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Finally there are activities to help ASL students practice facial expressions and emotions. We all know that students have a very difficult time using accurate facial expressions while creating a sign. These six activities will help improve your students understanding of the importance of expression
Starting with the basics, this game is designed to focus on facial expressions and fingerspelling (both expressive clarity and increased receptive skills). This has been created for pair work, but can be very easily made into an activity for the entire class. Appropriate for all levels of ASL lear
Facial Expressions are essential to ASL and play an important role in grammar. This worksheet gives the teacher a lesson in using social media for a facial expressions activity. Your students will enjoy using social media for an activity and you will become the "hip" teacher because you're incorpo
The following is a lesson from the "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ASL Curriculum" book. It features a review lesson for Classifier 1 and a lesson on Facial Expressions in ASL. This lesson comes with a lesson, CL:1 visual, and facial expression word game. Lesson is aligned with ACTFL standards and specif
Facial expressions are essential to ASL. This activity sheet allows the student to interact with other classmates using signs and facial expressions.
This is the "Welcome" powerpoint that I show the first week of class for my high school and college level students. I incorporate pictures from the Master ASL! These topics are covered: To learn proper greetings and farewells in ASL To introduce yourself and others To learn basic ASL sentence str
This is an exceptional resource for supporting students learning sign language. The 5 Parameters of ASL are Hand Shapes, Movement, Location, Palm Orientation and Facial Expressions. Enlarge and print as a poster, or simply use for student handouts.
The best way to learn the grammar of any language is to converse with the native users of that language. However, many ASL students, particularly hearing students, have difficulty picking up ASL grammar from conversation alone. This book is essential for any ASL student who wants to learn how to acc
ASL is a unique language with its own grammatical rules and syntax (sentence structure). In ASL the entire body is used expressively to convey information. With ASL you have to abandon "English thinking" and think visually. American Sign Language is a complex visual-spatial language that shares no g
Appropriate (and fun!) for all levels of ASL student, this class activity focuses on expressing meaning through facial expressions and body movement. In this activity, the entire class participates: Helping the "performing" students to visualize stories, shifting away from English grammar and line
Perfect for distant learning! Be sure to check out the preview!This is an easy way to get students caught up when they miss class and you simply do not have enough hours in the day reteach material to every kid that was absent.This folder contains a separate Google Slide presentation for each lesson
Created with signs from the Master ASL textbook and workbook. This PowerPoint teaches students proper greetings and farewells in ASL. PowerPoint addresses basic ASL sentence structure; how to ask and answer questions; how to interact appropriately with Deaf people and the role of facial expressions
This handout describes a variety of different facial expressions used to properly communicate in basic American Sign language. This is useful when first learning ASL. It is important to know when we use the different expressions so that you can be a visual communicator.
This powerpoint was made to supplement the Rocket ASL online and covers supplemental information from Module 1 of the online course. With 45 slides, the powerpoint provides 2 weeks of instruction. Topics Include: Reasons to learn ASL Words and Concepts Stands of Language “Unified Signing” Univers
Emoji's can be used to teach facial expressions which are a pivotal part of teaching ASL.
Lesson Plan for American Sign Language classes (middle school or high school). It's a mini activity when introducing facial expressions.
Facial Expressions in ASL are very important. This worksheet has no English on it so they must try to understand the images as directions. The images for this sheet have come from several different resources. This is a great activity even if they are not familiar with the signs for facial expressi
In ASL, facial expressions are an important part of communication. Users of American Sign Language are likely to apply a lot of expressions to clarify and extend the meaning of their signs. If you are asking a question and whether that question is rhetorical, seeking further information, or if it sh
In ASL, facial expressions are an important part of communication. Users of American Sign Language are likely to apply a lot of expressions to clarify and extend the meaning of their signs. If you are asking a question and whether that question is rhetorical, seeking further information, or if it sh
Why are facial expressions important in ASL?How do you introduce yourself in ASL?
Frequently, students learning ASL struggle with grammatical facial expressions in ASL. I have used this poster for several years in my classroom as a reminder. Gives students a visual and fun display of the grammatical non-linguistic markers in ASL. Use as student handouts or enlarge and print to po
This humorous poster is a great reminder to your ASL students to remember that facial expressions (particularly eyebrows in questioning) are important. Humans, cyclops, aliens, emoticons and insectoids are covered in this "universal" illustration. I'm selling this file at a very affordable rate for
This a worksheet to help students learn about the 5 parameters of ASL. The worksheet shows pictures of two similar signs and asks them which parameter (s) are different between those two signs. There are also two questions that highlight facial expressions and what they think that facial expressio
This powerpoint is over emotion vocabulary to get students used to using facial expressions and body language! It is about 68 slides and has a few activities to go in between to get kids used to taking English to ASL and signing new vocab. We also go into different question formats WHQ and Yes No to

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