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California Native Americans
Do you need a fun and engaging unit on the California Native American tribes? Then this COMPLETE and comprehensive unit on the California Native American tribes is just for you! Activities include instructions, activity cards, student examples, and a response/recording sheet if applicable. This 60 p
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Gold Rush Interactive Notebook and Mini Unit - California Gold Rush
Your students will enjoy learning about the California Gold Rush with this interactive packet. The fun, hands-on activities in this resource will surely help your students learn and understand the history of the Gold Rush! Click here and SAVE 20% by buying ALL 15 Social Studies Interactive Notebook
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California Regions: Coastal, Mountain, Desert, and Valley Discounted Bundle
Bundle includes fun fact-filled reading text in full color and ink friendly versions. Each has a individualized writing prompt and Important Thing worksheet. All share a region map, book cover for the Important Thing about California Regions and vocabulary. Buy the bundle and save! Look for our co
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California Regions Reading Passages
This year it's time to go deeper into our Social Studies units, so I created in depth nonfiction Reading Passages about the California Regions we will be studying, specifically the Coastal, Mountain, Desert, and Valley.   This product has 3 sections:First, each region has their own passage, multiple
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The 1849 California Gold Rush:  A Student Exploration on the Gold Rush!
The 1849 California Gold Rush: A Student Exploration on the Gold Rush! This Gold Rush lesson is included as part of the Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny Unit, located here: Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny Unit! Buy the Bundle and save a Bundle! ------------- In this highly-engag
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California History Bundle (8 Products)
This product includes 8 California History products (plus one additional version of the Gold Rush Mining Journal). Buying the bundle saves you 20% of the cost of the individual products. Includes: *State Symbol Fact Fans *California ABC Book *Early Explorer Fun Facts and Writing Pack (Old and New
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California Missions Project for 4th Grade
California 4th graders typically do a Mission Project as part of their California social studies learning. This Mission Project is filled with everything you’ll need to help your students create a top quality report and presentation. It includes editable forms to allow you to customize some of the h
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California History Bundle – SEVEN California State Study Lessons!
California History is a Common Core and State-aligned Resource with SEVEN Content-Based lessons of Nonfiction Informational Text. For less than $3.30 per lesson, we've packed this Bundle with a balanced mix of engaging lower and higher level hands-on activities that students need to learn about Cal
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California Social Studies Grade 3
Updated with some new materials!This pack was created by special request. I have a generic Social Studies bundle which covers a lot, but it doesn't cover a state's individual standards. So when a third grade teacher asked me to make a pack to cover the California standards, I agreed. This pack ma
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California Native American Tribe 13 Pack Mojave Miwok Pomo Chumash Kumeyaay...
These individual articles and comprehension worksheets are bundled to offer you a great savings! Tribes include: Yurok Lake Miwok Chumash Eastern Miwok Coastal Miwok Mojave Juaneno Kumeyaay Achumawi Pomo Maidu Tongva Hupa Sample tribe full preview included. Customers Tips: Be the first to know
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California Mission Drawing Guide
Every year my 4th grade students really enjoy drawing California Missions. I’ve discovered they do their best work when they focus on a simple front view, but that’s not always easy to find in photos. My solution was to make line drawings of each mission, on graph paper, so students could more easil
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California 4th Grade Social Studies MEGA Bundle
***UPDATED TO INCLUDE IMAGES FOR EACH SLIDE ON OREGON TRAIL MAP ***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft Word documents can also be saved as Google Docs and used in Google or other digital classrooms ***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft PowerPoint files can also be saved as Goo
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California Social Studies Grade 4
My Social Studies packs for the United States and Ohio have been very well-received. I love writing about history and making history fun for kids. After someone requested I work on a California Social Studies pack, I was hooked. California history is fascinating!This zip file includes six main pa
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California Explorers Series Discounted Bundle Cabrillo Drake De Anza De Portola.
Learn about California explorers in these student friendly articles that give the early years, goals, success and failures and legacies of these explorers of California. Buy the bundle and save! All include ink friendly versions. This series includes: Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Sir Francis Drake Sebas
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California Mission Unit with Passages and Text Dependent Questions
This 84 page California Mission Unit, with passages and questions is a great way for your students to learn about missions. Perfect for reading comprehension, it contains passages, text dependent questions, vocabulary cards, and essential questions contains everything needed to teach a rigorous unit
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California Gold Rush
This packet will give you and your students everything they need to research and learn about the California Gold Rush. Use this packet with the Internet, your social studies textbook, or trade books - it can be used with any curriculum! This resource will help your students enhance their research
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California Gold Rush ESCAPE ROOM Activity - Westward Expansion
The California Gold Rush Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the mass immigration called the Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking codes.
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California History - Complete Unit
This unit is designed to teach about the history, geography, and culture of California across an entire school year. Included in the zip file are: - Reading and project sheets - Crosswords - Image sheets - Graphic Organizers - PowerPoint Presentations Over the course of 24 separate lessons studen
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California Missions : Overview Includes Article, Writing Activity & Art Project
Problem: There is a lot of information available on the California Missions, but most of it is too detailed, too difficult, or too broad for 4th graders. I needed an overview of the mission system that was engaging for kids and worked as a companion for individual Mission projects I would assign lat
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4th Grade California Native American Tribe Lapbook
Great project that meets all the new California Social Studies 4th grade Standards! Lap book has two types of covers to choose from: Individual Tribe Names (included) or a blank design for students to create their own covers. Each section meets the standards. Student can draw and color or print pic
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California Gold Rush Simulation - Gold Rush Day!
This is a California Gold Rush Simulation perfect for a day of Gold Rush fun! There are five activities set for twenty minutes. In all, the activities should take a little over an hour and a half. This activity pairs with with The California Gold Rush Investigation and is perfect as an end of un
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California History Reading Passage BUNDLE (5 products - 22 Passages)
This year our RCD focus has been on Social Studies - to go deeper in our learning! Over the past few months I have created these 22 Reading Passages to help my students learn more about California History. Each of the 5 products are set up in the same manner, with 3 sections: *The reading passa
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California Missions! Epic 45 slide PPT - visual, textual, engaging
THIS DOWNLOAD INCLUDES BOTH PART 1 AND PART 2 OF THE UNIT DESCRIBED BELOW: This series of PowerPoint slides introduces students to the 21 Spanish Missions in California. This unit can be downloaded in its entirety or download part 1 or part 2 to be taught independently. Enjoy! PART 1 (22 slides)
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4th Grade California Travel Journal: A Research Report
Fourth Graders have traditionally done a California State Report each year. The California Travel Journal is a 37 page unit and is a similar project with a unique spin. Students learn about the state by planning an imaginary trip and creating a travel journal (a diary of sorts) by researching the fo
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