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Classroom behavior management can be a doozy! These classroom management bingo boards are fun and engaging to help students stay engaged and focused. I love changing up what I use in my classroom to help my students manage behaviors.  ❤️Your students will LOVE the different bingo boards for different classroom behavior expectations. They can be used by the whole group and there are small group and individual boards also included. Simply print out the board of your choice in the theme you want al
Guess the rhyming summer riddles! Last week or day of school activities that target inference, critical thinking, and summer vocabulary. A huge hit for an end of the year party, summer speech therapy, or teletherapy, with the digital option. You'll work on listening comprehension, and rhyme too.35 boards make this best-selling bingo game the easy to prep answer your kids will love! Perfect for both large and small groups and summer school activities. Speech therapists will love being able to
Are you looking for fun and engaging things for your students to do the last few weeks of school before summer break? Well, you have found it! Save money with this End of The Year Bundle Set! This includes 7 of my best selling summer products, which your students will love! My best seller, "End of Year Fun" which is a packet full of fun activities for 1st and 2nd grade. It also includes my popular "No Stress Summer Fun" packet full of math and ELA summer fun! Included as well is my super cute "S
This Career Bingo game is great for a fun elementary school counseling career education lesson! Includes 30 unique bingo cards, 24 community helper description cards with 3 clues/facts per career to teach students about interests/work environment of the careers listed, and bingo markers with career pictures. 30 unique cards are included for whole group classroom guidance lesson fun!For more career fun, you might like Career Bingo 2 and Career Bingo 3!Check out my other career education resources
Exciting Christmas party activities or speech therapy game that’s educational too! Your kids will love guessing the rhyming riddles for Christmas, while you target inferences, rhyming, listening comprehension, and Christmas vocabulary with this super-engaging, best-selling game!After playing the game, you can work on describing as your students draw their favorite Christmas item on the included worksheet, then write their own riddles for Christmas. Next, have fun taking turns guessing the answe
Sight Word Bingo is such a fun and engaging way to allow your students to practice sight words. These editable Bingo Cards allow you to use whichever sight words your students are ready to practice. Simply type in 40 words of your choice, and the file automatically generates 30 different Bingo cards. These cards can be used in a whole group setting for a classroom game or during a small group. The ability to edit the words allows you to create a variety of sight word games to fit the needs o
K - 2nd
Order of Operations Bingo Level 1 includes strategies for reviewing order of operations, a practice worksheet, and a ready-to-use Bingo game. The game can be played with the class, in math centers, in cooperative learning teams, or in small guided math groups. The math game includes 32 unique numbered Bingo boards and 24 problem cards with an answer key. There are two versions of Order of Operations Bingo, Level 1 and Level 2, and each level is sold separately. The instructions and teaching mate
Are your students struggling to master multiplication facts? Digital bingo provides no prep multiplication practice. Prefer playing the original way? No problem! This product now includes DIGITAL and PRINT versions! This product challenges students with basic multiplication facts question cards. Students must identify the correct product to place a marker on their bingo board. It is a blast! Timeless bingo game with a tech twist! Want more multiplication facts practice that your students will LO
This is a fun Summer Bingo Set for your classroom, church group, mom's group, and more! It's a beach and summer theme with that is perfect for the end of the year in May. It is just something fun to do with the kids! There are 25 different cards. I have included color and black and white cards. They each come in full page or half page sizes. There are also call out cards for each icon!✨Save $$$$$$ by purchasing this as part of my End of Year Bundle or my Year Long Bingo Bundle.✨⭐The best thin
A fun alphabet game for up to 30 children to learn beginning sounds and letter names. It's a new literacy center kiddos will love! Friendly picture mnemonics look like the initial letter. Includes:* 26 Alphabet Calling Cards* 30 Bingo Playing Cards* 54 Color TilesBonus:* Vowel Bookmarks* Alphabet PageAll of the letters in uppercase and lowercase with a key picture on one page! Integrated Picture Mnemonics help children remember their letters!The calling cards can also be used as flashcards. If y
Halloween activities perfect for speech therapy, ESL and classroom parties too!. A Halloween bingo game with rhyming riddles that kids love to guess! Fun speech and language practice for listening comprehension, rhyme, critical thinking, and Halloween vocabulary. Super quick & easy to prep, fun and educational for any size group!After playing, students can write their own riddles and have fun taking turns guessing the answers with the write your own riddle worksheet.My Bingo Riddles have got
Engage your students in practicing the skill of telling time to the nearest minute with this fun and exciting Bingo game! This Telling Time to the Nearest Minute Bingo Game includes 32 different pre-made Bingo cards, which require students to identify the times on analog clocks. This Bingo game supports Common Core standard 3.MD.A.1: Tell and write time to the nearest minute. Included with this Telling Time to the Nearest Minute Bingo Game: • Instructions for use • 32 pre-made Bingo cards •
2nd - 4th
A fun game for up to 30 children to practice reading CVC words. This is an easy to use literacy center children will love. Play like Tic-Tac-Toe, 3 in a row is a winner, or play until someone has a full card. Word Reading is one of the Kindergarten skills tested on the TPRI, Texas Primary Reading Inventory, at the End of Year assessment.The visuals can also be used as a resource in a writing center to support students writing simple sentences.Includes: 30 CVC BINGO Cards 60 CVC calling cards 12
Valentine's Day party or speech therapy activities with an extra fun twist! Students love guessing the 27 rhyming riddles and you'll be practicing inference, listening comprehension, rhyme, and Valentine vocabulary too! With 30 Valentine's Day Bingo Cards, this pack is perfect for speech therapy, small groups, or a whole-class activity. Are you looking for an exciting Valentine's Day party activity? This is the easy-to-prep answer your kids will love!Need to save ink? No problem!In addition to
Synonym and Antonym BINGOIn this ELA BINGO game students will practice their knowledge of synonyms and antonyms. I’ve made this set to be played in small groups either with a teacher or as an independent literacy center. This set can also be played whole group with students working independently or with students working with a partner. There are 28 individual BINGO boards in this set. I use this BINGO set when I feel as if the whole class has mastered the skill or they are ready to practice the
Place Value Tens and Ones Bingo comes with 26 gameboards - enough for an entire class! Each board shows the base-10 materials for 1 and 2-digit numbers. Choose to play as a class, or pull out enough boards for small group practice. To differentiate, you may also like my Hundreds, Tens and Ones Bingo Boards in my store. There are 4 sets of calling cards to differentiate the game depending on need: Set 1: Standard Form (34) Set 2: Word Form (thirty-four) Set 3: Place Value Form (e.g. 3 tens 4
Keep your students engaged through the holidays and the excitement of winter with these winter activities that fit a wide range of levels! Includes New Years Activities. For most activities, there are at least 2 options for differentiating. Both printable or digital Google Slides™ versions are included as well.These activities are aimed at students in grades 1-5, but please take a close look at the preview to ensure they are appropriate for your students.WHAT’S INCLUDED: • Word Searches: 4 lev
This download includes 3 different sizes of editable Bingo Boards! The 3 sizes are 3x3 (9 words) 4x4 (16 words) and 5x5 (24 words and 1 free spot). All of the bingo boards are editable with auto-fill. To use, start by picking the size of bingo board you want to use and open that file. Then, simply type in any sight words into page 1. As you type, the words will randomize and auto-fill into all 30 bingo boards. It’s really that simple! A check list of the words you entered will also be auto-fill
Looking for a fun way to review fractions with your students? This hands-on game of Fraction Bingo is sure to be a hit! Students will apply what they know about identifying fractions as they color and prepare their own game boards.Students will use the included Coloring Guide and Fraction Shapes pages to create their very own Bingo board. After coloring in the shapes as indicated on the Coloring Guide, they will cut out each piece and glue them to their Bingo card in any way they choose. When yo
Looking for an easy way to instantly improve your classroom behavior? Behavior Bingo is easy to implement, takes very little class time, and is motivating to students. Check out the preview file to read exactly how I use it in my classroom and see pictures of my setup! I've used it with 4 different middle school classes simultaneously, so it works well with multiple classes, but it could also be used in any grade level or subject area.There are 2 different boards included - one that says "Behavi
Make the skill of identifying fractions on a number line fun and exciting with this Fractions on a Number Line Bingo Game. Included are 32 different pre-made Bingo cards, which require students to identify proper fractions on a number line between 0 and 1. Students will practice halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, and eighths with this game. Included with this Fractions on a Number Line Bingo Game: • Instructions for use • 32 pre-made Bingo cards • Teacher calling card UPDATE 6/1/16: T
2D and 3D Shapes Bingo!This fun bingo game reviews the attributes of 2D shapes and 3D solids. There are 30 different game boards provided in both color and black and white. The teacher calling cards provides clue about each shape or solid to help students practice identifying the shapes based on their attributes.Update - Four versions of the bingo boards are now included: 1. Color with shape names 2. Color with no shape names 3. black and white with shape names 4. Black and white with no shape
1st - 3rd
Multiplication BINGO can be used as a fun, whole class activity, or in a math center to help reinforce multiplication facts! This product includes:34 completed multiplication BINGO cards - each card is different! 2 blank cards that can be used to create your own BINGO games.25 BINGO calling cards, each with a different multiplication problem. The factors range from 0-12. Each of the multiplication products are different, so there won’t be any repeats during the same game!There are two sets of 25
Finish up your school year strong with tons of fun End of Year activities and ready-to-go worksheets! Many of the activities come with multiple differentiated options to make for a resource that can work across many grade levels. Both printable or digital Google Slides™ versions are included as well.For a closer look, check out the product preview to see if these activities are appropriate for your students! ACTIVITIES INCLUDED:• Word Searches: 4 levels included with end of year/vacation vocab

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