectilinear area unit for 3rd grade, students practice finding the area of rectilinear area figures with worksheets, activities, games, and interactive notebook pages! This aligns with 3.MD.7.Click here to save 30% when you buy

Also included in: 3rd Grade Math Units Bundle

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Measurement Math Stations First Grade
Provide students with opportunities to build a foundation of measurement with stations by standard! These workstations allow students to apply the many concepts of measurement with 15 different hands-on activities. Concepts of measurement covered:non-standard weightnon-standard measurementcapacity

Also included in: Stations by Standard Bundle First Grade

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Reader's Theater BUNDLE:  40 Myths, Legends, & Tall Tales!
Let this collection of classic American literature Reader’s Theaters engage students in fluency & expression while at the same time meeting a key Common Core reading benchmark! This bundle includes my 4 best selling sets of DIFFERENTIATED scripts on Native American Legends, Greek Myths, America
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6th Grade Math Tests (Entire Year EDITABLE Assessments Aligned to Common Core)
Included in this bundle are EDITABLE pre-tests, post-tests, and vocabulary quizzes on the 6th grade Common Core standards: 6.NS, 6.RP, 6.EE, 6.G, and 6.SP.This is a great bundle! Students will have a chance to perform well on their tests with the extra practice from the pre-tests.Included is a pre-t

Also included in: 6th Grade Math Curriculum Bundle (Entire Year)

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Common Core Area and Perimeter tV Trivia 3rd Grade Fun!
This is a common core aligned Jeopardy game designed to meet 3rd grade standards for Area and Perimeter. In this game, students will practice/review the follow concepts: 1) Finding the Area of a figure both with a gridded shape, and without. 2) Finding the Perimeter of a figure, both with a gridded
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STAAR MATH 3RD Decomposing Rectangles to Find Area
Decomposing Rectangles to Find Area: Page 1) Cut apart six 3x4 rectangles to cover figures to show how area can be determined by actually (or mentally) breaking apart figures; Page 2) Area is the same in equally sized and divided rectangles if same portion is chosen. Page 3) Determine and choose nu
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Area and Perimeter Game with 6th Grade CCSS Task Cards Bundle
Area & Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toss is an engaging partner math review game for practicing area and perimeter. This 6th grade CCSS bundle includes the Area & Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toss game board, two sets of task cards, and several types of answer keys. This product include the original area and per
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Area War - Triangles Parallelograms Trapezoids and Composite Figures
This is the best Area War card game available on TpT! You get 64 cards! This product is the best, because of the variety of area illustrations available for you, all in printable sheets. You don't have to purchase or alter real playing cards. You don't have to just hope that kids can visualize 2D
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