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This Informal Articulation Screener is a must-have resource in every Speech and Language Therapist's toolkit! You can informally assess all speech sounds in word initial, medial and final position (where possible). The informal assessment also covers /s l r/ clusters/blends, CV/VC words AND multisy
This quick articulation screener is a fast and easy articulation screening tool. Easily assess all phonemes in all positions! Use it to determine whether further evaluation is necessary, or as a baseline/ progress monitoring tool! I've also included a typical development chart to easily assess wheth
This informal articulation assessment has it all! Easily assess all phonemes in all positions, including all types of vocalic /r/! Use it to determine whether further evaluation is necessary, or as a baseline/ progress monitoring tool! Formatted for half-page printing, can easily be bound and portab
This quick, and comprehensive screener screens the consonants phonemes in the Spanish language. This tool can also be used to collect and analyze speech-sound data. The protocols help you to evaluate articulation as well as phonological errors. There are 2 versions included:General Screener (screens
As we go forward and need to assess our students online, I made this as we speech language pathologists can not use a formal assessment, we can only use informal assessments and our language samples. If we do use a formal assessment, we can give it but not use the scores. I used pictures from Flic
Not Grade Specific
This Quick Articulation Screener is perfect for informal assessment and progress monitoring of your students! It is easy and fast to administer. The stimuli booklet is small and portable, but the pictures are large and clear with a clean layout to limit distractions! The data sheets are simple to us
Not Grade Specific
ARTICULATION SCREENERThis articulation screener is used to informally assess a child's speech intelligibility. This informal assessment tool, is used to identify the speech sound errors and determine if these errors are age-appropriate or delayed.This tool is used by speech pathologists to identify
This resource can be used to analyze a student or client’s production of Standard American English speech sounds within single words. It includes all consonants in all positions of words as well as consonant blends in the initial position of words. There are a total of 38 photos designed to elicit 5
Not Grade Specific
This informal Speech Sound Screener for ARTICULATION and PHONOLOGY is an easy, visually friendly, yet comprehensive method to evaluate sounds at the single word level. There are TWO versions in this resource with PRINT & NO PRINT options:1. Speech Sound Screener - comprehensiveThe Speech Sound S
Assessing childhood apraxia of speech can be intimidating and confusing. With these forms and informal assessment, you will have the tools you need to feel more confident in your professional judgment when assessing for CAS. There are not visuals for the targets for a reason! You are supposed to mo
This is a great fluency assessment for stuttering that will help you track fluency data and graph therapy progress! I use this during initial evaluations and during annual IEP reviews. What's included?*Fluency Informal Assessment- I put dots for each fluent syllable and (-) dashes for each stuttere
Have you ever tried to complete a speech assessment and have the child refuse to talk? Screening for articulation sounds doesn't have to be tedious with these bright and bold pictures scenes loaded with articulation targets. Ideally set up on your computer or iPad as NO PRINT (but easy to print and
Not Grade Specific
This informal preschool-age assessment is composed of four sections: articulation, phonology, receptive language, and expressive language. Each section includes developmental norms and a space to record examples of the child's skills and abilities. CR = Caregiver Report, O = Observation, E = Elicit
This is a comprehensive oral motor examination that is very useful for when administering speech evaluations. I have included the different sounds that could be hindered if you find a weakness in certain areas while you are administering the exam. I like how this just gives me a heads up on what
Looking for a quick and easy way to determine if a student needs RTI Response to Intervention in the area of Articulation? Then you need to grab this assessment bundle! This is a super easy way to see how your students are responding to the RTI process for beginning, medial and final sounds. Com
I wanted to offer a paperwork bundle that would help the seasoned Speech Pathologist become more organized or help a new Speech Pathologist have all that he or she needs to start the journey as a School-Based Speech Therapist. Paperwork can be overwhelming at times. I hope that this bundle helps t
Includes a 10 page informal assessment packet (13 pages total, including cover page, instructions and copyright credits page.) to be used as a guide for speech and language evaluations and reevaluations. The following areas are addressed in this packet: ~Receptive & Expressive Language: Con
This Informal Speech Sound Assessment can be used to screen/assess speech sounds in sentences. Sometimes, when we work with children we know that their sounds can be clear in single words, but intelligibility breaks down in longer sentences. This assessment is designed to help you identify any error
This is a great bundle to track your articulation progress in words, phrases, and sentences! This ultimate bundle also includes a completely EDITABLE data form. Create more word lists when you need to!Sounds include: p, b, t, d, m, n, y, s, r, l, z, (s/r/l/z blends), g, k, f, v, th, sh, ch. This
This is a No Print screening tool for speech-language pathologists to use for informal screening of speech articulation and phonology. It includes pictures of words for all speech sounds in all word positions including: /f,v,k,g,r,l,s,z/ “sh, ch, j”, voiced and voiceless “th”, ”ng”, /s/ blends, /r/
PreK - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This resource includes images that represent 72 different productions of /r/, including vocalic /r/, initial /r/, and /r/ blends in the initial, medial, and final positions of words. It also includes a connected speech screener for reading level and conversation. Informally assess these productions
4th - 8th
Diagnostics and assessments is one of my areas of expertise and over the years many SLP peers have highly praised the quality and detail I put in each report I write when I am asked to assess a student in various areas. Each Bilingual report takes between 8-10 hours to write, but with this efficient
Not Grade Specific
An oromotor examination really is an essential part of a speech assessment to get an understanding of your student's sequencing, strength and coordination for speech sounds. This informal assessment can be performed super quick and gives you an indication if you might have to look more in-depth at a
Not Grade Specific
Use this articulation practice card as warm ups before therapy, a one minute filler activity at the beginning or end of therapy, informal assessment of a student’s skill level for this sound, homework practice, stimuli for a game or activity, as a BINGO board, or whatever else you can think of. Inc

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