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Pokey Porcupine Poke Cards: Calculate Percent of a Given Number
Pokey Porcupine provides a fun way to practice math skills! This Pokey Porcupine card game allows students to practice calculating the percent of a given number while playing a friendly game of Poke. In addition, the cards could be by individual a student at their desk. Be sure to check the previ
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Addition, Division & Calculators-Finding the MEAN--CARD GAME
Your student will practice finding the MEAN while practicing and reinforcing skills in addition and division. Student enjoy playing games, especially at school. This is an accidentaly learning GAME. Game player are dealt cards, each hand progressively gets harder, each layer adds the total and th
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Money Game - Counting Money - The Grocery Game
The Grocery Game is a highly engaging math activity that provides students with a hands-on way to practice counting money! To play, players take turns picking food cards to fill up their grocery bags. Every card has a price, so students must pay for each item by counting out the correct amount of

Also included in: Second Grade SUPER BUNDLE Reading & Math Resources for the WHOLE YEAR

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Density Logic Puzzle
This activity is a fun way for students to practice basic density calculations (p=m/v) while building in some critical thinking skills as well. Students are provided a series of clues about 7 different colored boxes and students need to determine which of the seven provided masses, volumes, and den
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In It to Win It Math Review Games--6th Grade--TEST PREP--10 Challenges
“In it to Win it” games are intended to be quick skill checks that are super fun for kiddos! My students LOVE each challenge and are very excited when I get them out. Included: 10 Challenges --Challenge 1--"Match it Up"--Matching Equivalent Expressions --Challenge 2--"How Do You Stack Up?"--Ord
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Theme Park Manager percentages game (full lesson)
This game puts students in charge of a theme park, for which they will choose from a selection of rides using the ride information cards, which detail the running cost and ticket price of each ride, the percentage of visitors that buy a ticket for it, its risk rating, and the cost of insurance for i
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Australian Money Bingo
Teach students the skills to quickly calculate and recognise different Australian coins while having fun. Give an incentive for students to get better while developing life skills. This resource will let you easily run a class session of Australian money themed Bingo. Just open up the software, gen
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Popcorn Division- 5th Grade Math
Need a way for students to practice their division skills and show what they know? This activity works on CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.NBT.B.6Find whole-number quotients of whole numbers with up to four-digit dividends and two-digit divisors, using strategies based on place value, the properties of operation
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showing 1-8 of 8 results

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