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Results for brazil

1,044 results

Review RI.7.2 & RI.7.3 | Brazil's Snake Island Article #7-5

Created by
Lovin Lit
Nonfiction Article of the Week Club, Article #7-5: Brazil's Snake Island: Legend Meets ScienceTeach or review reading informational text standards RI.7.2 (Development of Central Ideas and Writing an Objective Summary) and RI.7.3 (Analyze Relationships and Influence Between Ideas and Individuals in a Text) with this high-interest article on the fascinating Snake Island in Brazil. Students will also complete activities for text evidence, integrating information, literal comprehension, and take a c

Forms of Government: Brazil, Cuba, Mexico Reading Activity (SS6CG1, SS6CG1a) GSE

Your students will love learning about the forms of Government in Brazil, Cuba, and Mexico with this engaging, no prep reading activity! This is perfect for adding literacy to your social studies curriculum because it’s academically-aligned for ELA and for social studies. Plus, it’s so easy to use that you can even leave it for sub plans! This resource includes four activity pages and their answer keys. The passage is written at a 6th grade reading level and is accompanied with eight multiple ch

Brazil (country study)

Let’s get to know Brazil! This worksheet includes 26 pages with a great variety of activities and exercises about Brazil. The materials have informative exercises about the things that Brazil is famous for, such as Carnival, the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, Favelas, indigenous Brazilians, and many other things! Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. GOOGLE SLIDES WITH PREMADE TEXTBOXES INCLUDED! Overview:Page 1-2: Introdu

Rio Movie Guide in Spanish with Brazil and Environment Unit

This 125 page EDITABLE Rio movie guide is perfect for all levels of Spanish classes! Included in this packet are activities for Pre-K through Advanced Level AP Spanish. The movie does a great job teaching environmental issues along with introducing students to the country of Brazil, the celebration of Carnaval, endangered animals, the illegal animal trade, and excellent conversational Spanish expressions! Your students will love the songs, the themes, and the fun of Rio! The movie is rated G

BRAZIL GEOGRAPHY Word Search Puzzle Worksheet Activity

Created by
Puzzles to Print
Explore South America and give your class a treat with this fun and colorful resource featuring geographical features and interesting facts about Brazil. Puzzlers will be learning about this important country while they are searching for the words. There are 32 in all to find: be sure to look in all directions!Use this as a fun handout or homework for the whole class, or save it as a treat for early finishers. Kids really like doing these puzzles.The categories and terms to look for are:Name:

Brazil Presentation - Geography, History, Government, Economy, Culture, and More

This 35 slide Brazil presentation provides an overview of its history, geography, government, economy, and culture. A free worksheet that goes with this presentation can be found here: Brazil Worksheet.Includes:Geography/overview - 13 slidesFlag - 1 slideHistory - 7 slidesEconomy - 3 slidesGovernment - 3 slidesCulture - 4 slidesMiscellaneous - 3 slidesA link to download a version formatted for Google Slides is also included.This presentation can also be used with the free "Introduction to World

World Adventures: Brazil

The Brazil Unit Study is a comprehensive lesson for the classroom or homeschool. With over 120 pages of information about Brazil, topics covered include: Map it!, Speak it! (which includes sound bites), Culture, Sports, Food, and Science and Nature. Included in the Brazil Unit Study are: lots of information organized by topic, detailed teaching notes, lots of vibrant photos, games, and hands-on activities. Kids will immerse themselves in the Brazilian culture. The lessons culminate in a perso

Solving Quadratics by Square Roots Activity - Brazil Adventure Worksheet

This resource is a play on the Adventure books of your childhood with solving quadratics with square roots. An Adventure assignment allows students choice of which problems they practice. After each problem they receive a clue about the mystery country they are exploring. By the end, hopefully they will have enough pieces of the puzzle to guess where in the heck they are. Student choices will affect the types of clues they will receive and allows for additional practice for enrichment or remedia

South America Countries PowerPoint Brazil Chile Argentina Ecuador distance learn

Created by
Nikole T
South America Political map Countries PowerPoint presentation Geography The zip file contains: 2 products - PowerPoint presentation (18 slides)- PDF - 18 cards (Countries ; Area; Population) - Argentina- Bolivia- Brazil- Chile- Colombia- Ecuador- Falkland Islands - French Guiana- Guyana- Paraguay- Peru- South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands- Suriname- Trinidad and Tobago- Uruguay- VenezuelaI've given you 4 slides to look at in the Download Preview – take a look! ***********************

BRAZIL South American Unit Study Cultural Studies Bundle Activities Printables

Created by
Savy Activities
Included in this bundle is lots of geography, including landmark and city pinning work, flag and country outline recognition, national anthem, and coat of arms! Of course we included our signature fun facts about Brazil!Create a mini model of Christ the Redeemer, the iconic statute that presides over Rio de Janeiro. Put in a Bumba Meu Boi play with included masks, create a carnival headdress and learn about traditional clothing of Brazil.Brazil is also home to much of the Amazon river - included

Latin American Revolutions Project | Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Haiti

This Latin American Revolutions project looks at 5 of the larger Latin American Independence fights: Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and Haiti.You can encourage additional research, but there is a small blurb discussing each that is included.The students will compile a front-page newspaper headlining each of the independence movements. A template is included (with a rubric for you to add your own point structure).I would greatly appreciate your feedback!Any questions? Please let me know as

Brazil Coloring Page

A coloring and information sheet about Brazil. It's the perfect resource for country research projects, containing some facts about Brazil, pictures for students to color and other details such as Brazilian cities the Brazilian flag, a map and more. It's a great way to introduce a topic or to consildiate learning. Teachers have been using this range of coloring pages in their social studies centers and country research projects. So, if you think your students would love to learn about Brazil thr

Brazil Reading Comprehension Worksheet Bundle Country South America

This passage has six articles related to Honduras: People, Holidays, Geography, Amazon Rainforest, Christ the Redeemer Statue, and Government and Cities. I've included a color and black and white version of each product, as well as the key. Each individual listing has more information and previews. Great for a quick study of Brazil! INCLUDES:Geography of BrazilAmazon RainforestGovernment and Cities of BrazilPeople of BrazilHolidays Christ the Redeemer*I do my best to make sure I do not have

Rio 2 Movie Guide with Brazil and Environment Unit in Spanish

This 140+ page EDITABLE Rio 2 movie packet is the perfect way to introduce animals from the Amazon, Carnaval, Rainforest destruction, Deforestation, and ways to help the environment! This packet includes activities for elementary through college level Spanish classes. There are also Brasil Power Points and Characters from the movie Power Points to teach this movie well! There are so many useful conversation expressions in this movie that your students will learn a lot. This Rio 2 Movie Guide

The Music of Brazil (For Distance Learning OR Classroom Use!)

Samba, Bossa Nova and the Carnival festival! Are you ready to dive into the musical traditions of the Brazil with your students? **This product can be used in your classroom OR with distance learning!**This ANIMATED Google Slide Presentation includes...Stunning photos of Brazil25 Audio Recordings and Excerpts3 Videos5 Brazilian Music Genres5 Musical Instruments from BrazilCultural Information About Brazil: The National Anthem, Family Life, Cuisine, Important CelebrationsYou will also get...Notet

All About Brazil BUNDLE: Full Social Studies Unit & RIO Movie Scavenger Hunt

Created by
Krause Haus
Brazil BUNDLE: Full Social Studies Unit & RIO Movie Scavenger HuntIntroduce your students to beautiful Brazil and Rio de Janeiro with this fun, interactive social studies unit and movie guide / scavenger hunt activity! Download includes: Full Brazil Social Studies Unit PDF Google Slides presentation for animated film "RIO" Movie Scavenger Hunt Printable (3 versions) Movie Ticket StubsAll About Brazil: Full Social Studies Unit Learn All About Brazil with this full social studies unit! This do

Brazil PowerPoint

Created by
Beth Wimberly
This is a basic PowerPoint presentation about the country of Brazil (location, population, flag symbolism, geography, language, currency, government, sports and games, holidays, food, clothing, amazing animals, fun facts, etc.). This download includes a zipped folder containing both a PPT file that has locked formatting and a PPT file that is editable. Check out my store for more wonderful presentations about other countries! Please let me know if there are any other specific countries you wou

Mexico, Brazil, & Cuba: Location, Climate, and Natural Resources JIGSAW Activity

Aligned to the NEW GEORGIA STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE: SS6G3 Explain the impact of location, climate, distribution of natural resources, and population distribution on Latin America. a. Explain how the location, climate, and distribution of natural resources impact trade and affect where people live in Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba. This resource can be used in a variety of different ways! I have used it as a JIGSAW activity where I put my students in pairs and give them one of the three country prof

Brazil Worksheet Packet (24 Assignments)

Created by
BAC Education
This packet is designed to supplement and differentiate your lesson on this country. Worksheets included:Country Research AssignmentABC Summary Worksheet$1 Country Coin WorksheetPostage Stamp WorksheetCountry Adjectives WorksheetChoice Board WorksheetCountry Cuisine WorksheetFlag WorksheetImports and Exports WorksheetPlant and Animal indigenous Life WorksheetCountry Lined PaperMapping WorksheetCreate your own Money WorksheetSummary and Mural WorksheetNatural Resources WorksheetCountry Puzzle Wo

BRAZIL Crossword Puzzle Worksheet Activty

Created by
Puzzles to Print
Use this crossword puzzle to introduce your kids to the fascinating country of Brazil. It covers 26 vocabulary words and includes fun clues that kids will enjoy figuring out. The puzzle comes in two versions: one with a helpful word bank (good for less experienced puzzlers) and one without the word bank for a more challenging worksheet. Crosswords make a great introduction to a lesson, but they could also be used for a test.You could also use this crossword as a webquest as the clues all introd

Play and Class Assembly about Brazil's Culture and Rainforest

This is a fun and interactive play all about Brazil. It includes parts about the rainforest, carnival, culture, language, landmarks and of course soccer. Dancing is also incorporated throughout the play.

Trip to Brazil w/activity, Virtual Classroom Template Hispanic Heritage Month!

Ola! Here is a beautiful virtual classroom for teachers to share with their students, and take students on an adventure to BRAZIL!Students will learn about the rainforest, foods, history, music, animals, speaking Portuguese, and more! Students will experience virtual trips and tours! This room contains safelink videos via videolink.This room also includes an activity where students write a post card of what they saw, learned, or heard on their "trip!"This is a great resource for introducing c

Comparing Governments of Latin America (Mexico, Cuba, & Brazil)

This product provides you with a lesson set to teach about the governments of Latin America, focusing on the countries of Mexico, Cuba, and Brazil.This set covers these specific topics:Review of Government Systems & Types of DemocracyPresidential Democracy of MexicoCommunist Autocracy of CubaPresidential Democracy of MexicoThis no-prep lesson set includes these activities:Warm-Up & Government Systems Review3 Reading Passages with Color-Coded Reading KeyScenario Analysis Instruction ToolG

All About Brazil Country Study: RIO Movie Scavenger Hunt Activity / Guide

Created by
Krause Haus
All About Brazil: RIO Movie Scavenger Hunt / GuideLearn all about beautiful Rio de Janeiro with this fun scavenger hunt activity / movie guide! THIS IS A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY TEACHER LOOKING TO MAKE A STUDY OF BRAZIL RELEVANT AND ACCESSIBLE FOR MIDDLE SCHOOLERS. THIS ACTIVITY IS EASY-TO-FOLLOW, AND PERFECT FOR AN INTRO LESSON OR AS A BRAZIL UNIT WRAP-UP. INCLUDES: Google Slides presentation with 21 slides Students will learn about: Landmarks in Rio de Janeiro Carnival costumes & floats Brazi
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