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Biochemistry Biology Macromolecules ALL Biomolecules for AP Biology High School
Perfect for AP biology, senior biology, high school students.All four "Building Biological Macromolecule" activities bundled into one. (Biomolecules). No prep. Original artwork.This bundle contains the following:Building Biological Macromolecules: CarbohydratesBuilding Biological Macromolecules: Li
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Biochemistry (Biology) Unit Bundle
Includes editable PowerPoints for Intro to Biochemistry and Enzymes mini-unit. Includes PDF and editable versions of all activities (toothpickase lab, nutritional values data analysis activity, biomolecules mini lab, foldables), and all handouts for this unit as well.
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Sci Method and Biochemistry Biology Test
Multiple Choice test of the scientific method and biochemistry for a biology class. Answer Key included!!
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Biochemistry (Biological Macromolecules) Graphic Organizer
This is a graphic organizer made to compare proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. It includes the monomer and polymer, tests, functions, and examples of each. It is color coded to easily separate the information. I use the same coloration for the entire unit to help students organize the concepts.
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Biochemistry for Biology Classes
A set of illustrated Biology lecture slides explaining the various types of cell transport. This file describes the unique properties of water and carbon, and includes key vocabulary terms such as monomer, polymer, hydrolysis, condensation, and catalyst. It's recommended that this be used with my
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Biochemistry (Biological Macromolecules) Card Sort *Editable
Students cut out the squares and put them in the proper category: protein, carbohydrate, and lipid. The yellow squares are the titles. Students can arrange the squares to form a graphic organizer. Great for review of macromolecules. You can edit the document to suit your needs, delete or add what y
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Biochemistry - Senior Biology Introduction PowerPoint Lesson and Notes
Biochemistry - Biology Introduction. This lesson package includes the lesson (student and teacher versions of the Power Point), a video embedded into the power point and a student lesson handout as a word document. This lesson is designed for a senior level biology course.Please view the Preview F
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Biology Sci Method and Biochemistry Unit Plan (with worksheets)
A complete 13 day Unit plan for the scientific method and biochemistry in a Biology class. Includes pre-test, worksheets, powerpoint notes, assignments, and 2 versions of a post test. 56 pages of worksheets and assignments. NGSS aligned!!
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Carbohydrates PowerPoint (with student handout)
This PowerPoint presentation explains the chemistry of carbohydrates as a category organic molecule. This is NOT a typical main idea bullet PowerPoint. Instead, the presentation is filled with images and animations to better assist with student learning.Better yet, you can preview the ENTIRE present

Also included in: Organic Chemistry Bundle (Proteins, Enzymes, Carbs, Lipids, Nucleic Acids)

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Macromolecule Puzzle Research
An short, small group research activity for chemistry, biochemistry, biology, or anatomy students to complete to research and share the basic information about the structure and function of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acids.
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VSEPR & Polarity Lesson
The ability to model 3D molecules and understand how this affects their polarity is the basis behind Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Medicine, etc. This is why ChemistryNinja made this fill-in-the-blank VSEPR & Polarity lesson plan for middle school Chemistry teachers. These notes first defi
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Biology Doodle Diagram Notes Bundle
These illustrated guided notes are filled with helpful illustrations and places for students to doodle as they learn about biology! These notes can be organized into packets for students so that they have a set for each week or unit. I found in my own classroom that having “packets” of notes was t
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Biology Lab Bundle:  15 Must-Do Labs
Great lab experiences are the key to a successful biology or life science course. Spice up your class by having your students perform these 15 "must-do" biology labs. These labs cover cell structure, biochemistry, cell division, genetics and DNA, classification and evolution, and so much more! St
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AP Biology, 135 x lessons, 70 x study guides, 57 x Review ppts, + 70 assessments
This is the most comprehensive AP Biology bundle on TPT, you receive 135 teaching lessons, 70 study guides, 57 x review power points and free of charge you also receive 70 end of unit assessments with answer keys and 11 Labs for your students to complete. This bundle is quite simply huge with well
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Biology Curriculum Bundle
This bundle contains everything you need to teach biology for the entire year- task cards, guided notes, models, labs, study guides, plus more! Many items are editable to tailor to your needs! This even includes a unit planner for every topic so that you get an idea of how to layout and sequence the
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Biochemistry and Macromolecules Bundle
Biochemistry and Organic Compounds: A Complete Unit Plan Bundle. The bundle includes a teaching PowerPoint, notes, labs, fun review games, homework assignments, and so much more. This bundle contains everything you need to teach this unit to your biology or life science students.Each of these prod
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Biochemistry Activity Bundle with Four Macromolecules for High School Biology
Use beads, pipe cleaners, and paper clips to model all four types of molecules studied in a traditional high school biology biochemistry unit. Students will model monomers, polymers, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). This is a tough unit to teach. Chemical structur
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Biology Warm Ups, Bell Ringers or INB Pages: Introduction to Biology Unit
Introduction to Biology or Life Science Warm-Ups, Bell-Ringers, Exit Slips and Interactive Notebook Pages. Covers the topics of Scientific Method, Graphing, Early Ideas About Science, Levels of Cellular Organization, Metric System, Scientific Notation, The Microscope, Properties of Water, Biochemis

Also included in: Biology Warm Ups Bundle: Cells, Ecology, Genetics, DNA, Evolution

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AP Biology Review PowerPoints
Advanced Placement Biology Review PowerPoints: Set of 25 PowerPoints with 3245 SlidesThe amount of material that is covered on the AP (Advanced Placement) exam is often overwhelming to our students. The key to success is review, review, REVIEW! Several months before the AP Biology exam, I begin to
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Biochemistry Activity Package- Enzymes, Organic Molecules, Chemistry of Life
Looking for some new ideas to catalyze a successful biochemistry unit? Look no more! This package contains the following:This unit can be used as part of a stand alone curriculum or as part of an existing curriculum. 1) Organic Compounds PowerPoint- 38 colorful and visual slides with guided notes in
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Biology EOC Review
This is a neatly organized folder of review pages for the following topics. Each topic includes 1-3 organized pages of essential information needed to help your students with an EOC review, be it a final, midterm, or state test. Uses for this product:Midterm ReviewFinal ReviewState testing ReviewHom
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Science from the South BIG Biology Bundle of Activities and Assessments
Extra time is not something that we teachers have an abundance of. Save the time that you do have with this BIG bundle of biology activities and assessments. You will receive all Science from the South Biology resources in this bundle. Thousands of pages are included for teaching, reinforcing, an
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Year Long Biology Exit Tickets
Exit tickets are a great way to formatively assess your students. Included in this bundle are 90 exit tickets to last you the entire year for your biology class. Units included are: scientific method, biochemistry, ecology, cells, genetics, evolution, and classification. Bundle and save 20%! Click o
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Biochemistry Unit Homework Page Bundle
These high school biology homework pages are full of pictures, diagrams, and deeper questions covering basic chemistry review, the four macromolecules, synthesis and hydrolysis reactions, viruses, nutrition facts, protein structure, and basic biochemistry. ******************************************
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