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bohr model worksheet

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Bohr Model Worksheet Packet -- 4 Versions of 3 Practice Worksheets -- Differentiated Skill Levels ideal for your students -- Can be used for Scaffolded LessonsVery Easy Bohr Model Practice: -- Worksheets 1A, 1B, and 1C -- 6 Exercises each, 18 exercises total. -- Students given Periodic T
Students complete Bohr atomic models for the first 18 elements. Students demonstrate that they can identify atomic number, atomic mass and the number of neutrons. Students demonstrate that they can place electrons on the correct energy levels/shells.NOTE: Use the TpT Digital Activity option to turn
Students create Bohr models and Lewis dot structures (electron dot structures) of 4 different isotopes. They also identify the number of valence electrons.This activity will assist your students with visualizing the valence electrons of an atom when they create Lewis dot structures. Includes color
Bohr Models of Ions Practice Worksheet Packet -- 3 Versions of 2 Practice Worksheets -- Differentiated Skill Levels ideal for your students -- Can be used for Scaffolded Lessons Beginner Bohr Models of Ions Practice: -- Worksheets 1A, 1B, and 1C -- 6 Exercises per worksheet, 12 exerc
9th - 12th
The first sheet gives a brief explanation of the Bohr model with three energy levels. There are then eight examples that students will complete by placing the electrons in the proper energy levels. The atomic number and atomic mass are given.The elements are:LithiumNitrogenOxygenNeonCarbonBeryllium
This A3 graphic organizer assists students in solidifying their understanding of the periodic table as they draw electron configurations for the first 20 elements. The worksheet combines concepts surrounding atoms and elements and helps students develop their mastery of the Bohr model through repeti
7th - 10th, Adult Education
These worksheets will help students complete the Lewis and Bohr structures for the first 20 elements. The included Periodic Table is simple and straightforward and assists students just beginning their studies in this area. Understanding the pattern of electron arrangement takes time and multiple ac
This 3D atom model activity is an engaging way to teach atomic structure. Students will learn how to collect element data and use the information to design a 3D atom model. Each 3D model consists of four Bohr models glued together. Students can complete the models independently, or you can save pape
This manipulative worksheet activity walks you through the electron structure of elements 1-20. After tackling the first few, you’ll begin to see the pattern of how electrons are arranged in their orbits. Some students abandon the manipulatives after the first few while others prefer to work through
This worksheet is a great way to check knowledge of basic vocabulary terms as well as check for understanding with Bohr Models. There is one page of vocabulary terms, and two pages of Bohr Model Identification. There are 12 different Bohr Models represented in this worksheet as well as 9 terms. Stud

Also included in: Atomic Structure Bundle

This project is technically aligned with a highschool physics standard, but I usually use this lesson during my “Matter and Its Interactions” Unit in middle school! I believe it allows students to become familiar with the periodic table, and it gives thema visual of the structure of an atom. All of
Bohr Models of Isotopes Practice Worksheet Packet -- 3 Versions of 3 Practice Worksheets -- Differentiated Skill Levels ideal for your students -- Can be used for Scaffolded Lessons Beginner Bohr Models of Isotopes Practice: -- Worksheets 1A, 1B, & 1C -- 6 Exercises per worksheet
9th - 12th
Need a way for students to learn more about isotopes?This resource includes 16 Bohr models of different isotopes of elements. Students will look at the models and count the number of protons, neutrons and electrons to determine the mass number, atomic number and isotope name.You can even print off t
8th - 12th
These Bohr Models Skills Practice worksheets are designed to help students learn to identify electrons and valence elections and draw Bohr models of atoms. Students need to practice in order to master skills. As with any discipline, there is no substitute for practice.Three Different Versions - With
8th - 11th
Use these worksheets to introduce your students to the basics of Bohr Models – what they are, their purpose and how to create them! Choose if you want to use the INB formatted worksheets or the full-page worksheets.This product is completely editable so you can change it to meets the specific needs
Here are 3 great worksheets! The first worksheet allows students to practice drawing Bohr models. The second worksheet allows students to match the element name to a given Bohr model. The third worksheet asks students to use critical thinking to identify a pattern on the Periodic Table - valence
This worksheet allows students practice doing Bohr Model Drawings and periodic trends.
Use this Rutherford-Böhr model of an atom worksheet in Spanish to illustrate atoms up to Atomic Number 10 (Neon) with colored pencils, hole-punches, circle stickers or candy. I had the kids draw with colored pencils first and, once I had checked their marks, let them cut/bite Dots candy in 3 diff
This worksheet requires students to demonstrate knowledge of drawing a Bohr model for select elements, identify the element's group number on the Periodic Table, identify the number of valence electrons for the element, and draw a Lewis Dot structure for the element.
6th - 12th
This assignment requires students to utilize a periodic table to determine the element symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, protons, neutrons, and electrons for several elements. The first six problems also require students to draw a Bohr's Model for the element (drag and drop the electrons). The las
6th - 8th
This chemistry worksheet is perfect for more practice on the atomic chart (Bohr's Model). Can be use digitally (drag and drop) or in-person. Practice for the first 3 periods of the periodic table. Answer key included. **********************************************************************************
9th - 12th
Kids have a hard time visualizing energy levels. This worksheet will help you teach your students about atomic energy levels. Let them choose the element. Then, they place the protons, neutrons, and electrons onto the proper energy shell. It's fun, quick, and a good tool. Projecting it makes it eas
6th - 10th, Adult Education
These digital worksheets are templates for the Bohr Models of the first 18 elements in the Periodic Table. The templates are very student-friendly. Students can easily annotate the templates. Answer key is attached to save your time in drawing the Bohr Models of the first 18 elements.
Students create Bohr Models of 4 isotopes. Includes models for easier grading. Students also have to identify the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, allowing for a quick check for understanding of mass number and atomic number.

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