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build a food web

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Create A Creature Ecology Project Students will demonstrate mastery of the ecology unit by completing this project, which focuses on integrating adaptations, symbiosis, food webs, and more. The project is highly creative and should result in unique products for each group/student. The Teacher Guide
7th - 10th
Have your students create their own food chain! These look great dangling from the ceiling or bulletin board and they are so much fun to make. The chain model illustrates the interdependence of plants and animals and shows how the sun’s energy flows through various organisms. Students will see that
K - 3rd
Create Connections!! Here is a student interactive food chain and food web activity to interpret interactions between producers and consumers. Using 18 images of plants and animals, the students use yarn to interconnect food chains with the entire class in this exciting activity! This set of pa
Want an interactive activity to practice or assess your students understanding of Food Chains, Webs and Energy Pyramids? This activity is it! Students are given pictures of animals for 5 different habitats or biomes (tundra, ocean, forest, rainforest and desert). They cut out the organisms and us
Engaging practice with Building Food Webs: Self Checking!Students will virtually build food webs when given the framework and energy flow arrow. Then , they can uncover the answer key to check their work. Great practice for standardized testing, using a drag and drop feature to place the animals int
4th - 7th
This a BUNDLE of all 6 biomes. (Desert, Tundra, Forest, Rainforest, Grasslands, Marine) In this activity students will be given cards with pictures of different organisms within a biome. These organisms will be representative of producers, consumers, decomposers, herbivore, carnivores and omnivores
In this completely digital lab activity, students will explore the vast diversity of organisms which inhabit an underwater kelp forest.  First, they will read a short passage about the feeding relationships among the organisms of the kelp forest, and they will use this information to fill in a chart
Self-Guided Virtual Lab Activity for Remote and Online Learning. Want your elementary or middle school science students to build and design an ocean food web or food chain? This digital activity set includes everything you need to build an accurate marine food web to show the transfer of energy b
4th - 6th
This lab activity, teacher key, and hands on high level thinking lab was created for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and is great practice to help students build a food web and observe and describe how plants and animals interact within ecosystems. Also students will learn to describe how biodi
This resource is designed for students to practice their knowledge of food webs. They should have prior knowledge of how to organize a food web and organisms in different ecosystems. There are 3 different food webs that can be created in this resource: forest, aquatic, and grassland. Each ecosystem
Two interactive food web activities in one! As part of LS2-3 or 5-LS2-1 the first resource involves using 18 plant and animal cards with information about each, yarn and a circle of students. The second involves either a digital device or printout using lines to connect the web. Great together!Are y
This food webs digital activity has everything you need to teach, practice and assess the flow of energy through an ecosystem! Perfect for upper elementary science, students learn about producers and consumers and apply this knowledge through the creation and analysis of food webs. This no prep inte
This super engaging, digital interactive food web lab activity is perfect for reinforcing 5-LS2 or MS-LS2-3 which involves the movement of matter among plants, animals, Decomposers and the environment. There are 19 plants and animals arranged in a circle and the students draw lines connecting th
Great Self- Guided Project for Distance Learning and Remote Learning! Cut and Paste Activity Worksheets.Want your elementary or middle school science students to build and design an ocean food web or food chain? This worksheet set includes four activities and everything you need to build an accurate
This online food chain/ food web resources will give your students a deeper understanding of how energy is transferred from one organism to the next. Students will use their knowledge to describe the flow of energy derived from the Sun and then to producers and consumers. They are 100% online and ca
2nd - 6th
This food web focuses on the Arctic Ocean. Although technically penguins are only found in the Antarctic I have nevertheless included them in this food web. The aim of this exercise is to let the student build their own food web by following the various food chains.
2nd - 6th
This comprehensive set of activities builds awareness and knowledge of how organisms interact in a food web. These activities meet requirements for Texas TEKS 4.9a, 4.9b, and 5.9b. The activities also meet requirements for Common Core 5L.2.1. Definition posters and sample posters are available fo
In this INVESTIGATE science station, students read about food webs and ecosystems and investigate decomposers by creating a worm bin. Students learn how important decomposers are in a healthy ecosystem. Students answer questions about this food webs investigation within their science journals, on
Using the plants and animals of the Ocean to first create a giant food web using yarn and students, and then a reinforcement activity with students using a digital drag and drop method to create food chains.Please see the previews of each product. Are you looking for other science resources? NGSS al
In this activity students will be given cards with pictures of different organisms within a Tropical Forest biome. These organisms will be representative of producers, consumers, decomposers, herbivore, carnivores and omnivores. The students will take the cards and create a realistic food web that
Test your students' knowledge of food webs and food chains by having them create a food web for an imaginary Mars Colony! Appropriate for:Upper Elementary/Middle SchoolRemote, hybrid, or in-person learning (requires computer access/use of Google Slides)Classes that have been studying ecosystems, fo
This BUNDLE has it all! NOW including a Digital Version for Google Classroom. This unit has 20 passages, organizers, vocabulary posters, activities, a PowerPoint presentation, herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores, and so much more! Students will love this kid-friendly and engaging unit! This Comple
This Google Slides Presentation is filled with activities and editable informational slides to supplement your unit on ecosystems and food chains! Students will begin by filling out a KWL chart so students can share what they want to learn. Then select from a number of engaging, high-interest activi
Ecosystems and Ecology Unit for Interactive Science Notebook! {NOW DIGITAL & PAPER INCLUDED}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningThis resource is part of the Earth Science (Entire) Curriculum.Thi

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