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Taxonomy Handout and Study Guide for Classification of Living Things. Explains taxonomy (classification of living things) in a simple and easy format that life science students can use as a study guide or reference sheet for their biology or life science notebook. Features a mnemonic device for reme
Habitat Adventure is a fun, easy to play, educational game for kids in Kindergarten – 6th Grade. In the game you will travel around the board helping put the animals back in their correct Biome (or habitat). While doing so your student will become familiar with 8 major Biomes of our World – Desert,
PreK - 7th
BundleThe bundle includes all our lessons for the second six weeks. It covers Texas TEKS that include but not limited to Plant Taxonomy, Plant Biology, and more. This product was designed to give quality instruction to your students in the horticulture pathway. These lessons will complete 5 of the 6
This bundle includes powerpoints, activities, labs, and projects you can use to teach classification, binomial nomenclature, the kingdoms, cladograms, and dichotomous keys. See the previews of each product above.Be sure to follow my TpT store by clicking on the green "follow me" next to my seller pi
This worksheet bundle consists over 24 worksheets over dichotomous keys, domains, phyla, and classes! Scroll down for additional details about this product and the worksheets included in this bundle. Other Worksheet Bundles:Introduction to Biology Worksheet BundleAnimal Worksheet BundlePlant Worksh
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Taxonomy: Life's Filing System - Crash Course Biology #19This resource includes a student worksheet to use while watching this CrashCourse episode. CrashCourse videos are excellent resources by Hank Green. They are entertaining and engaging for the high school classroom. An answer key is included, a
High school science students will explore classification and taxonomy at interactive activity stations. These investigations put your jarred specimens to good use, and students LOVE station days! You will set up four stations around the room, and students will examine specimens, cards, and diagrams
9th - 12th
GOTech! Digital Interactive Biology Journal - Taxonomy and Classification consists of NGSS aligned detailed notes and higher level thinking activities, covering, in depth, topics including:   ✓ The History of Taxonomy   ✓ Binomial Nomenclature ✓ Hierarchy of Classification   ✓ Cladograms   ✓ Deta
7th - 12th, Adult Education
DISTANCE LEARNING FRIENDLY This fun 1 page Doodle-it! Note page is a perfect graphic organizer for introducing Taxonomy & The 6 Kingdom Classification System. Introduce the basics of animals, plants, fungi, protists, bacteria & archaebacteria. These notes have been formulated with distance
This test includes a variety of items that range from matching, multiple choice, short answer and fill in the blank with a small dichotomous key. It has a total of 31 questions to assess students knowledge of the content. Please email me if you have any questions.
7th - 12th
This is one unit from a larger notebook that is designed to cover the entire Biology course and to act as a reference for the entire year. This unit covers taxonomy. It includes the hierarchy of tax, examples of how organisms are classified, characteristics of the three domains and six kingdoms
The printable kingdoms of classification worksheet provides a matrix for studying either five or six kingdoms of taxonomy. It can be used as a research or notetaking page for learning about the different classification kingdoms in biology or life science.Students identify the name of the kingdom, ch
This is an animal trivia game. Inside is a google forms animal trivia game (4 animal 24 hints)and the printable lesson. The students first used the printed version with 6 other animals.Then we used the classification sheet to organize the animals into their respective categories.We ended up with our
Crash Course is a YouTube series that gives a student friendly and understandable break down of a wide variety of science topics. This video worksheet accompanies Biology: #19 Taxonomy video and is a great introduction to how organisms are organized.This 19 question video worksheet is perfect for in
✨Teach taxonomy in biology by using concept maps. These concept maps will answer the question of what taxonomy is and review the kingdoms in taxonomy. Did you know that concept maps are beneficial for students who learn better visually, although they can help all types of learners? They can be a str
This bundle contains a Powerpoint presentation for Biological Science classes on Taxnomy, Classification and Cladograms/Phylogenetic Trees. Presentation consist slides with transitions and links to videos and images that you may want to add to the Powerpoint. Content includes contributors to classif
Dichotomous keys are useful tools for identifying unknown species in the realm of taxonomy. Introductory pages of field guides frequently contain dichotomous keys. People typically observe an unknown species to glean the key characteristics needed for identification with the help of a dichotomous ke
8th - 11th, Adult Education
This PowerPoint discusses the necessary information to explain to students the development, purpose and use of Taxonomy. Terminology to be Examined include!: binomial nomenclature, class , evolutionary relationship, family, genus, homologous structure, kingdom, order, phylum, species, sub-phylum
Like others in the series this is a self-paced booklet which uses the student text. Great for students who miss a lecture or are home-bound and need instruction.
Created for special education middle school and high school students! Also may be used for advanced upper elementary students or adults with a curious mind. :) These foldables can be used with colored pencils in any assessment capacity or as a notetaking tool during a lesson. Foldables are learning
2nd - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
You can use this as your lesson plan and follow-up work for the lesson.
This is a fun and familiar game that students enjoy playing with a twist. Instead of using a regular deck of cards we are using cards with their vocabulary words! Words included are; Animal Cell Plantae Cell Fungi Cell Protista Prokaryote Asexual Reproduction Sexual Reproduction Autotroph Heterotr
6th - 9th
Here is a chance to have a little fun while learning about biology taxonomy. The idea issimple, it takes a few minutes to draw the picture and therefore holds the acronym in their minds longer. Hope it helps.
3rd - 12th
This is a Powerpoint presentation for Biological Science classes on Taxnomy, Classification and Cladograms/Phylogenetic Trees. Presentation consist slides with transitions and links to videos and images that you may want to add to the Powerpoint. Guided Notes, quizzes and assessments are available i

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