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Calculating Potential and Kinetic Energies
This is a worksheet that should be projected onto a digital board and worked with the students, then examples of the type of problem that they will perform are shown. Allowing them to see exactly the procedure that they will follow to answer the problems. Not too many problems of each type allows th

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Pendulum Lab
This lab is an excellent way for students to demonstrate their understanding of Potential and Kinetic Energy and practice basic algebra skills. In addition, the lab equipment is easy for the instructor to acquire and set up. This assessment covers a few key concepts in physics, such as transformatio

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Squiggle Sheets & Quiz (NGSS) {DISTANCE LEARNING}
Do your students love to doodle while taking notes?  Don't fight it, embrace it with Squiggle Sheets!!!These notes are not only fun, but help to students to meet Next Generation Science Standards.Notes are differentiated. 2 versions are included. Use the included answer key or choose to use the blan

Also included in: Squiggle Sheets Bundle #1 with Understanding Checkpoints


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Potential and Kinetic Energy - Color By Number Worksheet
Students will answer 12 questions that relate to potential and kinetic energy. The questions focus on relative amounts of potential and kinetic energy, not calculations. This aligns with NGSS MS-PS3. Once finished, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun, football col

Also included in: Science Color By Number Bundle - Science Distance Learning | Independent Work


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Science Doodle Sheet - Potential and Kinetic Energy - EASY to Use Notes w/ PPT
INCLUDED in this download:Science Doodle Sheet NotesTwo versions of doodle sheet included: 
{Interactive Notebook Size and large 8.5 x 11 size} PowerPoint – to show students the KEYThese flat doodle sheets are different than my foldables. It is the same content but in a flat sheet format. They are a

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PULLBACK TOY CAR SPEED LAB ACTIVITY, Potential, Kinetic Energy, Mass MS-PS3-1
Here is a fun, ready to go, pullback toy car lab that aligns with the NGSS MS-PS3-1 and HS-PS3-1 dealing with speed, potential energy, kinetic energy and mass. The speed equation is introduced and sample problems are included. The lab involves setting up a starting line, finish line and pullback p

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Science Doodle Sheet - Understanding Potential and Kinetic Energy - w PowerPoint
INCLUDED in this download:Science Doodle Sheet NotesTwo versions of doodle sheet included: 
{Interactive Notebook Size and large 8.5 x 11 size} PowerPoint – to show students the KEYThese flat doodle sheets are different than my foldables. It is the same content but in a flat sheet format. They are a

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Measuring Potential and Kinetic Energy Hands-On Activity MS-PS3-1 MS-PS3-2
This is a fun hands-on lab where students calculate the kinetic and potential energy of a toy car on a ramp. Materials needed: toy car, ramp, balance, timer, calculator and ruler for each group. Textbooks or cardboard may be used as ramps.If you like this activity, try these other fun lessons!Kinet

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Potential and Kinetic Energy-Interactive Lesson
Students will: 1. identify and describe potential and kinetic energy, 2. use formulas to calculate the amount of potential energy within an object due to gravity, and the amount of kinetic energy in an object in motion. Each page invites your learner to interactive with the subject to engage the in

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Potential and Kinetic Energy in Coasters
Students build coasters out of pipe insulation. They draw and measure the height of their coasters as well as label the highest and lowest points of potential and kinetic energy. They also collect time data and use the data to calculate the average speed of their coaster. Conclusion questions includ

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Potential and Kinetic energy activity: Lanky Landscaping
This activity is focused on potential and kinetic energy. In part 1, students will read through the scenario and answer the questions using mathematical calculations. Part 2 of the activity involves drawing the scenario from Part 1.Connections will be made between potential energy and work, and pote

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Car Investigation
This investigation uses to cars, ramps, and books to investigate the effect of potential energy on kinetic energy. This worksheet goes through the scientific method, including data collection, calculating velocity, and graphing.

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Review NGSS MS-PS-3-1 and MS-PS-3-2 Skill Boosters
A set of four puzzles that have students practice critical thinking skills and apply concepts related to types of energy, kinetic energy, potential energy and the relationship between mass and speed to total kinetic energy. Supports NGSS MS-PS-3-1 and MS-PS-3-2. These worksheets work well for inde

Also included in: NGSS Physical Science Puzzles, Review Worksheets, and Task Card Decks Bundle


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Potential and Kinetic Energy applied to a Roller Coster Homework
Students will illustrate and calculate potential and kinetic energy for a roller coster homework assignment. Students will also apply the Law of Conservation of Energy to their roller coster. This assignment is a perfect way to get students to start thinking about potential and kinetic energy.

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Card Sort
This is a set of 42 cards covering Kinetic Energy and the two types of Potential Energy. There are two versions of this document for differentiated instruction - one is open response and the other provides multiple choice answers. Topics include formulas, units, definitions, sample calculations,

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Quiz
This 18-question assessment covers essential vocabulary when discussing potential and kinetic energy, examples to identify the type of energy, and a calculations section to practice using the formulas for PE and KE. The quiz offers two bonus questions for students to stretch their abilities.

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Lesson 4.1 - Potential & Kinetic Energy
Lesson 4.1 - Potential & Kinetic Energy includes the following files:4.1 Potential & Kinetic Energy NotesCovers these two types of energy and how to calculate them. This notes sheet comes with an (A) version that has blanks for students to fill out as well as a completed (B) version for stud

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Potential and kinetic energy of a dynamic car
In this labs students will study how mechanical energy changes from potential to kinetic and to internal energy, as a dynamic car moves down a ramp. Students use a photogate timer to calculate the speed of the passing car, and a meter stick to measure the height of the car at several points. Student

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Worksheet II Springs
Here is a useful worksheet we have used with PE and KE. It calculates the PE and KE of a run away hot dog cart that runs into a spring. On the first worksheet, I have included the equations on the worksheets. I have included a second worksheet exactly like the first without the equations showing.

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Potential & Kinetic Energy
PowerPoint Presentation introducing potential and kinetic energy.Content:What is energy?How is energy stored?What is potential energy?What is kinetic energy?How to calculate both. Included:ActivitiesDefinitionsVisual representationsDiagrams

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Ball Ramp Activity
Students will explore the effect of the height of a ramp and the mass of an object on the potential and kinetic energy. Students will calculate velocity, kinetic and potential energy to investigate scientific questions.

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Energy Race Track (potential and kinetic energy activity)
This is for a high school physics class (regular or AP). This activity uses a think-pair-square-share teaching strategy. You will need a "potential and kinetic energy tracks" device. You can get one here: a

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Potential and Kinetic Energy Powerpoint
A short introcduction to potential and kinetic energy with photo examples of each, and the simplified versions of how to calculate each. The Potential energy formula is for Gravitational Potential energy that I use when my students do an Egg Drop Project.

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STEM Design Challenge for NGSS MS-PS-3-5 and MS-PS-3-2 Marble Roller Coasters
STEM Design Challenge for NGSS related to Potential and Kinetic Energy. (MS-PS-3-3 and 3-2)I use this design a marble roller coaster a STEM design challenge towards the end of our unit on energy on kinetic and potnetial energy.  Students are challenged to build a marble roller coaster that demonstra

Also included in: Transformation of Energy Bundle NGSS MS-PS-3-2 and MS-PS-3-5


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