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In this COMPLETE lesson from InspirEd Educators, students learn how World War II was fought on the ground and in the air. This engaging game requires students to develop strategy while learning about the new ways of war during WWII. Lesson warm up, teacher instructions, teacher answers, guiding di
This DBQ (document based question) packet includes 6 primary source documents: 2 eye witness accounts, one overview, and 3 photographs. Each document has questions students must answer after analyzing the primary source document. The 6 documents work together to help students provide evidence for th
This product is awesome informational text exploring World War II, specifically the Blitz in the West: The German Blitzkrieg and the Fall of France. This product also has excellent maps and pictures to aid in your students’ ability to learn about this most destructive conflict in world history. This
Lighting War: Understanding Blitzkrieg Using PowerPoint, students will gain a deeper understanding of Hitler’s hugely successful Blitzkrieg tactic that changed the face of modern warfare. After taking notes on the slideshow students will complete an in-depth reading of Hitler’s march through Europe
This primary source analysis has students examine the experience of the Nazi Blitzkrieg and Occupation of Poland. Each source has scaffolded questions and the final assignment has students write a diary entry as if they were a Polish civilian. Great for distance learning!
This lesson (through video and several documents) explains the Blitzkrieg style of fighting that was so beneficial to Hitler. This lesson allows students to analyze the tactics and predict how this will affect Germany and the world as WWII continues.
In this activity, students will examine and analyze different primary sources to gain a better understanding of Germany's blitzkrieg attacks. Get TPT credit to use on future purchases: I always value feedback and as you may know teachers pay teachers (TPT) sees the value in feedback. Each time you
Greatest Events of World War II in Color is great documentary for any World History European History or U.S. History class to help shed light on the start of WW2.This 35-Question Worksheet will do a great job of holding students accountable for their active learning/listening.Answer Key allows for t
Question page for viewing series.
World War II Part 4 of 10 - The Blitzkrieg Begins highlights the Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland. With plenty of pictures and lecture notes, the engaging presentation is perfect for a stand-up lecture.
Google Drive compatible, no paper copies needed!Interactive World War II document on the Blitzkrieg, including discussion questions about how effective and devastating the Blitzkrieg was on Europe!Makes a great addition to any lesson on World War II!Answer key included!
PDF Download - World War II - German Blitzkrieg Guided Reading!Now 1:1 Google Compatible! [Google Form link included]Immerse your students in a guided reading that introduces the history and use of the German war tactic known as "Lightning War," or the Blitzkrieg! Students analyze primary and second
Authentic Literacy LessonThis is a full 6-step lesson plan for a study on how Nazi Germany used lightning war (blitzkrieg) tactics to take over many countries at the start of World War II. What you are paying for is the lesson plan: detailed teacher directions to run the lesson, documents to create
This visually stimulating presentation provides a thorough account of the first few years of the war in Europe during World War II. The German conquest of Poland and Western Europe, the Battle of Britain, the Battle of North Africa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union, and other key events are a
Nazi Mega Weapons PBS Blitzkrieg Season 3 Ep. 1 FEEDBACK IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME. I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD CONSIDER LEAVING POSITIVE FEEDBACK IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR PURCHASE! Email: socialstudiesmegastore@gmail.com Please make sure to download my FREE paragraph sheet. FREE PARAGRA
This 25 slide power point covers the key events of war on the European front from 1939-1943: the blitzkrieg on Poland and France, the Battle for Britain, Operation Barbarossa, and the Battle of Stalingrad. Numerous pictures and 3 video links are embedded to enrich this lesson. A student fill in t
1. Students Read the Definition2. Students write the word/term FOUR times3. Paraphrase or write the definition in their own words4. Use the term in 2 sentences5. Illustrate the term6. "Write a journal entry about being in World War II that includes this term"* great fro homework or classwork
A handout illustrating how Adolf Hitler's method of warfare allowed him to quickly conquer most of Europe (with a little help from Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin). I use this with interactive notebooks and the PowerPoint "World War II Begins."
Using a game of hot potato, students will learn that the Blitzkrieg attacks in Europe were to be swift and fast. Bean bags represent countries that would be taken over during the first year of the war.
A detailed and well differentiated editable history with a focus on the Nazis’ Blitzkrieg invasions of Poland, France and Operation Barbarossa. This lesson includes an hour-long PowerPoint, a variety of activities, source questions, clip tasks, active tasks and focused reading worksheets.The lesson
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This presentation/activity is intended to create fluency in decoding poetry--to increase the speed with which students form an initial impression of a poem and with which they move from that initial impression to a working theory of meaning. Before undertaking this activity, students should have a
A short booklet that allows students to research aspects of the Blitzkrieg warfare tactics used by the Nazis in World War 2. Activities are arranged via Bloom's Taxonomy and provide students with a choice about the level of attainment they'd like to reach when showing evidence of their learning.
EDITABLE document analysis activity to prepare students for the Global Regents.

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