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Digital Book Talk Project for Google Slides - Distance Learning
This Google Slides Book Talk Project allows students to create a book report in a digital format and allows students to practice 21st century skills in authentic ways. Students can practice important digital skills while having fun creating a presentation to "sell" a book to their classmates. Book

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Book Talks for Elementary Students
Book Talks are a powerful way to share books with students and encourage them to read new books and/or try out new genres. When you have students create their own Book Talks, it becomes even more powerful! Here’s what’s included to help you start Book Talks with your students today!1) Book Talk Sign

Also included in: Book Talks for Elementary Students Bundle (English & Spanish Versions)


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Book Talk
With a book talk you can lose the traditional book report and still hold your students accountable for their independent reading. Having your students complete book talks helps them practice their oral speaking skills and allows other students in the class to hear about (and get excited about) oth

Also included in: 4th to 6th Grade Essential Bundle


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Book Talks - Presenting and Writing Book Talks
Book talks are a wonderful way for students to demonstrate their understanding of books they read while practicing their writing and speaking skills. The resources in this free book talk product are designed to help students create the most engaging and comprehensive book talks possible. The book t

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BOOK TALKS: PRESENTATION, HANDOUT, PLANNING SHEET, & RUBRIC: Bring book talks into your classroom with this ready-to-use resource! Book talks are an excellent way to assess your students' independent reading, while also bringing in new novel recommendations for other students in the class. Rath

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Book Talk and Reports
Book Talk is loaded with Activities, Book Reports, Graphic Organizers, and Reading Logs to motivate students to start talking about books. It includes 90 pages of ideas and activities to use with any book. This pack is perfect for 2nd - 3rd Grade Classrooms.It includes: Book Talk Questions -Use to g

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Book Talk Lesson, Scoring Form & Certificate
Book Talks are a great way to check reading comprehension and to provide students with a chance to give an oral presentation! I use this program with my first graders, but second graders would benefit as well. A lesson plan is included describing the book talk program. A poster describing "how

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Common Core Book Talk Cards for Partnerships
These 72 differentiated literacy sentence starters will help your students develop the necessary communication skills to discuss books in meaningful ways. These cards can be used to focus student discussions during Turn and Talk and partnership times. They may also be used as sentence starters in li

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Comprehension Workstation and Centers Book Talk Jar
This packet is a great way to improve comprehension!! The Book Talk Jar is has 24 talk cards with comprehension questions. The workstation jar can be used individually or with a buddy. The packet includes: -Instruction sheet -24 question strips -blank cards to add your own questions -Book Talk J

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Book Talks: Student-Led Presentation Project for ELA
Want students to be accountable for book talks? Build a reading community, increase word-of-mouth book recommendations, and practice speaking skills with this project! Use this project to: • Start your independent reading program, or give it a mid-year boost • Do a diagnostic check of speaking skil

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Book Talk & Book Recommendation Forms: Planning, Presenting, Evaluating, Rubric
There are some really great printables in this resource for planning, presenting, scheduling, and evaluating book talks! Also included are notecard forms for students to use while presenting. Book recommendation forms are included, along with a book wishlist. There are 8 printable resources in al

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Book Talk Literature Circle Packet
Everything you need to start small group literature circles in your classroom! Here is what you get! * Book Talk Guideline Handout * Book Talk Teacher Supply List * Ponder on This Student Reflection * Ponder on This Student end of book Reflection * Levels of Questions Useful Wording Handout * Star

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Book Talk Assignment (informative essay/presentation)
Book Talk Assignment (Informative Essay Presentation) I have noticed that a lot of my students enjoy reading when they are allowed to read books that they are interested in. I wanted to give them the opportunity to share the books they find intriguing to their peers, so I created this book talk as

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French BOOK TALK / Parle-moi de ton livre!
#gatonsnosenseignants - PARLE-MOI DE TON LIVRE! Motivate your students to have meaningful discussions about what they’re reading in class and have them make book recommendations to their classmates in a fun and engaging way!************************************************************Looking for more

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Book Talk Book Report
Book Talks are the perfect Book Report. Students practice speaking and listening as well as planning and organizing. It is a great way to assess comprehension and holds the students accountable for their independent reading. Student instructions, organizers, and planning sheets will help the class c

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Book Talk or Book Review outline
This is a great organizational tool for kids to use when doing a book talk in a small group or even for the whole class! It helps them organize a short retell that is straight to the point, helps them pinpoint key characters, helps make connections to what they like with describing and sketching th

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Book Talks: A Fun Way to Address Speaking and Listening Standards!
Are you looking for a fun way to address all those speaking and listening standards? What about a way to motivate your reluctant readers? Book Talks are perfect! Students are able to practice speaking in front of their peers and they are responsible for answering follow up questions. The “audience”

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Book Talk: Higher Order Thinking Book Discussion
Book talks and discussions are an important part of a novel study. As students mature it is important to put some of the pressure on them to come up with high quality questions that require higher order thinking.These sheets outline the responsibilities of both the students leading the book talk and

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Book Talk
Book talks are a great way to generate enthusiasm for reading, and they allow students to share books in a way that traditional book reports cannot. Students enjoy creating a "buzz" about their favorite books and making digital presentations to enhance their talks. Perfect for keeping your 40 boo

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Literature Circles & Book Talks
Give the responsibility back to the students with this Literature Circle/Book Talk resource! It sets students up for success by guiding them through how to discuss a novel in a group. This packet is laid out as having 4 members in each group that go through 4 "cycles". When I use this packet with

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Introduce Interactive Journals with "Book Talk" Book Club
Have you’ve been thinking about using interactive journals in your classroom? This resource will help prepare students for the next step of individual interactive journals, and give you an indication of how they will manage independently and as a group. It can be used with individual students, smal

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Book Talks
Essentially it is a form for lower level students to start exploring books, a book report. But I do not like the term book report and I think there is a negative attitude for them so I have renamed mine to be a book talk, which is much friendlier.

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Non Fiction Book Talk using Thinking Strategies (3-5)
This is an activity to assess students ability to comprehend non fiction text. Can be used independently, in a guided reading group, and/or stragety group.

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Book Talk Bundle - Fiction & Nonfiction: No Prep!
*This is a bundle of two products available in my store. It includes Fiction Book Talk and Nonfiction Book Talk. Each is available individually for $3.00 each.* This resource is a set of checklists, graphic organizers, and rubrics. It’s everything you will need to have your students complete a book

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