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Your students will love this project on biomes! For this project, students either pick or are assigned a biome. Then, they are given the information sheet that informs them that they have been hired by a travel agency named "Teacher Travel" and they must create a brochure about their biome to conv
Have your students make a brochure for people to visit a specific biome! They can be creative as they come up with things to do, what to pack, what they will see, and how much it will cost. Students can either print pictures from the internet or out of national geographic magazines. You might also b
This is a travel brochure biome research project for upper elementary and middle school students. The scoring rubric is also included.
Biome Research Travel BrochureThis pack includes 10 tri-fold brochures for students to record and synthesize information about the following biomes/habitats: DesertsGrasslandsWetlandsArcticRainforestsTemperate ForestsTundraOceanMountainsSavanna Topics include regions, landforms, climate & weat
This project is a multidisciplinary project involving the construction of a travel pamphlet to a student biome of choice. It involves the preparation of a budget and a detailed analysis of ecological, commercial, and other factors associated with the biome within the brochure. The key common core
Students will create a travel brochure about one of the following biomes: Polar Ice, Tropical Rain Forest, Temperate Forest, Taiga, Tropical, Savanna, Temperate Grassland, Chaparral, Desert, Tundra, or Mountains. A detailed rubric is included to outline the specific expectations of the project as
The travel brochure project is a great assessment tool for General Science elementary, middle, or high school, or even in Biology. The bundle includes: Biome Project Sheet Rubric Student Data Collection Sheet Evaluation Activity
Great for distance learning!Included in this product are the following:- Biome Travel Brochure Student directionsPurpose: You are a travel agent selling vacation packages to tourists around the world. You will create a creative brochure using www.canva.com promoting a Biome using the information you
This is a project sheet that explains project requirements for students. In the projects, students create a brochure about a biome. Including in the brochure are the name of the biome, activities, abiotic/biotic factors, climate, food chain, location, and human impacts. The second page is also a
Looking for a fun way to teach the 7 biomes? This research project features brochures for the following biomes:✓ Rainforest✓ Grassland✓ Desert✓ Shrubland✓ Aquatic✓ Coniferous Forest✓ Temperate Deciduous Forest✓ TundraThere are 7 brochures templates (one for each biome). Brochures could be assigned f
Biomes are a fascinating part of the biosphere. With this activity students will collect and research information about the plants, animals, and climate of one of the world's biomes. The finished product will be an informative travel brochure that highlights the features they have found. Included ar
Use these step-by-step directions to aid students in creating a brochure about a particular biome.
Travel Brochure TemplateUse this Travel Brochure Template as a versatile way for students to demonstrate their research and learning about specific places such as cities, states, countries, or biomes.Parts of the brochure include a cover page with space for illustrating, and headings for drawing and
Editable Travel BrochureUse this two-sided Travel Brochure Template as a versatile way for students to demonstrate their research and learning about specific places such as cities, states, countries, or biomes. Parts of the brochure include a cover page with space for illustrating, and headings for
One aspect of differentiating instruction is allowing students to make choices in their learning. Students begin by completing a short research assignment on eight biomes. Then they choose one biome to further research and complete a detailed project. This biome project allows students to have a cho
DISTANCE LEARNING - Digital Travel BrochureUse this digital Travel Brochure as a versatile way for students to demonstrate their research and learning about specific places such as cities, states, countries, or biomes.This resource was designed for use with Google Drive and Google Classroom. Parts o
In this project students will be creating a jumbo travel brochure highlighting one of the world’s major biomes – giving facts, displaying food webs, showing pictures, discussing human impacts, and citing examples of where their biomes are found in the world (among other things). This project spans s
Biome/Ecosystem Research Project: NO PREP! This is a four part project for use during your Ecosystems Unit. Students will research their biome/ecosystem, design a product of their choice, create their product, and present their final product. Once students have completed their research, they may
Students choose a biome to research and create a travel guide for. My students made webpages and blogs, but this project could easily be done by just creating a brochure or book. Includes a project instructions and grading rubric
Students will research and learn about a biome and select a specific habitat. What is their biome like? What species of plants and animals can be found in their habitat and what types of interactions do they have with each other?Students will design a triorama using a combination of found and new
Desert Research Travel BrochureWith this tri-fold brochure, students will record and synthesize information about the desert habitat/biome. You may also be interested in...Biome Research Unit
This package contains a project, entitles "Travel This Biome!" The objective is to have students or teams choose one of the biomes in Canada (or around the world), and develop a trifold brochure or poster, advertising the biome they have chosen. The brochures can then be copied in order to allow eac
This document has three choices for students to chose from to complete a project on a biome. They have the option of making a travel brochure, trading cards, or a crossword puzzle. This is an editable document so you can change the requirements if needed.
Project Based Learning: The Six Major Land Biomes★Students will imagine, plan, collaborate, create, analyze, research, and present their knowledge and understanding of the six major land biomes with this project!With so much focus and energy being placed on test scores these days, especially in Lang

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