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With this activity students will practice communicating without using their voices. Students will act out and use gesture to indicate a variety of problems that may arise in school (I need a pencil, I feel sick, I forgot my homework, etc.) while other students guess what the problem is. This is an
ASL is a unique language with its own grammatical rules and syntax (sentence structure). In ASL the entire body is used expressively to convey information. With ASL you have to abandon "English thinking" and think visually. American Sign Language is a complex visual-spatial language that shares no g
Hang this alphabet line in your classroom that includes visual aids for students who need support and for those who love movement and hand gestures! There is a full sheet option AND a half sheet option!
This file includes a SMART Notebook Presentation, PDF Version of the presentation, and two voices off activities to get the students acclimated to communicating with their hands and through gesture. It also includes a preliminary discussion on deafness, a reflection/journal entry and a slide to intr
These are the slides I use when teaching the storytelling lessons for Gallaudet & Clerc from Signing Naturally Unit 6. It takes a full week to learn the story, practice, and film in the class. The slides guide students through the week. They can be edited to fit your classroom needs. Slides i
4 Colors / “WH” Questions Instructions PowerPoint A short lesson that can easily be coupled with another, or used toward the beginning of the class curriculum. Instead of only asking for colors, the slides help you pose the same questions in different ways. This will help your beginning ASL studen
Students will work in pairs to convey meaning without using their voices. Each student has a set of three questions that they must ask their partner (What's your favorite color, Where do you live, etc.) through gesture and pointing. This activity is GREAT for students just starting out in America
Lesson Plan for American Sign Language classes (middle school or high school) to help students step out side of their box. This activity can give students a better understanding of their signing skills. Note - student doesn't have to know ASL when doing this activity.
OMG it's the VISUAL COMMUNICATION GESTURE WORKSHEET ! A high quality interactive worksheet that can be worked out by an individual or group of students with/without relying much of instructor's guidance. Learning Objective: ASL 1 students will use their prior language knowledge and own culture bac
Alphabet Wall Cards on a white background with ASL hand gesture pictures
Alphabet Wall Cards on a black background with ASL hand gesture pictures
Alphabet Wall Cards on a white background with ASL hand gesture pictures and a set without ASL pictures.
Alphabet Wall Cards on a black background with ASL hand gesture pictures and a set without ASL pictures.
This is a collection of slides in SmartNotebook, which include: - Daily calendar - Weather - Numbers - Colors - Interrogative question words - Hangman / Pendu game (with ASL letter gestures) - Daily conversational dialogue question/answers - Letter Hunt game - Alphabet Soup game - Memory - Letter Sc
Hand signal posters are a great classroom management strategy. The poster included have real photographs. You can choose from two different options with numbers and without. Included is the American Sign Language gesture for bathroom and ASL letter R for restroom. Posters included: bathroom, restroo
When I first started teaching kindergarten, I began to notice that students were able to retain sounds when they saw a the letter, heard me say the letter sound, repeated the letter sound, and used an A.S.L. hand gesture to go along with it (auditory, visual, verbal, and kinesthetic). Then, when I b
This is a poster I created and use with my students at the start of every class. We use the mantra to help transition our minds into creative mode. As we recite the mantra, we use hand gestures to engage our bodies. My Mantra = Thumbs pointed towards the chestI am Positive = Thumbs upI am Brilliant
This is a combo product of French activity booklet (15 pages of various activities) along with a coordinating SmartNotebook file with extra games. This is a collection of slides in SmartNotebook, which include: - Daily calendar - Weather - Numbers - Colors - Interrogative question words - Hangman /
* original version posted 2015** new and improved version posted 2020Music Therapy sign language videos & songs for special needs individuals.Goal: Client will sign “more” or “all done” to request the continuation or ending of an activity.Domains: Language, MotorCommunication is key. Whether thr
Music Therapy bathroom song for special needs individuals.Goal: Client will verbally request to use the bathroom when needed.Domains: Behavior, Speech, LanguageThis song was created with a particular client in mind. At some point during a typical 60-minute session he will stand up, pat his head, and
Welcome to the Speech Sound City-Therapy Manual! This extensive "how-to" resource explains the rationale behind my distinctive features approach to working with children with highly unintelligible speech. The manual is a BUNDLE and contains the visuals you will need to run the Speech Sound City Pro
3 pages of handout including highlight of information about the grammar rules of ASL. It includes explicit illustrations of ASL syntax following by ASL grammar rules. It would make a great ASL class note/material to help gain students' insight of how ASL grammar works. (OSV, Topic-Comment, Wh quest
This packet is a great start to getting new ASL learners to understand the concept of agreement/directional verbs. Some people call these Agreement verbs others call them directional verbs and still others all them Inflected verbs, no matter what your name for this grammar concept, these activities
Estas divertidas plantillas son ideales para la rutina de la mañana, centros de aprendizaje o tu lección de trazos del alfabeto. También puedes utilizarlas para reforzar la escritura correcta (direccionalidad) de las letras del abecedario. Estos "mats" o tapetes les darán a los niños de grados pri

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