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articles adjectives

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articles adjectives

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A, An & TheArticle Adjective Worksheets4 Worksheets:• Circle the correct article in each sentence. • Write A or AN before each of the following nouns. • Cut and paste these article adjectives next to their correct descriptions. • Read the following story. Circle all of the article adjectivesA
Help your students develop proficiency in identifying the ARTICLES A, AN, & THE with these 30 GRAMMAR TASK CARDS and PRACTICE SHEETS! Use these task cards to teach/practice the fundamental skill or prep for test day!THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES:*anchor chart (full sheet size & sized for interactiv
Articles, Nouns, & Adjectives - Digital Grammar Activities - Distance LearningThis resource includes digital activities on identifying and using articles, nouns, and adjectives. Concepts include nouns, proper and common nouns, concrete and abstract nouns, articles, and adjectives.This resource i
Included in this pack are three sets of adjective practice that tell what kind, which one, and how many. Posters, task cards, and extra practice sheets are included for each set. There are many ways you can use the task cards, such as partner, small group, or whole class practice. Sometimes I post t
2nd - 4th
En este paquete encontraras ejercicios para trabajar los sustantivos, verbos, adjetivos y artículos.VerbosArtículosAdjetivosSustantivos
1st - 2nd
This guided worksheet helps students go from filling in the correct definite/indefinite article to writing complete sentences, and an answer key is included. This can be used as in-class practice, homework, or a quiz. The worksheet has four parts: Part A: Students fill in the correct definite/inde
8th - 10th
Do you need an engaging way to help your students practice identifying articles and adjectives? This download will link you to 16 Boom Cards that will help your students master this skill. These Boom Cards are perfect as an at-home learning activity or as a classroom center.WHAT’S INCLUDEDThis resou
Click HERE for FREE Montessori materials! This is a great grammar BINGO game focusing on the noun, verb and article, and adjective. Students place the correct grammar symbol over the words on the card when called. My lower elementary students love this game, it's great for grammar reinforcement. E
This colorful board game allows students to practice identifying adjectives and articles. Students read a sentence on a task card and identify the adjective or article. Students move along the game board each time a correct answer is given. The first player to the end, wins! This game goes alo
This is a quick lesson to teach Demonstrative Adjectives, Demonstrative Articles. Lesson includes a PPT, student notes and practice worksheet. Masculine and feminine is color coded throughout the lesson to help students distinguish which demonstrative to use. These resources make teaching the con
These worksheets focus on articles, indefinite articles, and proper adjectives. If you are in need of quick sub plans then just print and copy! These worksheets also work well as extra practice for struggling students or homework.Related Products ⭐ Verbs: Past and Present Tense - Grammar Worksheet
This drag & drop activity is perfect for practicing the difficult concept of noun/adjective agreement in Spanish as well as definite & indefinite articles. Students word sort tiles into categories based on the their endings to match. They also sort tiles based on if they are definite or inde
Help your students develop proficiency IDENTIFYING ADJECTIVES with these 60 TASK CARDS focusing on ADJECTIVES that tell WHAT KIND or HOW MANY and the ARTICLES A, An, & THE. They're great for differentiation and to teach/practice fundamental skills or prep for test day!THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES:*anch
Articles A and An Scoot or Eye-Spy by the Graphic Guru This game contains 24 Scoot or Eye-Spy game cards, a page of blanks so you can add more if you would like, a choice of recording sheets, directions, and an answer key. I also included bonus cards with tricky exceptions! My students love
1st - 3rd
Adjectives {Size, Color, Number, Articles} Order Up! Set #2 : ORDER UP! PARTS OF SPEECH! Check out the FREE PREVIEW to see what is included and for more information on how it works! This set of ORDER UP! focuses on giving even MORE practice identifying and using ADJECTIVES. This set will make the
This set addresses the tricky skill of learning when to use the article adjectives a and an. The materials can be used in a couple of different ways: as a matching game during small group instruction without the coloring page, or as a partner game with the coloring page. To use as a partner game, ea
1st - 3rd
These task cards are great for practicing articles and adjectives with your students. Each card has a sentence with one or two missing articles. Students are also asked to identify any adjectives in the sentence. There are 36 cards, a recording sheet with and without card numbers, and an answer key.
Help your students learn about Article and Demonstrative Adjectives with this activity pack. Your kids will have so much fun playing 'games', they won't even know they are learning! Included in this pack: Directions poster for the word sort 18 popsicle puzzle cards to practice adjectives - Put the
Grammar and sentence structure made easy with diagraming sentences! This Power Point presentation is week 6 in a 14 week unit. Each week consists of a mini-lesson on the first day and four days of practice. The grammatical concepts build each week, with previous concepts being incorporated into lat
This is a Power Point for adjectives that includes the essential adjective questions: how many, what kind, and which one.It has practice sentences and a chance for students to write creatively. It also includes the explanation of article adjectives and a chance to identify them with practice.
With these 3 worksheets students will practice using articles correctly. Includes an explanation of when to use "a", "an" and "the".Worksheet 1: Students circle the articles in sentences and underline the nouns they modify.Worksheet 2: Students complete sentences by choosing the best article to fill
Are your students struggling with articles in English, both definite and indefinite ? These activities will definitely help them mastering the use of a / an and the but also the absence of determiners !$$ Save money with the bundle : English Grammar Practice, phonics & Vocabulary Activities - ES
This is a slapjack game intended to have students practice identifying adjectives and articles quickly. Divide the cards up as evenly as possibly then each student flips over a card one at a time. If the word is an adjective or an article, the first one to slap it gets to keep the cards in the pile.
1st - 5th
This is the perfect activity to do the day or two before a quiz/test on Noun/Adjective Agreement and Definite/Indefinite articles. Share the slideshow in Google Classroom so students can "View only". Students MUST put the slideshow in "present" mode when they complete it. The slideshow contains revi

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