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Call-and-response is a time-tested technique for getting attention, not just in classrooms but in the military, in churches, at sports events, and in traditional cultures in various parts of the world. Instead of repeating yourself, train students to respond to a fun or inspiring statement:Macaroni.
Use these fun Call-and-Response quotes to get and keep your students’ attention! The teacher says the first part of the quote, and together students respond as a group with the last part, ensuring you have their attention. Some of the quotes are short and sweet, while others are a bit longer for whe
Call and responses are a fantastic behavior management tool for any age! Get students to focus up with this set of over 70 unique call and response cards!Included in this bundle: Classic lyrics from favorite 80's and 90's songs. Special holiday call and responses (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's D
These 25 classroom call back posters are the perfect way to build positive, energetic engagement in your classroom. Use them to get students listening to instructions, grab students attention to begin transitions, or to make important announcements!The variety included in this pack range from funny,
Not Grade Specific

Also included in: Kute Kids Décor Bundle!

These Spanish call-and-response attention grabbers for quieting a noisy classroom are simple rhymes and actions to get your students' attention quickly and easily. Great for bilingual or dual-language classes and also for foreign language classes trying to stay in the target language! Please downloa
"Rico's Pizza Restaurant" is an adorable, catchy pentatonic folk song your students will just eat up! It is great for reading so and mi and practicing independent singing and call-and-response singing with young children. You can use the menu for students to choose a response topping shown. You can
Are you looking for engaging discussion, textual analysis, and reader response activities for A Monster Calls? These activities will help your students anticipate thematic ideas in the novel, engage in small group pre-reading discussions, and dig into the text using a picture prompts digital journal
This includes 13 posters with call and response for the classroom. Each poster is on a white background with a rainbow dot border. There are 13 posters in 'Rainbow Bright' and 13 in 'Simple & Bold' allowing you to choose what fits best in your classroom. Both sets also include a teacher's prompt
For the Kodaly and/or Orff classroom! This file includes rhythmic and melodic slides to teach the call-and-response song "Hill and Gully Rider." Included are: Title page Steady beat Rhythmic icons Melodic icons Game ideas Ostinato suggestions Copy of the song
3rd - 5th
This includes 13 posters with call and response for the classroom. Each poster has the teacher's prompt in white, then the student's response in color. These can be easily laminated and used throughout the year. This also includes a teacher page that can be printed and hung up in various spots to re
Looking for a way to get your students attention? Try these call and response attention grabbers. Includes 20 different call and response cards to display on the whiteboard or keep them on a metal ring.
PreK - 6th
This is a great resource for teaching Call-and-Response songs to your students. I have included several pages of introducing and defining what call-and-response actually means. Then I have included sheet music for several call-and-response songs for your to teach your students (no audio recordings
In this packet I have included 68 fun and entertaining attention grabbers to use with your students. Teachers say the beginning of the saying and the students respond with the ending. Students LOVE this technique and it is very effective in getting your students quiet and ready to listen to you
UPDATED March 2014 to include comprehension questions. Every spring my students and I read "A Dog Called Kitty" by Bill Wallace. The book is an excellent way to end the school year with my students. The theme of the book is overcoming fears. I love to read it aloud with my students and discuss h
Your students will love learning these traditional Call and Response songs from around the world. We have revamped our Simple Series format to get the most out of these Call and Response songs. Not only can your students echo the melody, rhythm, and lyrics of theses songs, but we have arranged a Bo

Also included in: Classroom Bundle

Perfect for the start of a new year! Super easy to use and applicable for all learning situations with no specialized instruction in music necessary! As a music education specialist, I use this fun and engaging song at the beginning of every lesson grades 1 through 5 to strengten students' ability
1st - 5th
This digital download is a collection of 30 extended response prompts for the popular novel, Call It Courage. These are prompts that will help your students meet success in standardized tests, and most importantly, comprehending and analyzing the the content of the novel.
This activity is a fun way to get students engaged, while memorizing important standards for the empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai. Students write a song about the African Empires to a familiar call response song (like Boom-Chicka-Boom), pop song or nursery rhyme beat. Then, students perform a song
I cannot tell you how often in one day that I need my class' attention (it's probably close to a billion). I was never a clapping person (if you can hear me clap 2135x), or a flashing lights person *cue headache.* These things just did not really work for me in my classroom and for my firsties. BUT,
Not Grade Specific
This poster is perfect for the primary classroom! This set has 1 poster in 9 different colors and 2 different designs (polka dot & chevron). Also, there is a pre-set and editable version for each color and design!This file is really easy to print out. Just take the file to Staples, tell them whi
PreK - 3rd
Help your students learn the subordinate conjunctions with this engaging funky call and response rap.Each conjunction is paired with another to help reinforce the memory.17 Conjunctions are covered,Also available on youtube for student access https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc0YRS5ynHE
4th - 10th
Are you looking for some safe and fun behavior management resources?? Included in this special social distancing songs, cheers, and call and response set you will receive multiple song choices, student cheer choices, and call and response choices in a fun rainbow theme! Each option can easily be pri
Need help managing students? Do you struggle with drawing your students attention back to you? These posters are great to hang in your room and use as call and responses for when you need to bring your students back to you. Keep them posted all year, the students will catch on quick don't worry!
Not Grade Specific
This adorable, original call and response style song is a perfect addition to your music repertoire and is appropriate for your young elementary music students. Students will be focusing on and practicing rhythm patterns ta (quarter note), ti-ti (paired eighth notes), and Z (quarter rest) along wit

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