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Looking for games and activities to practice addition and subtraction fluency? Here is a set of quick, NO PREP, games for your students. These games help students build basic facts fluency, as well as +10, -10, +100, -100 practice for two and three digit numbers.ALL of these games are ONE page, bla
*Prints nicely in color or in grayscale.* Do your kiddos love Around the World? Do you have a couple of students who ALWAYS win? Are your struggling students getting defeated? This game will mix things up, keep all of your students on their toes, and allow ALL students to remain in the game, rega
Parking Lot Math Center/Game Boys and girls alike LOVE being allowed to play with cars while learning! This has been great motivation for some of my children. I even managed to find a few pink and purple cars which my really girly-girls can’t wait to get their hands on! As a substitute for pract
Subtraction Game: Gulugufe (Butterfly) is a Subtraction game that combines strategic thinking with the learning of basic facts. The game provides players with the opportunity to practice solving subtraction algorithms using Addition. About the Game: Gulugufe means butterfly in the African nation o
The Island of the Pirate ZombiesPlayers will have a blast trying to survive on an island with pirate zombies.Players need to collect (color in) 10 items to survive and win the game. Beware, if players run into 5 pirate zombies before they collect the supplies, their game is over. Product includes:-
Looking for a new and engaging way to practice basic facts with your students? Need a whole group activity? How about a small group activity or center game? Look no more!This "POP" Game is a fact fluency game I created to help my summer school students practice and become more fluent in their basic
This flamingo with cactus and camper game grows from basic facts of making 10 to facts up to 20 to missing addends and subtrahends to story problems. Contains 370 equation only cards, chance cards, and 64 story problem cards so students can play over and over. Game cards come in color and black/ whi
Invite your students to practice their basic addition and subtraction fact fluency by driving through Math Town! This fun and engaging board game can be used in math centers, in small groups, or as a fast finisher activity throughout the school year. Included in this product: Printable Math Town Boa
Trying to memorize the addition and subtraction facts? Why not add some fun activities that will make the process less taxing? Play Math Bingo, Subtraction Action and more! Utilizing the games in this lapbook will help your students improve retention of those basic addition and subtraction skills.
Addition and Subtraction up to 20 is a skill that students need a lot of practice with, and a variety of ways to practice adding and subtracting. READ our MATH blogpost HERE ***Check out the MULTIPLICATION Bundle HERE*** Addition and Subtraction: Bubble Gum Numbers HERE 62 pages Bubble Gum Numb
This quick-paced, nail-biter of a math game will leave your kids BEGGING for more! Team up to knock out the other team's player. The last team standing wins! This is by far the most engaging thing I've done for my classroom this year. My kids get SO excited when we play, and they work super hard all
This set of addition and subtraction games includes 12 self-checking, partner spin and write and wipe games for independent or guided fact fluency practice! Use them for early finishers, math tubs, or math centers. Perfect for developing fact fluency in grade 1 and grade 2! ---The following games a
Addition and Subtraction: Addition and Subtraction "Squares" Games Bundle contains our "Addition Squares" Game and our "Subtraction Squares" Game for 10% off their individual prices. When you buy this bundle, you'll receive 24 fun and engaging addition and subtraction games to help students practic
**Updated with DIGITAL ACCESS for Distance Learning!This is the ULTIMATE game set for your students to practice addition and subtraction! In this set of 20 games, students practice their fluency with addition and subtraction facts while moving along the game boards with some twists and turns. This i
Math fact practice doesn't have to be boring worksheets of math flash cards. Research shows that math fact fluency supports success in higher-level math, but this often leads to methods of practice that just don't engage students! Instead of drill-and-kill, this fun math game supports fluency buildi
This is a collection of 7 Multiplication and Division Math Board Games with a Spiders theme. These printable games are perfect for use at any time of the year and are ideal for October math activities and Halloween math activities but the games contain no direct reference to Halloween.The games are
Zoo Animal Addition and Subtraction games for math centers! Doing a Zoo Animals theme? Your students will love learning addition and subtraction with these zoo animal game boards - perfect for math centers! All you need are dice and tokens and your students will be learning their addition and subtra
Using a Guided Math or Daily 5 Math approach in your Grade 2 or 3 classroom? This Basic Addition and Subtraction resource is for you! Just the right number of activities for a month of rotations! This resource is part of Guided Math for the Year: The BUNDLE! Grab the differentiated "Teacher Time"
This is a set of activities for practicing doubles facts to 20. Includes a game and coordinating worksheet for independent practice.The game is a fun, small-group activity for your math centers! It is played like Old Maid. Players try to match answer cards to the corresponding doubles fact. Includes
Looking for alternatives to addition and subtraction timed tests? Build addition and subtraction fact fluency with these fun, self running games! Students' fact fluency increases as you speed up the game during continued play. Students love this engaging game, and you'll love that it runs on its own
Your students will enjoy playing these engaging Super Hero games with their friends and becoming more fluent in their addition and subtraction math facts in the process! Learning Games provide fun, non-threatening opportunities for students to get needed practice to become fluent in their math fact
The ability to quickly recall basic addition and subtraction facts is essential to future success in math, but math fact fluency doesn't have to involve drill-and-kill with math flash cards or boring worksheets. Gotcha! is a fun math fact game replaces those activities without sacrificing the comput
Doing a Where The Wild Things Are theme? Your students will love learning addition and subtraction with these Where The Wild Things Are game boards - perfect for math centers! All you need are dice and tokens and your students will be learning their addition and subtraction facts in no time! Incud
Use this fun and engaging digital math game to have students practice their word problem skills for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is a PowerPoint version of the game and a link to a version using Google Slides™ as well. The game is great for the whole class, small groups,

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