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"Cupcakes with Gold Sprinkles" | NO PRINT, NO PREP! K and G articulation words are fresh from the oven! Cooking up Artic is a FUN way to target your articulation goals with individual or group therapy! Follow a step-by-step recipe to make Sweet Bread with Drizzle while targeting your /k/ and /g/ s
This activity was designed as a fun way to practice articulation using Boom Cards. This card deck contains the following sounds: initial, medial, and final k/g/f. There are 12 target words for each sound position. There are two activities in this deck for each sound position. Practice the word and
PreK - 5th
"Bacon and Eggs" | NO PRINT, NO PREP! K and G articulation words are fresh from the oven! Great for working on goals for /k/ and /g/ phonemes and phonological process of fronting!Cooking up Artic is a FUN way to target your articulation or language goals with individual or group therapy! Follow a
This product contains a link to download Boom Cards*. It requires a Boom Learning account and an Internet connection. You can play a demo for medial /k/ by clicking the link in the Preview. There is no physical print out for this product. It is an Internet Activity.You can SAVE with the Boom Learn
Not Grade Specific
Practice the /k/ sound at word or sentence level in this fun Bingo-style game.To play the game you will need:a word board for each player (Four word boards are provided in this pack - print and laminate to make a lasting resource, then select a board to practice the sound in initial, medial, final o
Get 126 repetitions of targeted articulation sounds in one session! If you don't finish, send it home for homework! No laminating or cutting!! Print a page per student and begin therapy. All you need is dice and bingo dot markers. Included in this download is initial, medial and final /k, g,
"Five little monkeys swinging in the tree, teasing Mr. Alligator can’t catch me….can’t catch me! Along came Mr. Alligator, quiet as can be, and snatched that monkey right out of that tree!"Based on a children's classic, this articulation-based resource is sure to please. Practice initial, medial and
YEAR-ROUND ARTICULATION! k articulation | g articulation | phonological process fronting | fronting | Kids will LOVE shaking the egg carton while targeting their /k/ and /g/ sounds! Over 60 target words for /k/ and /g/ in all word positions! Three different games/activities included. For articula
Roll the dice and read targeted phoneme at appropriate level (word, phrase, or sentence). Cross out the completed box or cover with a Bingo chip. First one to cover all items in one column wins! Play the game in groups of kids with mixed Language or Articulation Goals – Same game but each student ca
Not Grade Specific
These sentences are great to target articulation skills at all levels in all positions. All sentences are themed around summer, which will keep your students motivated. Each sentence strip includes 10 target words; including initial, medial, and final positions of target phonemes. This activity is
Looking for an interactive activity to use with your students for articulation? You found it! Your students will be saying, "I found it" with excitement while they drag and drop various spring themed items, uncovering their target words. This set of boom cards consists of 8 cards for the /k/ phoneme
Artic Reps /k,g/ is a no-prep must-have for articulation therapy, either in-person or virtual, for both readers and non-readers. You and your students will love these fun PowerPoint slides, as they practice the speech sounds /k,g/ in the initial, medial, and final positions, at the word level, throu
Not Grade Specific
Artic Webs: Speech Therapy FREEBIE This is a preview sample of my product Artic Webs! It is similar to my ARTIC SWAT product but in a spider theme! It is perfect for October lesson plans but can be used year round! Mr. Spider is hungry! Help him eat the flies while practicing articulation! A Play
Roll the dice and read targeted phoneme in word, phrase, or sentence. You may also let students generate their own sentences using the word given. Cross out the word/phrase/sentence or cover with a Bingo chip. First one to cover all items in one column wins! Play the game in groups of kids with mixe
PreK - 2nd
A complete speech therapy activity set to foster correct articulation for your growing communicator. Before printing, I would recommend to check your printer settings as the pages may print oversized. This workbook includesK, G Drill Sheets with 25 drill markersK, G Coloring PagesFind the K, G word
Your students will have a blast watching the sandcastle grow as they work on their speech sounds! This interactive no print contains targets for 9 different phonemes (p, b, t, d, k, g, m, n, h) and includes 12 initial, 12 medial, and 12 final words per phoneme. Before the sounds are presented, a gra
If you love Yeti in my Spaghetti as much as my students and I do, this is a fun game companion to target articulation and phonology goals while focusing on minimal pairs or by focusing on the sounds individually! Included in this activity are visuals to use with students to help self-monitor if th
**This product has been updated to include pictures!**This is a companion resource that can be used in conjunction with the popular children's game where you pull noodles off of a bowl and try to prevent the Yeti from falling into the bowl. •Can be used in a group or individual session.• As the chil
PreK - 6th
With this drag and drop scene activity students can get over 100 practice trials with one activity! For each card the student moves pictures to the scene and says the target word 5 times. There are 40 /k/ cards targeting initial, medial, and final word positions as well as initial /kr/ and /kl/ bl
This freebie is perfect to use during 4th of July with your kiddos. Practice K, G, and F sounds using this cute fireworks themed board game and cards with visuals. Content includes: -board game -18 K cards (I/M/F) -18 G cards (I/M/F) -18 F cards (I/M/F) -9 blank cards 2 ways to play! Use the boa
Preschool Outer Space Artic Includes: 126 articulation cards coded for each sound, 12 special game cards, 24 cue cards, and three different mats. There is a total of 42 T picture cards, 42 D picture cards, 24 K pictures cards, and 18 G picture cards. Directions: 1.Print, cut, and laminate all car
I am so ready for summer and so are the kids at school. Here is the next summer themed artic packet that includes the sounds of /k,g,f,v,sh,ch/! The articulation flashcards are all summer themed (ice cream, popsicles, sun, fish, flip flops, etc). With this download, you are able to work on some of
Articulation /k/ and /g/ digital task cards for BOOM Learning are here!Drag the cow to the barn, the bat to the cave, and many more! Includes 93 cards that target /k/ and /g/ in the word initial, medial, and final positions! PLUS: Use them to address sentences too by having the student put the targe
Connect 4 games are now available in evergreen formatting, so they can be used year-round! I've also added an extra feature so that you can practice the words with your students, and drag one of 3 emojis to the check boxes to give the student fun feedback, as well as to help you with data counting a
K - 4th

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