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Review for the Bill of Rights in a fun, fast paced activity! Are you looking for something different to review the Bill of Rights? Do you need to move beyond the recall level and have your students think about the content? Try Spoons! This review game allows all of your students to participate while
This Mini-Unit includes: PowerPoint Discussion Presentation linked to the Game, Game Board, Rules, Score Cards and Play Cards. Great way to get your students involved in discussions and review of their rights. Student Journals on each point can easily be expanded into a great writing activity. T
Reinforce key ideas using scenario cards and games to teach about the Bill of Rights. These games were created to help review key concepts and focus on the words and meaning of the first ten amendments of the constitution. This product does focus more on the first amendment but all the amendments
Get students up and active! With this material students will decide which amendment is being referenced for each poster?! Students will browse pictures/visual summaries and written summaries. Each situation is written in a fun and amusing way that students will relate to. Who ever gets the most C
Challenge your students to apply the Bill of Rights in current issues, political cartoons, images and court cases with these Bill of Rights scenarios. This product will give you multiple scenarios to review and apply the Bill of Rights with your students! All of these scenarios will help your studen
Make the Constitution jump off the page with these resources! Contents of the U.S. Constitution Unit: Pages 3-5: Articles of Confederation-Passage and Cloze ActivityPages 6-8: Creating a Constitution-Passage and Flap Book ActivityPages 9-11: Preamble to the Constitution-Passage and Match ActivityPag
FIRST TEN AMENDMENTS BILL OF RIGHTS Get your students excited about the first ten amendments of the Constitution as they read situations they can relate to. This packet includes a chart of the first ten amendments and worksheets that ask them to decide which situations apply to the amendments using
Are you looking for engaging, thought-provoking Bill of Rights activities for your students? This is the packet for you! These activities use the original text of the Bill of Rights and are appropriate for 5th through 8th grade students. Contents of this packet: Page 3: Original text of the Bill
The Bill of Rights Digital Escape Room will take students on a secret mission through two 360° VIEW rooms! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about amendments 1-10 in the Bill of Rights. ***STUDENT GOOGLE ACCOUNTS REQUIRED FOR USE***It is your responsibility to ensure the links w
Are you looking for a Bill of Rights review game that will get your students up and moving? You've found it! Students will receive a mix of game cards containing rights and scenarios. They will match game cards to the Amendments on their game boards. Students will trade game cards with other stude
This Bill of Rights internet webquest activity is a fun and engaging way for students to learn more about the Bill of Rights! Students are directly to kid-friendly websites that allow them to play games, answer questions, and complete fun engaging activities about the 10 Amendments in the United St
This is a fun activity to get your students ready to review the Bill of Rights. This set includes 3 sets of cards: one with the amendment #, one with the kid-friendly wording of the amendment, and a scenario to match with each one. (KEY)UPDATE includes 2 "I Have, Who Has" games with instructions for
This Bill of Right Vocabulary Game specifically emphasizes the vocabulary of the first 10 Amendments rather than a multiple choice format task card. Students can race against each other in a small group center, use as a review for the entire class, or be used as a time filler for a substitute or dur
Having to teach your students about government can be tough! This file will make it easier for you to teach and for your students to understand how our great country came to be as it is today. This file includes 3 student interactive books and a PPT to go along with it for you to use on your interac
The purpose of this Bill of rights matching game is to deepen and reinforce students’ understanding of what each of the first 10 amendments means and looks like in a real world example. Great hands on, cooperative group activity to accompany any government unit of study! 30 matching cards include
This is a activity used to review the Bill of Rights. Each card will have an amendment from the Bill of Rights and an explanation. As there are 10 Amendments, This game is designed to be played in groups of 5 or 10. Print the cards on heavy duty card stock – with 2 slides per page. Give each stud
.Review the basic facts of the Bill of Rights and the additional amendments with this 24 card "I have, Who has? activity that can be played whole class, with partners, or individually, a 23 card Digital Boom Card deck that allows students to independently work on the same facts on any modern browser
This product will give you multiple games to review the Bill of Rights with your students! All of these games will help your students prepare for any test or quiz on the Bill of Rights. These purchase include pictures, excerpts and explanation cards for the Bill of Rights. With these cards you can
Want to have a fun time in class while learning. Try playing a trivia game about the Bill of Rights. This game covers all 10 Bill of Rights. You will love it!
Investigate the Criminal Justice System!Consider the Bill of Rights and what role it plays in America’s CriminalJustice System. Find the crime in a Nursery Rhyme and other fun activities.Activities include:• The Marshmallow Game (a game to support the idea for why we need rules or laws)• Introductio
I created this product by request to teach and review American Government and how it came to be.This product includes:*Articles with comprehension questions (multiple choice, true false, and short answer) for: -Articles of Confederation -Bill of Rights -A Brand New Government -Three Branches of Gove
This is a scavenger hunt for The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. In this pack you will find 16 cards and a worksheet with questions. They will be able to answer the questions on the worksheet using the cards. I like to hang the cards around the room and get the kids
This test is the first in a series of ten tests that cover all of Georgia's 5th Grade Social Studies standards. The test includes a variety of question types covering the Bill of Rights, responsibilities of citizens and due process. I have used this test along with other tests in this series very su
***Updated to include graphic organizer handout in MS WORD and PDF formatsThis series of PPT slides gives an overview of the Bill of Rights with background on the U.S. Constitution and traces its roots back to the Magna Carta. Students fill out a Bill of Rights Worksheet as they follow along. PPT

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