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This worksheet allows students practice doing Bohr Model Drawings and periodic trends.
Here are 3 great worksheets! The first worksheet allows students to practice drawing Bohr models. The second worksheet allows students to match the element name to a given Bohr model. The third worksheet asks students to use critical thinking to identify a pattern on the Periodic Table - valence
Students create Bohr Models of 4 isotopes. Includes models for easier grading. Students also have to identify the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, allowing for a quick check for understanding of mass number and atomic number.
A short and simple step-by-step worksheet to introduce and practice Bohr Models. Includes answer key.
In this QR code video worksheet students can scan the code or enter the web address to link them directly to tutorial video about the Bohr model of the atom. Students that have a mobile device (iPhone, Android device, Chromebook or tablet) can scan the QR code. Students that do not have a mobile dev
This homework sheet allows the students to show their ability to draw Bohr models of various atoms. Each drawing includes the rings for clarification purposes.
Create Bohr Models of the first 18 elements.Copyright 2019 Sea Dog Science All rights reserved by author. Permission to copy for single classroom use only.Not for public display. This product may not be posted, sold, or redistributed on the Internet.
Six questions asking students to identify protons, neutrons, electrons, and valence electrons and then draw a Bohr model. Word document (.docx) to make it easy to choose other elements.
Bohr Model Worksheet Packet -- 4 Versions of 3 Practice Worksheets -- Differentiated Skill Levels ideal for your students -- Can be used for Scaffolded Lessons Very Easy Bohr Model Practice: -- Worksheets 1A, 1B, and 1C -- 6 Exercises each, 18 exercises total. -- Students given Pe
***Activity updated on 5/26/20 with new color cards, answer key, and 2 additional elements.***This activity game aims to work with your students to recognize or be able to find on the periodic table the correct element’s name and symbol along with atomic structure information for the atomic model sh
This one-page worksheet provides students with practice in both identifying and drawing bohr models! Use it as homework or as in class practice. In part I, students analyze bohr models and list the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons to figure out which element the model represents. In part I
These worksheets are no prep and easy for students to understand once you have provided the scaffolding to do Bohr Model Atom Diagrams. Use it for HW, classwork or sub-work. Easy to use key is provided. These concepts are included:-Element name-Element symbol-Atomic mass-Number of Protons, neutrons
The complete, no prep., bundle containing:Bohr-Rutherford diagrams for the first twenty elements;Lewis dot diagrams for the first twenty elements;&Bohr models for all elements on the periodic table (1-118).Click here to follow my store and receive the latest updates.Original Artwork (©AwesomeSci
This pack contains bohr models for the first 20 elements. While there are many ways to draw the bohr models the one I have used seems the most common. I have made 4 different sets. Set 1 - has the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus Set 2 - has the outer electrons in red Set 3 - has the
A quiz on drawing a Bohr Model and what information it provides. There are multiple elements to choose from. Could be used as a worksheet or activity.
This worksheet encompasses many aspects of atoms. Part of the assignment gives students completed Bohr models of atoms and the students have to identify: the element and symbol, the number of protons, neutrons and electrons, draw the dot diagram, give the electron configuration as well as the orbi
This manipulative worksheet activity walks you through the electron structure of elements 1-20. After tackling the first few, you’ll begin to see the pattern of how electrons are arranged in their orbits. Some students abandon the manipulatives after the first few while others prefer to work through
Kids have a hard time visualizing energy levels. This worksheet will help you teach your students about atomic energy levels. Let them choose the element. Then, they place the protons, neutrons, and electrons onto the proper energy shell. It's fun, quick, and a good tool. Projecting it makes it eas
Bohr Models of Ions Practice Worksheet Packet -- 3 Versions of 2 Practice Worksheets -- Differentiated Skill Levels ideal for your students -- Can be used for Scaffolded Lessons Beginner Bohr Models of Ions Practice: -- Worksheets 1A, 1B, and 1C -- 6 Exercises per worksheet, 12 exerc
This simple grid prompts students to use the periodic table to identify atomic number, atomic mass, protons, neutrons, and electrons. They then will draw the correct Bohr Model of the first 16 elements and draw the corresponding Lewis Dot Diagram with appropriate number of valence electrons. A blank
In this 4 page practice packet student will show their understanding of creating Bohr models, cations, anions, and isotopes. They will need to use a periodic table along with this packet. This is a quick nice way to review for a test, practice recently learned content, and see if there is a misconc
These worksheets will help students complete the Lewis and Bohr structures for the first 20 elements. The included Periodic Table is simple and straightforward and assists students just beginning their studies in this area. Understanding the pattern of electron arrangement takes time and multiple ac
Instructional Strategies:Review, Formal and Informal Assessment, Worksheet, Homework, Reinforcement Worksheet, Science Centers, Task Cards for High School StudentsVocabulary Words:Atomic number, protons, electrons, neutrons, energy levels, valence electrons, group, periods, metal, non-metal, metallo
Need a Bohr Model practice that includes more than the first 6 elements? Here is a set of 15 questions combined with 3 Bohr models (non-labeled and similar to the style of standardized state assessments). Great as a whole for homework, or break into 3 sets for warm-ups/bell-ringers. These would a

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