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This one page overview of Bacteria and Viruses provides students a quick, creative reference. Students will describe how Bacteria are classified and the broad types of viruses as well as compare and contrast the two. Sketch notes provide a fun and visually appealing method to organize information.
This 5 page notes outline Lesson Plan has blanks for student to fill in as the students watch the "Bacteria and Virus PowerPoint Presentation" and as the teacher covers the following topics: Bacteria, Shapes of Bacteria, Structure of Bacteria, Bacterial Nutrition, Beneficial Bacteria, Harmful Bact
This 7 page notes outline Lesson Plan has blanks for student to fill in as the students watch the "Infectious Diseases PowerPoint Presentation" and as the teacher covers the following topics: Infectious Diseases, Pathogens, Uncontrollable Risk Factors, Controllable Risk Factors, Routes of Pathogen
Guided Notes are meant to get students to listen, be active during the notes by asking questions, and answering questions throughout the notes. It is a way to get students to be active in the classroom while presenting information in a more efficient way than a standard lecture. The bacteria guide
Whether you are teaching remotely, have a digital lesson on Google Classroom, or are using paper, this product will allow you to TRANSFORM YOUR TEACHING!!With anchor charts you can easily build your classroom environment and lesson with knowledgeable information for your students. You will be fillin
This PowerPoint works as a phenomenal supplement to the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Fusion workbooks for 6th grade Science! This lesson covers Archaea, Bacteria, & Viruses from Unit 4 (Earth's Organisms) and is completely aligned to the Ohio New Learning Standards for Science. I am providing all t
Teaching your Biology students about bacteria? This set of notes includes 3 doodle note pages that will help students to summarize information and they are perfect for binders or interactive notebooks! They are designed to improve student comprehension as you discuss prokaryotic cells and bacteria!
This presentation is ready for you to start teaching about viruses and bacteria today! It is 67 slides and includes common viral and bacterial diseases as well as review questions and answers! It also includes a fill-in-the-blank notes page for your students to follow along!
A PowerPoint of notes for all your Virus, Bacteria, Protist, and Fungi needs.
Introduce your students to the wonderful world of bacteria with these doodle notes and follow along PowerPoint!What's included with your download:PowerPoint notes w/ animations in English & SpanishFill-in-the-blank doodle notes Color key for reference
This detailed outline includes essential information needed to understand classification as it relates to the 6 kingdoms, bacteria, and viruses. This packet includes diagrams and pictures to help students remember key content. Also includes a teacher key. Essential Vocabulary Includes: autotroph he
This is a Word bundle. It is 8 pages long. Answer KEYS are included. The first two pages are open notes - fill-in-the-blanks. The third and fourth page is the answer KEY for the open notes. I use this type of assignment when introducing new material. There are two ways to complete the open n
This set of note taking pages goes with my Viruses, Bacteria, Protists, and Fungi PPT presentation in my TpT store. Included are completed student printable notes, differentiated fill-in notes (to follow the PPT), and Venn diagrams for comparing and contrasting while taking the notes.
This accompanies the notes about viruses and bacteria. Texas Standards 9.A and 9.B. Great for differentiated learning, and ESL students.
A very good and thorough coverage of bacteria. Includes both kingdoms.
The ZIP File consists of a lesson plan, a worksheet and lab. The lesson plan includes a graphic organizer, videos and SCRIPTED minilecture! It covers the following topics:1) Structure of Bacteria2) Reproduction3) How bacteria gets variation in its DNA: Mutation, transformation, transduction and conj
This is a ditto that provides quick notes in outline format for students as they follow along with the teacher in a separate PowerPoint presentation I also created for this lesson. You can preview this presentation, along with 140+ other PowerPoint presentations I created and successfully use in my
This Bacteria bundle will help you understand & teach prokaryotic cells. Key topics include: Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Prokaryotic cell Structures, Bacteria Shapes, Endospore formation, Bacteria Reproduction and Antibiotics. Resources in this bundle:o Introductory video (20 minutes) worksheet with
Mr. Anderson from Bozeman High school does fantastic podcasts on many topics in Science. You can find him on youtube by searching "Bozeman." I use his material frequently to introduce a topic, or review. I created guided notes pages to help my students follow along, pay attention, and use as a revi
This is a great introduction to the different types of bacteria and their characteristics. This is suitable for on-level Biology especially with co-taught classes. It is concise and clear and covers the basics.
Microbial Life - Viruses, Bacteria, Protists, and Fungi - Niology Notes & Handout All the important facts that you need to know compiled in an easy-to-understand handout. Perfect document to accompany any classroom instruction session. Use it as a handout for quick review purposes. Fully edi
This Prokaryotic Study Guide Notes Resource covers Bacteria structures, reproduction, endospores, shapes, antibiotics, and the good & bad in a fill-in format. It gives your students the notes in outline format with key terms or phrases missing to be filled in as you use the answer key to lecture
These guided notes correspond with my Life Science Slideshow on Bacteria & Bacteria in our Lives, which can be found in my store HERE and HERE. This can also be used as a self-study assignment. Students can research answers online and in their course textbook. These notes provide effective and
This product contains guided, fill-in-the-blank notes. The product explores the three types/shapes of bacteria and three common Protista (Euglena, Paramecium, and Amoeba). This also contains directions for a Wanted Poster Activity that challenges students to design a poster on one of the organisms

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