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Middle School NGSS Physical Science Bundle
This bundle covering the entire NGSS Middle School Physical Science curriculum is now complete. It is packed with resources specially designed to align with the NGSS curriculum and standards. Powerpoints, notes, INB pages, labs and bellringers all compliment each other to save you time and make life
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Conservation of Matter / Mass : 3 Station Lab
This Conservation of Matter / Mass : 3 Station Lab supports NGSS MS-PS1-2: Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred and MS-PS1.B: Substances react chemically in characteristic ways. In a chemi
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Mission to Mars Ecology Project: Design a Shuttle to Feed Astronauts - NGSS
This ecology project is packed full of NGSS standards, and engages students in STEM activities. It proceeds as follows:1. First, students consider the hurdles involved in a manned-trip to Mars2. Then, students use concepts in ecology to design and create a self-sustaining food room for astronauts3.
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Mystery Liquids Science Process Skills Lab
This fun, engaging, hands-on science activity is sure to be a hit with your students! They will be using their observation and inferring skills to try to guess what each mystery liquid is. It’s the perfect 3 day lesson activity to fill in time between units, for a short week before holidays and sc
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Alchemist's Apprentice: A "Limiting Reagents and Percent Yield" PBL
Story: The princess of Camellot has been kidnapped and will only be returned if you, the Alchemist’s apprentice, can discover the Philosopher’s Stone-the secret to turning base metals into gold. To do this, you will will have to rely on your knowledge of stoichiometry.Note: This product is also part
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Chemistry: The Mole
First lesson of the year on moles! I like to introduce the mole during my atomic structure unit. (counting atoms) This time of year usually falls not long after the unit on dimensional analysis making it fresh on student’s minds. By putting this first mole lesson here, it reinforces dimensional anal
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showing 1-6 of 6 results

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