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This BUNDLE includes all of the alcohol, tobacco and other drugs products in my TPT store! It also includes a basic Anti-Smoking Brochure assignment as a bonus file. The price of this bundle will increase as I add new ATO lessons. If you purchase now, you'll get all future ATO focused lessons I add
This is an online, digital escape room created for the health education classroom using Google Sites. Students will be using knowledge of various drugs and drug classifications (alcohol, tobacco, depressants/stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, opiates/narcotics, marijuana) to solve clues throughou
Drug Bingo is a great review activity for the Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs (ATOD) Unit! With a variety of ways to play, student engagement is key to review and grasp concept knowledge about drugs. This printable PDF includes:42 different drug terms with definitions35 printable Bingo cards for
This is the quiz that I use with the ATOD Vocabulary Worksheet
6th - 8th
With the creative help of my wonderful cousin Barb, I created this vocabulary worksheet.
6th - 7th
This is a fun worksheet for students to work on in a group or individually. Towards the end of my ATOD unit, I'll have students work on this worksheet to see who can fill the entire worksheet with ATOD vocabulary words associating with the unit. This can then be used for ATOD BINGO.
7th - 9th
8.ATOD.2.1 Guided notes for "Alcohol and the Brain" PowerPoint.
8th - 12th
8.ATOD.2.1 Complete PowerPoint that also has a guided notes page that is free! Students learn about the different parts of the brain and how it alcohol affects those parts. Don't forget to look up the "Alcohol & the Brain -- Guided Notes" with this! It is also free!
8th - 12th
This lesson coincides with the ATOD health unit. This is a two-day lesson that includes a powerpoint and guided notes on the human brain and how it functions. NOTE - most of the pictures from the powerpoint have been removed for copyright purposes but feel free to add your own pictures and modify pe
Full unit of assignments for ATOD, automatically aligned with NC Standards. Can easily be edited and related to any state's standards. This is a full choice menu of assignments at varying levels that are meant to cover the entire unit. Choice assignments are excellent for promoting independence,
Great introductory and ice breaker activity before beginning the ATOD unit in Health Education. Students walk around and ask provided questions to other students to try to complete their handout. Review together as a class, asking students to participate. Allows students to find out what type of inf
7th - 11th
This web quest is short and sweet. This does not cover an entire ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other drugs) Unit. This is intended as a supplement to a lesson, learning target, or perhaps you just want students to learn about different websites/resources.
Here is what I give my 3-5 graders after we done with our A.T.O.D. (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs) unit.
Here is what I give my K-2 graders after we are done with our A.T.O.D (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs) unit.
This download is a webquest made for 4th grade health. It includes Common Core health standards: 4.ATOD.1, 4.ATOD.2, and 4.ATOD.3. It's a great activity for students to do independently to learn about health risks associated with tobacco products and steps for prevention. It includes 9 short answ
This folder contains two assessments. One is a Health Rules assessment that I give all my students, yet this is modified with pictures and simple language. The second document is one of my modified health projects. It includes an ATOD project with modified assessments. Please feel free to modify to
This scavenger hunt will get your students up and moving around the classroom looking for the correct answers to the questions on each card. It takes about 30-40 minutes for students to complete the scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt has 24 questions about Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Meth, Ecstasy
5th - 9th
This resource is part of the Atoms and the Periodic Table Bundle!The Atomic Theory Timeline Project is everything you need to give your chemistry students a nice background on the history of the atom! Students use skills of synthesizing informational text, organizing pieces of information into group
This fun and engaging activity gets your students thinking deeply and putting their knowledge of the periodic table to use as they solve elemental mysteries. By using the clues provided, students can identify the elements by reading the periodic table.After identifying elements with the provided clu
***This item is included in the Parts of an Atom Activity Packet. Do not purchase this item if you already purchased the Activity Packet.*** In this edible atom activity, students will use colored candy to represent protons, neutrons and electrons and make a model of an atom using the Bohr model o
When students construct the periodic table in this Bohr Diagrams Atom Manipulatives activity, they will see the patterns that exist in the table without you saying anything. These cards depict Bohr Diagrams for elements #1-20 of the periodic table. This activity is great to use once your students un
This is a DIGITAL DOODLES science graphic organizer intended to be used with Google Classroom, distance learning, and homeschools. It includes identifying and defining the atom as the smallest unit of matter, the location, charge, and mass of the electron, proton, and neutron. This fun, NO PREP acti
★Digital Interactive Resource★Go paperless with this interactive resource for Google Slides™ that will help your chemistry or physical science students master a variety of atom concepts and problems. Students will drag movable objects and type to enter information as they solve 45 atom related prob
Now includes both printable PDF and Google Slides versions!The PhET:Building an Atom Activity Guide is used along with the free *Next Generation PhET Simulation on Building an Atom. Students will experiment with adding protons, neutrons, and electrons to an atomic model to create atoms of different

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