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This test consists of 25 multiple choice questions and 8 fill in the blank questions. The test covers the basics of atomic theory, including significant historical figures, subatomic particles, isotopes, ions, radioactive particles, and more! Download the Atoms Powerpoint for additional review mat
8th - 9th
This product includes differentiated summative unit assessments with multiple choice and short answer questions. The exams are 100% editable so you can add, remove or reword questions so to appropriately assess your students.Important Notes:• Download a FREE Unit Exam to learn more about summative a
Full test using Google forms. Covers mole conversions, percent composition, empirical & molecular formula, and counting protons, electrons, & neutrons. Questions are multiple choice, short answer, and calculations. Change or add questions to fit your lessons. Answers are provided and the for
8th - 11th

Also included in: Basic Chemistry Skills Bundle

Atoms and Ions Picture Puzzle Unit Review, Study Guide, Test Prep-Earth Science, Google Classroom Link for Digital Distance Learning Science Test Prep, Science Test Review, Science Study Guide, Science GamesThis Picture Puzzle Unit Review is a new and engaging way to create a quick reference study g
Earth Science Atoms and Ions I Have Who Has Game Cards, Earth Science Game Cards, Earth Science Test Prep, NGSS Content Review These student matching vocabulary cards are a great way to engage all students in groups for a fun whole class or group game. This includes a print set, instructions for usi
5th - 12th
Here is the chemistry sample test created using ExamView test banks available in my store. same test banks in both of ExamView and Microsoft Word formats are included. You need ExamView to open the .bnk test bank. ExamView s
Become a chemist for a day & choose scientific tools to investigate your world. Learn how to change states of matter. Examine the atoms, the smallest parts of all matter. Gain exposure to all the elements that make-up our world & the Periodic Table of Elements. Calculate the number of pr
Assess your students on all aspects of atomic theory with this great, detailed test! Perfect for any chemistry or physical science classroom.This exam includes 40 multiple choice questions for students to complete, along with a full answer key. Students will be asked to understand atomic structure,
Includes 80 questions including matching, multiple choice, numeric, short answer, and essays. RTF format so they are easily editable and includes an answer key. Topics include models of the atom, electron arrangements, and the quantum mechanical model.
9th - 12th, Higher Education
This test covers: -basic atomic structure -mass number -atomic number -label the parts of an elements symbol found on the periodic table - what determines an elements identity -period vs group -organization of the periodic table -basic properties of metals, nonmetal, and metalloids -atomic radius -
Form A and Form B Multiple Choice Test with a Practice Test. The practice test can be used a day or two before the test as a group assignment, individual work, homework or in class grade.Topics:• Scientist, Experiments, Theories• Protons, Neutrons and Electrons• Atoms, Cations and Anions• Mass Numbe
9th - 12th
MY PHYSICS LESSONS Over 30 years I teach Physics in a secondary school, out of which 20 last years I teach Regents Physics course in NYC public high school. In the beginning there were a chalk and a blackboard, and then came multicolored dry erase markers and a whiteboard. Today we operate with Pro
This is a great test over the atomic structures of atoms, ions, and isotopes. At the end of the test, I included a link to the Google Doc version of the test if you would like to tailor it for your students. The questions are well worded and focus on the concepts below.Identify an element from the B
Same tests at level, low level and below level but bundled together.
This test is aligned to the textbook "Chemistry, a Molecular Approach AP Edition" by Nivaldo Tro and covers the materials for the seventh chapter covering the quantum-mechanical model of the atom. The test is made up of AP style multiple choice and free response questions. Word document.
This test is aligned to the textbook "Chemistry, a Molecular Approach AP Edition" by Nivaldo Tro and covers the materials for the second chapter covering atoms and elements. The test is made up of AP style multiple choice and free response questions. Word document.
This study guide/review covers all about the atom and what it is made of. It also covers some physical properties like solubility and luster and Chemical properties like flammability and toxicity. It touches on states of matter (even plasma). It also allows students to take a molecule and break down
The test assess the students knowledge of valence electrons, subatomic particles, metals/nonmetals/metalloids, periodic table, and Bohr models. This assessment can be used as a review at the end of the year before the big test OR it can be used as unit assessment at the end of your atoms and periodi
6th - 9th
Test about the basics of atomic structure.
7th - 10th
This is a thorough vocabulary CFA, test, or quiz on the structure of the atom, compounds and the periodic table. Questions specifically address location or elements, reactivity and the description of the elements. Create a class copy and have students use their own paper or give each student their o
This is a chemistry test for regular chemistry classes on the topic of the atom. It tests on the parts of the atom, the history of the atom, and the simple mole calculations. It has multiple choice, fill in, short answer, and calculation problems and is a total of 25 questions.
Includes test questions regarding electron configuration, the current model of the atom, periodic trends
10th - 12th
This is an exam on atoms for beginning chemistry students. It is suitable for 6th - 8th grade and homeschool.
This test can be used to assess student knowledge of atoms and molecules and how they interact with gases and in water. It assesses student comprehension of the following objectives:* Differentiate between water in its liquid, solid, and gas state.* Explain what happens to its atoms and molecules in
5th - 9th

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