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It's career day for Room Nine and Junie B. is very excited. What do you think Junie B. wants to be when she grows up? The Response Notebook is a wonderful way to test your students on basic reading comprehension skills. This product contains a reading comprehension page on each chapter. There are
If your students are using or have access to "Everything You Need to Ace American History in One Big Fat Notebook", this outline will help them organize some key points. Students complete blank spaces and end up with a nice little study guide for the chapter. More to come for the next several chapt
Everything you need to ace science in one big fat notebook chapter 1 & 2 test. The Key is in another download
6th - 8th
Teach adjectives through pictures with this handy little booklet! Need to keep copies to a minimum? No problem- here you can record more than 60 common adjectives, which all fit onto two front and back pages. Simple lines also save time, as very little cutting is required to assemble.You can use thi
Reading Comprehension page for the third book in the Junie B. Jones series: and Her Big Fat Mouth
Buy this Junie B. Jones Response Notebook Bundle and save over $25!! This bundle includes a book companion for 23 Junie B. Jones books. Each response book contains a variety of reading comprehension and writing skills. There is a response notebook for the following books: Junie B. Jones and the
1st - 3rd
Each image has lots of space, so you can include synonyms or example sentences as you go. Here are the suggested terms (in English)-- you can decide which term in French you want to teach and write!Les personnalités:crazy, shy, studious, athletic, good, bad, hard-worker, lazy, grumpy, friendly, funn
6th - 10th
As teachers, we all try to foster a love of reading whenever we can. There are books that spread like wildfire in our classrooms…one child finds it in your classroom library, and suddenly EVERYONE has to read it. This series has caught on like that for us this year! The books in the Junie B. series
Skin interactive notebook foldable. This big skin foldable will get your students excited about learning about the integumentary system (a.k.a. the skin)! Students will be able to record all the descriptions of the structures in one large graphic organizer (made up of 3 taped letter-sized pages).
Homeostasis PowerPointPowerpoint covers homeostasis basics, control center, receptor, effector, negative, and positive feedback. Examples such as blood sugar, body temperature, blood glucose, osmoregulation, labor & delivery, and blood clotting are covered. Guided NotesHomeostasis Worksheets or
8th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Target common opposites knowledge to extend your student's vocabulary. The 3 activities included are ordered in a way that encourages a deeper knowledge of 14 opposing concepts as the child progresses through the notebook. These no-prep digital interactive notebook can be used in Google Slides or Po
A big fat pack of animal adaptations for a lovely adventure. Topics Include: Physical and Behavioral Adaptations, Instinctive and Learned Behaviors, Camouflage, Mimicry, Chemical Defenses, Body Coverings and Parts, Hibernation, and Migration*Also includes digital access via Google Slides.Printables
Enhance your electricity unit with this big fat pack! Topics Include: Circuits (series, parallel, closed, open), conductors, insulators, electric current, switches, and circuit diagrams / symbols. In this pack you will find a variety of printables, activities, and a 100% editable PowerPoint. *Also i
This is a project to go along with the big fat notebook, Everything You Need To Ace Middle School Science. This book covers unit one, Scientific Investigations. The students read through the book and use this template to make their own book to study. The booklet includes questions and definitions. F
If you use the book Everything You Need to Ace Science in One Big Fat Notebook, then this is the worksheet for you! It takes no planning on your part! This would be a great addition to your emergency sub folder. Includes vocabulary-building, gauging misconceptions, and reflection/self-evaluation. St
6th - 8th
Google Presentation created with the use of "Everything You Need To Ace Math In One Big Fat Notebook"
8th - 9th
This seven page pack has 7 school graphics (pencil, clipboard, chalkboard with books/apple, chalkboard with school children, apple, notebook paper, and lunchbox). One graphic is used for each page. There is a picture of a CVC word on each school graphic. There are 3 boxes (one box for each letter
This worksheet is a fantastic companion for the first chapter of Everything You Need to Ace World History in One Big Fat Notebook (Workman Publishing, 2016). If you have this resource for your students or child you can challenge them more by using this crossword. Even if you do not have the Big Fa
Students will enjoy learning about Food, Nutrition and Healthy Eating with Seek & Find Science Doodles. Nutrition key terms include Carbohydrate, Fats, Minerals, Protein, Vitamins and Energy. Great for student engagement and retention. Your students will love searching for science and will have
Looking for songs, activities, and ideas to teach “low la"? This 195-page comprehensive set includes the following:*Songs to teach low la: Big Fat Biscuit, Concentration, Phoebe in her Petticoat, Who has seen the wind?, Cedar Swamp, I got a letter, Bump up Tomato, Old Mr. Rabbit, Old House--includes
Fourteen word crossword puzzle. The information used for this worksheet comes from Chapter 2- The Neolithic Era (Pages 17-27) of Everything You Need to Ace World History in One Big Fat Notebook (Workman Publishing, 2016). The terms used are Neolithic, Agriculture, Sedentary, Domesticate, Irrigatio
Teach basic adjectives to ESL EL ELL EFL EAL ESOL newcomers. 45+ pages of interactive, engaging and differentiated activities. Great for first time teaching adjectives or review to learn more vocabulary! *Activities include:- Interactive notebook, flashcards, reading questions, matching, listening c
This Nutrition Combo will make learning Nutrition a breeze! This bundle contains a Nutrition Seek and Find Science Doodle and Nutrition Project. Students will enjoy learning about Nutrition with Seek & Find Science Doodles. Nutrition key terms include Carbohydrate, Fats, Minerals, Protein, Vitam
Looking for songs, ideas, and activities to teach low la? This is a bundled pack of three different products. Save 20% by purchasing this mega-set instead of the individual products!This 258-page product includes:SONGS AND ACTIVITIES TO TEACH LOW LA:*Songs to teach low la: Big Fat Biscuit, Concentra
3rd - 5th

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