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I made this using thatquiz.org, it's a short 10 question self checking online quiz. The link to the quiz is inside the Smartboard file, which is what you are actually purchasing. The screen shots of one of each type of question. I made it for 4th, but 3rd and 5th could use it too.
⭐️These 15 digital and printable Lexile® leveled close reading comprehension passages with standards based questions are perfect for 2nd graders to learn author's purpose skills. Printable PDF & Digital Google Slides versions make this resource perfect for classroom and distance learning. Student
Great for distance learning! 3rd Grade Language Arts Study Guides aligned to Virginia Standards of Learning Objectives. 15 Pages! Pages include the standard, explanation, example, visuals, and practice questions.This contains only the PDF Version. *Updated with the 3rd grade VA SOL standards approve
Updated to new 2017 VA English SOLs to include conflict/resolution, author's purpose in nonfiction only, and main idea in nonfiction/theme in fiction!Hands-on Test Prep in a Nutshell!Great review that really helped with hands-on test prep for my students this past year. Many teachers also emailed u
This product features 18 pages designed to be used in an interactive notebook for the topic of author's purpose. It includes practice reading passages, several activities, suggested books and graphic organizers, and note taking pages. **See preview for examples and sample pages. The product includ
⭐️ These task cards are perfect for identifying the main purpose of a text (answer, explain, or describe). Aligned to RI2.6, each of the 30 short nonfiction passages is followed by one standard focused multiple choice question. ⭐️ If you do not use Common Core, this packet is still perfect for practic
Read and analyze three reading passages about the same topic to determine the author's purpose! (Persuade, Inform and Entertain). Students can compare the passages without getting distracted by different topics in the text. *Google Slides link included with color passages, student reflection sheet,
⭐️ These digital Boom Cards™ task cards are compatible with Google Classroom™ and the Boom Learning℠ platform for effective distance learning. They are perfect for practicing author's purpose skills. Aligned to RI2.6, each of the 30 short nonfiction passages is followed by one standard focused multip
Struggling to incorporate TEI type questions into your lessons? Trying to do test prep while still doing skill work? This pack is just for you! Aligned with SOL 3.6, this nonfiction pack contains 4 passages with accompanying questions. Questions cover a variety of SOL practice, such as vowel sounds,
Help students learn about author's purpose through these five activities and one informative handout. Students identify, describe and prove three main purposes: persuade, inform, and entertain. With these sheets, it's easy as P.I.E.! The packet includes: Cover Sheet Directions Page with descrip
Included is a Google Slides version of my VA SOL 2017 Language Arts study guides for third grade. Scroll down below to see what content is included from standards 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, and others.There are many ways to purchase and provide these study guides for your students:Study Guides Individual by Sub
Use these three reading passages to identify the author's purpose: persuade, inform or entertain. Every passage has the same topic (egg and chicks), which will make it easier for students to focus on the author's purpose for writing each passage!*Google Slides link included with color passages, stud
Struggling to incorporate TEI type questions into your lessons? Trying to do test prep while still doing skill work? This pack is just for you!This pack is great to supplement your 2nd grade Native American social studies unit, 3rd grade Reading Comprehension review, or to study the Native Americans
Introduction and Rationale One of the joys of teaching American literature is being able to look at the development of ideas as the writers of our nation try to influence our national identity. The writers of regionalism, realism, and naturalism used their writing for specific ends. The regionalists
Analyze author's purpose (persuade, inform, entertain) with original passages and published texts! Each set of original reading passages centers on a common theme so it is easier for students to determine the underlying motive of the author. Reflection sheets, discussion guides, and matching activit
Analyze persuasive writing with these read alouds and activities! Each book includes characters writing to other characters for a specific purpose. The four lessons range in complexity, and all books can be found on Youtube (as of 7/28/20)--great for distance learning or if you do not have a physica
Struggling to incorporate TEI type questions into your lessons? Trying to do test prep while still doing skill work? This pack is just for you! Aligned with SOL 3.5 and 3.6, these paired passages contain 3 fiction and 3 nonfiction passages with accompanying questions (10 per passage)- two Kwanzaa p
Need something to review the different components of Reading SOL 4.5 A? Do you have EL or SPED students who will receive an audio accommodation and Gen Ed students who do not? This may be the perfect thing to review for you! Included are 20 BOOM Cards to practice analyzing author's choice of languag
Stuck teaching from home? Or do you have a technology station or center in your reading small groups? This file contains interactive language arts activities that can be digitally completed by students using Google Slides. Just save and copy the link to your Google Drive and assign it in Google Clas
This product is a reading comprehension on citizenship, focused on rules and laws including the difference between the two, how they are made, and examples of each. 10 comprehension questions follow the passage and cover a variety of ELA standards. *Reading VA SOL Correlated*Social Studies VA SOL 3.
Vocabulary is key! Make it fun! It is so important that students know what is being asked of them when taking end of the year state/federal mandated tests. Knowing the vocabulary of the questions is one way you can help your students succeed! Use these vocabulary cards to practice important read
Puritanism Unit Rationale To study American literature, study of the Puritans is essential. The Puritan influence is pervasive throughout our literature and culture. In addition to studying the ideas from the period and their influence, this unit allows students to read prose that is difficult, yet
This is a smartboard file that aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning for 3rd grade. Included are 4 short passages with a multiple choice question about the author's purpose. These questions are worded to help review for the VA 3rd Grade SOL test.
This product is a reading comprehension on streams and rivers including how they are made and plant and animal life of each habitat . Students will read the paragraphs on each of the aquatic ecosystems then answer 10 comprehension questions related to the passage. *Reading VA SOL Correlated*Science

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