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avoir etre faire aller

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Save 20% on this bundle! ALL VERBS INCLUDE GOOGLE SLIDES VERSIONS FOR DISTANCE LEARNING!This bundle includes grammar notes and activities to introduce 4 irregular verbs to your beginning French class: aller, avoir, être, and faire.Avoir PackIncludes:*Avoir conjugation notes*Fill in the blanks - conj
4th - 7th
Practice irregular French verbs with these no-prep worksheets. Use these practice pages to teach present tense conjugations of avoir, être, faire, aller, and venir to beginners or to review at any time. Includes present tense activities + negation practice. All pages have English notes and direction
Need worksheets to practice irregular verbs être, aller, avoir, faire in the present tense? This set of 2 worksheets can be used in #distancelearning since it is a fully editable Word document, and I've also included a forced copy link for Google Docs. I created this set of 15 fill in the blank ques
Need a way to practice the irregular verbs avoir, être, faire, aller, and venir with your French 1 and 2 kids? Kids love this, because they get to get up and move! This activity is a fun way to practice la communication orale !This set of 40 questions is perfect for practicing all verbs together in
Roche, Papier, Ciseaux. Students will love this rock, paper, scissors game that uses high frequency French verb conjugations and translations. Place students in groups of two. Students will play "Roche, Papier, Ciseaux" to see who can advance their game piece. If a student wins with rock they move f
5th - 12th
This resource includes 20 Practice Worksheets for the most important verbs in the French 1 curriculum: être, avoir, faire, and aller. Answer Keys are included for each worksheet so that there is minimal prep involved. These worksheets can be used during instruction as bellringer activities, classw
Crossword puzzle covers present tense of aller, avoir, être, faire pillar verbs. 26 Clues are sentences in French with fill in the blank conjugations. 5 versions included.1 version has an interactive layer added.
6th - 10th
This French 1 Irregular Verbs SUPER BUNDLE includes 550+ pages (13 individual resources) worth of presentations, activities, worksheets, speaking activities, games, SCOOT activities, exit tickets, quizzes, speaking assessments, and much more! Featured in this super bundle are the four most importan
This product contains grammar exercises to practice the 4 cornerstone irregular verbs of the French language: être, avoir, faire + aller.There are 2 levels of exercises provided:Late Beginner Level:Section A: Fill in the blanksSections B and C: Choose the correct verb and spellingSection D: Transl
6th - 10th
This game is in powerpoint format and has the subject and an infinitive of a regular verb (er, ire, re), être, avoir, aller or faire. There is also a choice if three conjugated verb forms. Students must decide which is the correct form. I usually have two students at a time and each has a fly-swat
5th - 10th
Perfect verb worksheets to accompany instruction from September through December! What's inside: Verbe aller (september) - 4 worksheets (fill in the blanks, write and draw, circle the verb...) - à l'école themed words Verbe être (october) - 4 worksheets (fill in the blanks, write and draw, circl
2nd - 4th
French Quiz - Present Tense of irregular verbs être, aller, avoir, faire. Easy to use with #distancelearning since it's an editable Word document.This one-page quiz totals 20 marks and includes two sections; one to indicate the meaning of each of these verbs in the infinitive form, another fill in t
Need help reinforcing common irregular French verbs? Do your students know them all, but sometimes use the wrong verb? You need this FREE activity! Appropriate for beginners or as a review for French 2, this worksheet has three parts:1. Write the meaning of each verb2. Create a verb chart for ea
Game has 63 slides. Each slide shows an infinitive (aller, avoir, être or faire) and a subject pronoun along with 3 verb conjugations in the present tense. Students are to slap the correct form.
7th - 10th
This is a bundle of 7 common verbs used in the French language in the present tense with 71 pages! This bundle is great for both Core French learners and French Immersion learners. It helps beginning French speakers (Core French) learn the verbs with English guidelines and support. This bundle is a
Not Grade Specific
This no-prep distance learning activity is the perfect introduction to the irregular French verbs (aller, avoir, faire, être). Your French immersion students will learn the basics of personal pronouns, verb conjugation, and infinitive verbs. These writing and reading exercises will help students rev
This product contains 2 tests (evaluations) for expressions that use the 4 cornerstone irregular verbs of the French language: être, avoir, faire, and aller.There are 2 levels of tests provided:Late Beginner Level:Section A: Fill in the blanksSection B: Translation into EnglishSection C: Translat
6th - 10th
2 page worksheet reviews present tense of aller, avoir, être, faire pillar verbs. 21 sentences rewrite with new subject; 10 sentences change singular to plural and plural to singular; 12 questions to answer; 5 sentences to translate English to French.
8th - 10th
Practice conjugating the French verb AVOIR ETRE ALLER FAIRE with this fun, engaging French Color by Code / French Color by Verb activity.  What a fun way for students to practice the French verbs and to become familiar with the French landmarks and culture (L'Arc de Triomphe / Arc of Triumph)! It is
Ce document réunit quatre verbes du troisième groupe (avoir, être, faire et aller) en plus de trois exercices de révision graduelle : - avoir et être; - avoir, être et faire; - avoir, être, faire et aller. Et un exercice de réinvestissement incluant un texte à travailler et un court texte à écri
3rd - 6th
This bundle of the French verbs ÊTRE, ALLER, AVOIR and FAIRE will save you tons of time and money. Your students will never get bored because there are so many different games and activities in this bundle to practice these 4 essential verbs in the present tense. Use the components of each verb bun
6th - 10th
This product is comprised of a bilingual (French / English) chart of French expressions that use ÊTRE, AVOIR, FAIRE + ALLER.60+ expressions are provided in this chart. An ideal grammar reference chart for in-person, hybrid, or online/remote/distance learning.This product ties in with the following
6th - 12th
French Verbs (être, aller, faire avoir) Verbs Digital Task Cards (50 Boom Cards)No printing, cutting, or laminating, just assign the decks to your students and you are ready to go. Students can get immediate feedback on their progress and you get several teacher reporting tools. A fun, effective, a
Worksheet has 25 fill in the blank sentences. Students must decide which verb correctly completes the sentence (sometimes more than 1 answer is possible: nous sommes / allons au café) and then conjugate it in the present tense.
8th - 11th

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