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The differences between atoms, molecules, compounds and elements can be tricky for students when they are first learning about them. This worksheet is a great way to assess your student's learning. This can be used as an assessment to wrap up a mini lesson, or as an introduction to a chemistry unit
7th - 10th
This activity works well with the following:Physical Properties of Matter: Words That May Be Used to Describe & Who Am I Classification of Matter: Ultimate Card SortClick here to follow my store and receive the latest updates.Original Artwork (©AwesomeScience). For Personal Use Only. Uneditable.
Topic/terms covered in this PowerPoint presentation include: Atoms, Chemical Bonding, Molecules, Elements, The Periodic Table of Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, and The Difference between Mixtures and Compounds. This presentation is a spoof of the James Bond Spy Movies. It opens with 007's music an
This chemistry package includes a complete resource set for a Chemistry introductory unit on Atoms, Elements, and Compounds. The unit will save you over 90% compared with purchasing each product separately as there are over 25 resources included inside this bundle.This unit includes both Office and
Please see individual files for additional details.This bundle of activities works well with the following:Physical Properties of Matter: Words That May Be Used to Describe & Who Am IClick here to follow my store and receive the latest updates.Original Artwork (©AwesomeScience). For Personal Use
With almost no prep and no direct instruction you can teach your students the difference between atoms, molecules, compounds and elements and they will learn some uses of common chemicals to put the vocabulary in context. This lesson contains the following NGSS and Common Core standards. -PS1.A: Str
This packet is loaded with information and activities related to the Periodic Table. It includes:The Mighty Atom Poster and Labeled DiagramFun Facts About Atoms: Did You Know? ActivityElements and the Periodic TableReading the Periodic Table PosterCalculating the Number of Electrons/Protons/Neutron
Combine FUN with practice of basic chemistry vocabulary including identifying examples of atoms, elements, compounds, molecules, chemical formulas, chemical symbols, and chemical equations. ************************************************************************** This product is part of a money-
6th - 9th

Also included in: Chemistry Unit Bundle

Middle School and Freshman High School Digital Interactive Notebook - Atoms, Elements, and Compounds. Designed specifically for the 1:1 classroom utilizing any kind of digital device such as Chromebooks, Cellphones, or Tablets.This resource comes packed with 18 engaging activities spread over 27 int
Students use simple drawings of compounds to match formulas, to count atoms and to sort the atoms and elements in each compound. As an extension, the worksheet is ideal to discuss how valence electrons are used in bonding. In the Going Further section, students match the compound names to the comp
This high quality poster is ideal for your classroom wall, bulletin board or science display. It makes a great anchor for students (and teacher) to refer to. Ideal for referencing Atoms, Elements, Molecules and Compounds. If you are interested in this product I have additional resources related to
If you are teaching the NGSS standard PS1.A:  Structure and Properties of Matter and need them to learn the standard through distance learning or online learning than this resource is perfect for you! This resource can be implemented in Google Classroom and graded from wherever you may be!Students f
6th - 12th
Topics/terms in the game include: Atoms, Molecules, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures. This game includes 30 questions. Questions about the topics above are asked and sometimes repeated in several categories/formats. The categories are vocab (definitions), True or False, Fill in the Blank, and Da
This product is fun, interactive, engaging, challenging and Lets students visualize three-dimensional molecule structures and understand molecular formulas! It’s NGSS aligned, approximately 90 minutes with relatively easy prep! I also include very detailed teacher notes, a key and my email if you ha
Become a chemist for a day & choose scientific tools to investigate your world. Learn how to change states of matter. Examine the atoms, the smallest parts of all matter. Gain exposure to all the elements that make-up our world & the Periodic Table of Elements. Calculate the number of pr
This is a guided note sheet for tricky matter terms. Terms include atoms, elements, compounds and molecules. It also includes a comparison to twins to help students understand. Twins in general (fraternal or identical) are like molecules because they are two babies together. Molecules are like frate
What's the difference? This lesson includes an interactive notebook foldable for notetaking, drawing practice, and a graphic organizer.
6th - 8th
This is a overview of atoms, molecules, elements, and compounds. It includes a practice page to check for understanding. This worksheet also comes in a discounted bundle with worksheets on several other physical science topics!
This bundle includes both paper and digital activities for matter, atoms, elements, compounds, chemical reactions, and formulas. Video lectures are included in both products to help students to understand these concepts. These are great resources for distance learning and absent students. Note: A
This review sheet and test cover: Atoms, Compounds, Elements, & Mixtures. They also compare and contrast Compounds & Mixtures, as well as, Compounds & Elements. The question sheet includes definintion and short answer questions. The test has a total of 11 definition/matching, true/fal
Task Cards a perfect for small group work or review. This set of 20 task cards on Atoms, Elements & Compounds is aimed at Middle School classes. They include a variety of activities – not just multiple choice! Just print, laminate and cut! I keep these in a file that students can “check-out” whe
This is a test I created for my 5th grade class based on the following Core Knowledge objectives: A. Atoms, Molecules, and Compounds • Basics of atomic structure: nucleus, protons (positive charge), neutrons (neutral), electrons (negative charge) • Atoms are constantly in motion, electron
4th - 8th
It’s very important for students to able to analyze atoms and molecules before they move onto balancing chemical equations. As part of the MS-PS1-1, the students learn how to count the atoms and elements in a compound using both coefficients, parenthesis and subscripts. I have included two digital d
This is a card sort that is also a cut and paste activity. I spent 10 minutes on direct instruction and cornell notes, show a video then pass out this activity. Students cut out the 16 images and place them in the correct column under atom, element, molecule or compound. Use of interactive notebook

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