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French Bar Graph Unit (Unité Complet: Les Diagrammes à Bandes)
Cette unité, créer pour enseigner les diagrammes à bandes aux élèves, est basée sur le modèle d'apprentissage optimal de Regie Routman (Je fais, nous faisons, vous faites). Grâce à l'apprentissage d'un diagramme, les étudiants seront introduit à les étapes à suivre, comment faire une sondage et le
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This spring-themed unit is intended to give students practice with analyzing and creating bar graphs. Each graph includes a variety of questions to ensure students understand how bar graphs work!
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Let's Graph With Bar Graphs and Pictographs
Are you looking for fun and interactive activities that will keep your kiddos engaged while learning about graphs? This unit has class graphs, class surveys, small group work, a craftivity, printables, graph talks, and more! Here's What is Included: p 3-8: Graph Posters p 9-18: Graphing Printa
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Bar Graphs and Pictographs NO PREP! Graphing
***No Prep Graphing Unit*** Ready to teach your kids about BAR GRAPHS and PICTOGRPAHS? Would you like to do it with NO PREP? This packet is full of fun, engaging graphing activities in several different varieties for students. It includes activities great for whole group, small group and center
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Graph-a-Week: Bar Graph Edition
Graph-a-Week – Bar Graphs for the Entire School Year: A complete unit for practicing bar graphs throughout the entire school year. This unit includes 5 bar graphs for each month of the year, each in the following 4 formats to meet the needs of various classroom settings and/or data collection -
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3rd Grade Graphs: Line Plots, Bar Graphs, Picture Graphs Bundle {3.MD.3, 3.MD.4}
This Graphs Board Games Bundle makes solving problems on different types of graphs so much fun for students to practice! This bundle contains 4 fun and engaging printable board games (with more than 90 problem cards) for practicing bar graphs, picture graphs, line plots, and tally charts! These gam
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Graphs Review Math Mystery (Bars Graphs, Pictographs, Line Graphs, Tally Graphs)
3rd Grade Graphs Review Math Mystery Activity - Case of The Greedy Gnome. NO PREP, just print and go! Engage and motivate your Grade 3 students while they practice and review graph skills. Just print and go, your students will have fun trying to figure who the Greedy Gnome is! Optional video hook a

Also included in: Complete Math Mystery Bundle (GRADE 3) - Spiral Math Review - CSI Math Center

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Graphing Unit 3rd Grade: Bar Graphs, Picture Graphs, Line Plots
NO PREP GRAPHING UNIT! If you're looking for fun, engaging activities to teach your students about bar graphs, pictographs/picture graphs, and line've made it! This mini unit is anything but "mini". With over 50 pages, (21 pages of print-and-go ready materials plus answer keys for ever
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Graphing With Little People:  Pictographs, Tally Charts and Bar Graphs
This unit includes everything you need to introduce little people to graphing. Students practice reading/interpreting and making pictographs, tally charts and bar graphs. These activities are great for whole group, math stations, morning work or homework! The unit includes: 5 Anchor Charts/Pos
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First Grade Graphing Unit | Common Core Aligned & Differentiated
First Grade ALL-IN-ONE Graphing Unit complete with Common Core-Aligned Differentiated WORKSHEETS, CENTERS, ACTIVITIES, and CRAFTS! Unique differentiation provides embedded supports to help struggling mathematicians reach each learning target and provides proficient students with higher-order thinkin

Also included in: First Grade Math Units BUNDLE {CCSS Worksheets, Centers, Activities}

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Graphing Unit for Grade 2 (Ontario Curriculum)
This Data Management Unit (Graphing) is based on the Ontario Curriculum expectations for Grade 2 and contains lesson ideas, posters, word wall words, worksheets, a match game, a word search, a graphing center and a unit test. The worksheets & activities cover topics such as sorting by 2 attribut

Also included in: Graphing Units Bundle - Grades 2 & 3

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Bar Graphs and Pictographs Task Cards - 3.MD.3
This is a set of 24 EDITABLE task cards specifically aligned to standard 3.MD.3 of the third grade math curriculum (for Common Core). This standard focuses on solving one and two-step problems using picture graphs and bar graphs. Although this was designed for the 3rd grade, it could also be easily

Also included in: Measurement and Data Task Card Bundle - 3rd Grade 3.MD.1 - 3.MD.8

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Data Management & Graphing Unit, Mean/Median/Mode/Range
Teaching Data Management will be a breeze with this NO PREP unit that covers all aspects of data management from line graphs to finding mean! This unit can be printed out into a student booklet to bring independence to your junior learners! This unit includes: 89 page PDF file 11 Three part lesso
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Dot Plots, Frequency Tables, Bar Graphs and Pictographs: TRS Unit 4; TEKS 3.8A
This product supports the following math TEKS: 3.8A - summarizing data sets with multiple categories using a frequency table, dot plot, bar graph or pictograph with scaled intervals **Print front to back on short edge** Included in this product are 24 colorful and thought-provoking task cards, and
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Graphs Review Math Mystery (Bar Graphs, Pictographs, Line Plots, Tally Graphs)
Graphs Review Math Mystery Activity - Case of The Greedy Gnome. NO PREP, just print and go! Engage and motivate your second grade students while they practice and review graph skills. Just print and go, your students will have fun trying to figure who the Greedy Gnome is! Optional video hook availa

Also included in: Math Mystery COMPLETE Bundle 2nd Grade Math Activities - CSI Math Spiral Review

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Bar Graphs and Picture Graphs {2nd Grade}
Represents and Interprets Data - Second Grade Common Core Standards Practice is the perfect product to use during your graphing unit! Everything in this product is designed for mastery of Second Grade Math standard 2.MD.10. This is one of my favorite standards to work on in math! The kids really ge
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First Grade Graphing Unit Kit
This differentiated kit includes 3 levels of practice, a unit plan, and an assessment with answer key. Teach graphing skills at their individual levels to effectively meet your student’s needs!! 3 Piece Unit Kit Includes: #Unit plan aligned to common core standards, with I Can statements, assessi
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Graphs and Data - Bar Graphs - Pictographs - Line Graphs -2nd grade
Lots of graphing practice with this ocean themed unit. This hands on unit includes bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots for lots of student graphing practice. Students will interpret graphs and create their own. Included are 4 posters, two practice worksheets for each type of graph, and a separa
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Data and Graphs Unit and Pacing Guide
This unit is packed with never before seen activities all in one place to cover all of your objectives over data, statistics and graphing! Includes: -Unit Pacing Guide (planned for 2 weeks with ability to stretch to three) -Frayer Model Vocabulary (Frequency, Bar Graph, Circle Graph, Line Graph and
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Graphing Activities First Grade Bar Graphs Data
Graphs with leveled questions for each! Do you need more graphing lessons for your classroom but don’t have time to search or for the tedious task of making your own? Do you need a supplement for the few pages that are provided in the textbook and are just not enough for true student understanding?

Also included in: Graphing With First and Second Grades Bundled!

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Valentine's Graphing: Bar Graphs and Line Plot Graphs
Valentine's Day Graphing- The purpose of this mini unit is to review or introduce bar graphs and line plot graphs. According to the Common Core Standards (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.D.9, CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.D.10), students need to be able to create and read both of these kinds of graphs. This mi

Also included in: Valentine's Day Bundle: Graphing, Letter Writing, and Craft

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Graphing Unit
This graphing pack is great for second grade but will work for first or third grade depending on the level of your students. Included in this graphing pack: Learning Carpet Graphing Activity Tally Worksheet Using Tally Marks to fill out a graph worksheet Count the Shapes and Make Tally Marks and C
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Interactive Notebook Activities - Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs {2.MD.10}
This is a set of activities to use in your 2nd grade math interactive notebooks. This set is aligned with the following Common Core standard in the Measurement and Data domain: CCSS.Math.Content.2.MD.D.10 Draw a picture graph and a bar graph (with single-unit scale) to represent a data set with up
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Graphing at the Zoo Tally Marks Picture Graphs Bar Graphs No Prep
Cultivate a deep understanding of graphing skills with this engaging resource that your students will LOVE! Graphing at the Zoo No Prep Printables will strengthen your students’ graphing skills using tally marks and bar graphs horizontally and vertically. And with these cute graphics, they'll be sup
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