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Looking for a unique way to incorporate art in your classroom? Are you an art teacher looking to incorporate more writing into your curriculum to help with the more rigorous Common Core standards? Maybe you're teaching an elective on alternative cultures or hip-hop? This presentation provides 100 d
Perspective can be a difficult concept to teach to elementary art and middle school art students. Slowly introduce students to techniques and concepts of depth in art with a warm-up, one-day activity such as the endless cube assignment. This is also perfect as an early finisher assignment. This proj
This is a PowerPoint of 150 days of warmups that you can use in an art class. These warmups address the writing and critical thinking required by the Common Core State Standards and help students to cite evidence from artwork. This is also a great classroom management tool, because students have a
Disscussion questions or more drawing activities may take 10-15 minutees based on class size and response. Visual Arts, written and performance based prompts to warm up the day or can be used as a sketchbook entries. Build onto, fix to your unit or lessons. Also included study info for basic Element
Do you see what I see? Get your students thinking outside the box by taking a simple shape and turning it into a complete drawing. These pages (40+ included) can be used for:Bell ringersEarly finishersAs a STEM or STEAM warm-up activityYou can print these images at up to 4 per page to give students
There are some 60 warm up activities suggested in this file. There are vocal and physical warm up suggestions for individuals, pairs and groups. Teachers can cut out the suggestions and paste them on cards to make their own 'on demand' collection of activities that can be used in drama classes or be
Here is a list of activities that I use personally, as well as teaching my students, how to "warm-up" the fingers, wrist, and arm, prior to drawing activities. It helps to limber up just as athletes do before an event. I also suggest and point out the advantage of learning and practicing to draw
This download includes 1 PDF containing 10 different Art 'Duplication Drawing' warm up exercise worksheets. Students can practice their visual copying skills with these worksheets by duplicating the image in the empty box below. A simple and easy art practice activity!I Hope you find these helpful!
These warm-ups encourage students to think creatively outside of their comfort zone by challenging them to brainstorm items that fit within each give category AND consider how to represent that item in their sketchbook. This item contains enough warm-ups for a semester-long MS or HS course.Clipart
This is part one of a series of Elements of Shape Warm Up Sheets. Use this worksheet for your class to practice the Element of Shape shown. >>Follow my shop for more worksheets as they pop up!<< This worksheet is inspired by my sweet niece, Kathryn, and her mom who spends many hours p
In my art class we practice hands. Hands are hard to draw. I created images for my students to use a references. Students use these as warm-ups at the beginning of class. We use 10 mins at the start of class to work on these. A hand drawing a day.A-Z1-9
A list of simple art prompts that will encourage students to engage their skills and creative minds in preparation for the day’s art learning and activities. These can take 5 minutes or longer depending on the time you want to set for your students.These warm ups can also be used for time fillers at
This slideshow provides instructions and examples for how to play Exquisite Corpse, a Surrealist game that can be used as a warm up/ group activity.
These activities have been designed to develop young students' drama skills. In particular, they are designed to complement the Rainbow Serpent story (also for sale at AusArts Teacher). Included are:fun warm-upslinks with the vocabulary in the Rainbow Serpent TextGuides to developing Success Criteri
Use this packet of warm-ups as a teacher-led or student self-guided tool. This printable packet contains the following 8 exercises: DictionGraduated Volume ExerciseBreath ControlVocal Emotional LinesSound Orchestra‚ÄúHello on the Boat!‚ÄĚ Cheating DeathCount to 20
Color is one of student’s favorite properties of minerals. No matter how boring a person might find rocks and minerals, the pure beauty of the array of colors found in minerals is motivating. Students will have fun designing an art project using a variety of colors of calcite. This fun project will
Do you see what I see? Get your students thinking outside the box by taking a simple shape and turning it into a complete drawing. These pages (4 included) can be used for:Bell ringersEarly finishersAs a STEM or STEAM warm-up activityYou can print these images at up to 4 per page to give students 4
This half-sheet has students matching art vocabulary with their corresponding definitions. There are seven words altogether. This should take students no more than two minutes to complete.
Super simplified warmup activity for teaching value to Kindergarten and First Graders.
Line Color Shape Texture Value Space
This is a fun, single page graphic that helps students and artists conquer blank pages. The download comes with the empty page for follow-along notes and discussion as well as a completed version. Give it a try!keywords: blank page, blank paper, getting ready to draw, drawing, art starter, graphic
When passing out a new piece of music I have often wished for a better way to drill finger-patterns to help students remember fingerings on each string for the key signatures. So often students ask ..."Is it a high 2 or low 2 on the A string? " I am hoping the drills and exercises in this resource
Drama Warm Ups - Fun role playing drama activities to get students acting, moving, thinking and creating. Whether you are teaching drama in literature, a drama course, or sponsoring a drama club after school, these activities will be engaging and fun, and will lead to higher level thinking and creat
Tired of hearing your students complain that they don’t know what to draw when given time to work in their sketchbooks? These warm up wheels are a great solution!This package includes 10 pre-made wheels and 1 customizable wheel in an interactive PowerPoint to be used for drawing warm-ups (in total t

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