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Big Articulation Homework Bundle! 185 pages (Color and Black & White + BOOM Cards for distance learning or a digital option. This download includes ALL of my Early and Later Sounds homework pages (targeting words and phrases!) It also contains a digital learning BOOM Cards option (great for tele
Tackling apraxia and severe articulation disorders is hard work! Using effective and motivating activities like the systematic, strategic ones included in this 71-page resource geared toward early developing sounds /b,p,t,d,k,g,m,n, j,w,h,f/, can help you get the job done! ASHA recommends teaching e
One page, no-prep Speech Therapy Articulation activities to challenge your students in a variety of formats. This print-and-go resource offers 10 words per page in picture and word-level - giving an opportunity to practice 30+ times per page! Phonemic awareness activitiesare prominent throughout.If
PreK - 2nd
This comprehensive 90 page packet (a stand-alone companion to my original Articulation Progress Monitoring Tool) is everything you need to monitor your students' progress with early developing sounds (B, D, M, N, P, T, & W). This packet includes a page with 10 stimulus pictures for each sound i
Are looking for some new ways to present your articulation targets to your students? If so, these articulation mini cards for early sounds might be for you! This #newyearnewdeals resource is a great way to target speech sounds! One card contains 10 targets, which means less articulation cards on th
These articulation squares are a quick addition to your therapy toolkit that only take up a tiny amount of room, but have the opportunity for lots of repetitions and practice. If you’re looking for bright and bold pictures but need to be color ink savvy, then these pages are PERFECT as each single p
PreK - K
This pack is perfect for students working on 8 of the early speech sounds of development /p, b, m, t, d, k, g, f, v/ as well as expanding utterances and labeling nouns/actions. Each set of cards can be used for on-the-go therapy, centers, and in-class therapy sessions. You will receive 432 cards T
This BUNDLE includes my Grab N' Go Early Developing Sounds and Grab N' Go Later Developing Sounds Packs!Grab N' Go Later Developing Sounds is perfect for students working on the speech sounds of development /s, z, l, r, th, sh, ch, j/ and /r, s, l/ blends as well as expanding utterances and labeling
Speech Therapy Articulation activities with BOOM CARDS™: 32 interactive Digital Task Cards. Each card has one sound/position with 6 words per task card.:F INITIAL - MEDIAL - FINALV INITIAL - MEDIAL - FINALP INITIAL - MEDIAL - FINALB INITIAL - MEDIAL - FINALT INITIAL - FINALD INITI
I made these quick and easy to use homework pages to send home with students for continued practice. Newly updated with a crisper look! This pack has just been updated to include a BOOM Card Version! If you are looking for a complete set (Early and Later Sounds) I have a Big Articulation Bundle Avai
This is a simple articulation drilling game for articulation practice for young students (prek-k). It can be used with older students depending on the interest level. I designed this to be quick and simple (not a complex game). The student will practice one of the words (the therapist will determine
PreK - 5th
These handy digital cards are perfect for teletherapy or just to have to grab-n-go! Target articulation sounds in multiple levels: phoneme, syllable, word, phrase, and sentence all on one page! Includes: Early sounds (all positions) All positions of words 4 cards (initial, medial, final, all positi
Thanks for purchasing these flip books for early developing sounds /p, b, t, d, m, n/! Materials needed: Card stock (preferable) & laminator pouches Directions for assembling these flip books: Print all pages on cardstock and laminate for durability. Cut out sheets, hole punch at the top, and
Tackling apraxia, phonological processes like syllable reduction or severe articulation disorders is hard work! Using effective but motivating activities like the ones included in this 69 page download geared toward early developing sounds /b,p,t,d,k,g,m,n, j,w,h,f/ can help you get the job done! AS
Preview Early Sounds Here!Preview Late Sounds Here!This Winter BOOM Cards articulation bundle targets the following early and late sounds: /p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, f, v, s, z, sh, ch, j, th, l, r/ in initial, medial, and final position of words, and /h, w, y/ in initial and medial position. Targe
Not Grade Specific
Put down those articulation cards and take a fun and engaging approach to speech practice: THROUGH PLAY! These idea-filled sheets for EARLY SOUNDS are refreshing for SLPs who want to increase motivation within their sessions and are AMAZING for getting carryover into the home environment. Your paren
Combine pretend play and play dough with articulation practice for piles of fun with these pancake-themed play dough mats. Early articulation targets include M, N, P, B, T, D, K, G in initial, medial and final positions, and H and W initial position. This set includes:26 pancake griddle mats with 1
Print and go in black and white! These coloring worksheets offer a 10 or 12 picture array of position specific articulation targets. Also includes mini coloring books to send home!Use the worksheets for a variety of games including "Find it Fast" in which students race to locate the picture quickest
These super cute print-and-go sheets for articulation are a quick and easy way to get multiple repetitions and practice your speech sound targets in all positions. They're ink friendly fitting two sheets to a page for initial-medial-final-mixed positions so you can target the sound fast. There are 1
PreK - K
This lap book is a fun and practical way to not only practice the speech sounds, but also learn about the way we produce them.This BUNDLE includes the Early AND Later sound lap books with all of the following sounds:P, B, M, N, T, D, F, V, K, G, H, W, R, S, Z, L, SH, CH, J, and TH**FAQs**1. Do these
This is a fun way to work on articulation while you get your students engaged and excited about it! To use, print and laminate the mats. Then, choose a mat for your student(s) to use. (I always pre-roll balls of PlayDoh to be smashed!) Have your students produce/imitate the words on the side of the
Are you looking for a way to get high repetitions with your articulation students, instead of them just saying each word once? This DIGITAL version of my best-selling Articulation Squares (paper version) encourages students to say initial, medial and final words using their target sound. Teletherapy
PreK - 1st
Use this packet to meet the needs of your students working on 8 early developing sounds /f, k, g, p, b, m, t, d/ with the fun Superhero theme they love! Included in the download: •F words - 11 initial position, 12 medial position, 12 final position •K words - 11 initial position, 12 medial positi
This is a simple, fun themed drilling game for articulation practice. The students will put toppings (by dragging them with their finger or mouse) on the pizza while practicing the target word next to it. There is one page per sound position. Each page contains 10 target words. There are multiple op

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