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Contemporary dyslexia & dysgraphia research finds that children who have difficulty reading and writing these mirror-image letters do not have simple visual perceptual difficulties as previously thought. Instead their problems arise from lack of quick naming, and automatic phonological recognit
Students in the primary grade often have reversals when writing the letters b, d, p, q, and the number 9. These posters have a saying that described what shape they should draw in which order to make the correct letter or number.
************************ Includes writing practice sheet! ******************************************This game is designed to use the multisensory approach to overcoming some of the visual and digraph challenges of some dyslexia students. It’s a fun way to have to learn while having a bit of fun!Lett
This is a fun activity that gets students up and moving while helping to correct the common b and d confusion that happens in primary grades. Students will walk around the room and find the pictures, then they will write the picture word in the column that matches the word's beginning sound. Student
Help your students master their b's and d's with this adorable game and worksheet set! Each page helps students associate the letter with its sound and then identify it in a sea of it's confusing counterpart. Students will love the fun images, and teachers will love that students have to actually th
These are hands-on alphabet activities for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, SPED, and homeschool classrooms. Children will have the opportunity to practice phonemic awareness skills with this set of mini books, letter cards, writing paper, sound and letter game and memory game. These games are perfe
I have had many students in my teaching that constantly write capital B's and D's for every b and d need even though it doesn't need to be capitalized or that use b's for d's and can't tell the difference. I created this to help them remember which letter is which. I say the phrase, "We put the b's
Are you students consistently getting those tricky b's, d's, p's, and q's mixed up? This activity helps reinforce the direction these letters face. -b vs. d sort -q vs. p sort -b vs. d writing sheet -q vs. p writing sheet This is great for independent practice, RTI, small groups, and centers. Re
Use this printable poster as a reference tool for students who confuse the letters "b" and "d" when writing. Introduce them to Mr. B. D. Eyes, a character created around the letters "b" and "d." Encourage students to create their own versions of Mr. B. D. Eyes to draw as well!
This bundle is designed for the kindergarten classroom and easily adapted to fit a guardian-led homeschool setting! If inquiring about this bundle for a homeschool setting, feel free to email me directly with any questions at tara@littlemindsatwork.org!What is KinderReaders®?KinderReaders® is a prog
This Kindergarten guided reading bundle includes guided reading lesson plans and books for levels A through D. Also included are comprehension and writing resources, phonological awareness activities, phonics games, decoding strategy visuals, lesson plan templates, assessment resources, and more! (T
It's time to BUNDLE UP & SAVE!! By purchasing these 4 products in one big bundle, you save 25% (that's like buying 3 and getting 1 for free!)**SEE PREVIEW**ALREADY OWN PARTS OF THIS BUNDLE?!Here are your options (by e-mailing me at mme.mcintosh.tpt@gmail.com):Note: does not apply when product is
Distance Learning for BOTH Google™ Classroom digital learning and traditional instruction. Point of view & perspective can be difficult standards to teach. This resource has just made it easier! Help your students master perspective using these 6 engaging activities focused on studying the narr
b and d reversal posters and worksheets practice through sorts, centers games, printables and handwriting practice. Includes hands on activities and practice with and without support that can help students distinguish between b's and d's. Activities includes pocket chart sorts and practice, games,
9/20/2017: Please know that this document has gone through a complete upgrade. It now includes over 300 pages of specific worksheets targeting letter and number reversals that occur with circle letter and numbers. We have made visual cue cards, posters, number 4 activities, screeners and even mor
This package contains over 75 FALL-AUTUMN RELATED NO PREP LITERACY AND MATH WORKSHEETS THERE ARE NO HALLOWEEN RELATED ITEMS IN THIS PACKAGE. The fall worksheets here can be used in class, for review, as homework, as added support or to send home with students as practice sheets.The worksheets in t
This activity is all about learning the line notes of the Treble Clef (EGBDF) while encouraging creative writing and critical thinking skills. Start by telling an old favorite like “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge” or “Every Good Boy Does Fine.” Then expand out your options. Come up with a new phras
This is a thorough "Texas European Exploration" Unit correlated to the Texas 4th Grade TEKS 4.2A,B,C,D,and F. With this unit, I have included a background lesson on European exploration as well as thorough timeline and timeline activity. Also included is a set of writing research projects with a t
Are you teaching argument writing in your class? Do you need high-interest articles and materials for your students to buy into the writing? How about using Snapchat and Fortnite to engage your students?!?!? Save almost $4.00 with this bundle!!!In this bundle, you are receiving:1. Snapchat Reading C
GINGERBREAD MEGA UNIT. This huge GINGERBREAD themed unit will have the little ones in your classroom eager to practice important literacy, math, and writing skills. All of the activities include several recording sheets that can be differentiated to the needs of your students and many can be used
Letter reversals, such as confusing b, d are common among young learners. This worksheet set will help your kids with B-D reversals. Included in this packet are the following: - WORD SORT with 30 word cards and 4 answer sheets. (pages 4-8) Print the word cards and the answer sheets, laminate then
I created this little packet because my kindergarten students consistently struggle with b/d reversals. This packet contains 9 activities to give students practice distinguishing between b and d. The following activities are included. We are going on a letter hunt! b/d letter sort Find and Color b
This poster is introduced in Lesson 15 of Lively Literacy. It is a great visual for students who often confuse or reverse their 'b's and 'd's, and it is helpful to post this above letters B and D of your classroom alphabet banner. For a 2-page, letter-size version of this poster, click here! Happ
This is a thorough "Texas Revolution Unit" correlated to the Texas 4th Grade TEKS 4.3A,B,C,D,and F. With this resource, I have included a complete background of the Texas Revolution and the forming of "The Republic of Texas." I have included a Texas Revolution timeline with projects, key leaders

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