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Results for calm down corner

2,000+ results

Calm Down Techniques - Calm Down Corner, Books, Posters, and Supports

Create a Calm Down Corner and teach calm down techniques to help your students develop self-regulation and manage their big emotions. It includes a class read-aloud, calm down posters, calm down cards, yoga cards, deep breaths visual, abook list, positive notes, and more! Teaching students how to manage their emotions is a life skill! These activities will help you build a caring classroom community of learners who will support each other all year long. These activities are designed for prescho

CALM DOWN CORNER: Classroom Management Social Emotional Learning Coping Tools

Our Calm Down Corner kit has EVERYTHING you need to help your students with self-regulation, and will be a true game changer for your classroom management. It's the perfect social emotional learning and behavior management tool that's essential for every elementary classroom! You'll be able to create a beautiful break space where students can independently use coping strategies to self-regulate and manage their big feelings. All the while reducing classroom disruptions, making it easier for you

Classroom Calm Down Corner Kit | Identifying Feelings Emotional Regulation

Self regulation and problem solving skills are critical for students’ success in the classroom! The Classroom Calm Down Corner Kit includes everything you need for a calming corner or peace table: grab calm down posters for identifying feelings and emotions, deep breathing exercises, and calm down strategies for your students in one, ready-for-you kit.  In the included How to Use guide, I walk you through how I introduce each part of the kit, and empower my students to build independence when us

Calm Down Corner with Strategy Posters | Classroom Break Area Kit

Created by
A Perfect Blend
These posters and letters provide a visual reference for students that need or request to take a quick break. The posters transition the students through a reflective process using the acronym, “BREAK” (Breathe, Reflect, Emotions, Access, and Know). Visuals are provided for each stage to help guide your students. Create a calm, safe break area in your classroomBreak area posters Visuals with emotions, strategies and resources Sensory basket labels THREE color options (bright colors- as shown, s

Self-Regulation, Calm Down Corner, Yoga, Brain Breaks, Self-Esteem - SEL Lessons

This self-management unit for K-2 is teacher-approved and includes 5 detailed lessons filled with hands-on and mindful activities that teach children how to self-regulate, calm down, be mindful, and develop self-control and self-esteem. ♥♥The mind+heart Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for K-2 is available for a SPECIAL LOW PRICE DISCOUNT. Get your entire year’s worth of lessons (40+ included) and activities to help young children to develop emotional literacy, self-control, and social compe

Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Posters | Calm Down Corner | SEL

Looking for posters and handouts for your calming kits and calm down corner? These no prep mindfulness breathing posters and pocket cards are will help your students cool down when they're angry, sad or frustrated by using simple and easy to follow breathing techniques. ●●● It's important for students to learn emotional regulation skills. When students are angry, overly excited, sad or having a hard time regulating their emotions, using a breathing exercise, a body scan or grounding technique

Calm Down Corner Strategies EDITABLE - Distance Learning

An EDITABLE calm down kit, book, binder, or posters! These calm down resources can easily be assembled for a calm down corner, a book, or placed in a binder. Simply print, cut around the tabs, and hole punch. Most of the pages are editable, so you can fit your student needs. With these calm down resources, students can identify how they are feeling, read a social story, select a calm down choice, select a breathing exercise, and read a check list to ensure they are ready to go! What is Included?

Calm Down Corner with Calming Strategies, Visuals, Signs, Student Notebook

A calm corner is an essential social emotional learning tool for every K-3 elementary classroom. If you need to create a space where students can learn to independently manage their feelings and use coping tools, this calm corner is it. The calm down corner is set up to step-by-step guide students through self regulation. They identify feelings, choose calming strategies, reflect on how they worked, and decide if they are ready to return to learning.Click Preview to see everything that is includ

Calm Down Corner Kit + Printable Calming Strategies

Mindfulness has been a GAME CHANGER in my classroom! It has helped me to deescalate so many situations in a safe and calm way. My kids have learned how to self regulate their emotions through mindfulness and it has made my classroom community STRONG! VIDEO PREVIEW SHOWS 2018 VERSION. THIS PRODUCT GOT AN UPDATE IN 2021 (AS SHOWN IN PICTURES). BOTH VERSIONS ARE INCLUDED!PLEASE NOTE: This Calm Down Corner Kit is valid for ONE CLASSROOM ONLY. If you would like to purchase it for other teachers/class

Calm Down Corner Lesson, Centers, Posters, and Lapbook

This classroom coping skills calm down corner resource is a great way to make emotional self-regulation a priority in your classroom, office, and/or school. It includes a centers-based lesson for teaching students how to use the different tools and strategies, visuals for your Peace Corner, Calm Corner, or Calm Down Corner, or Zen Den, or Take a Break Spot, or Cool Down Spot, and a lapbook for students to feel empowered in their own self-regulation and feelings management. This resource a great

Calm Down Kit Corner- Visual Behavioral Management Tools for the Primary Grades

Calm Down visuals for YOUR classroom! This huge pack is filled of different supports for students with behavioral needs. All of the products can be printed, assembled and placed in a Calm Down Area or corner for students to reference or go to when feeling overwhelmed or anxious. This pairs perfect with a calm down kit. This calm down corner is full of visuals to help non-readers and emerging readers learn to cope with their emotions on their own!To read more about a calm down kit, check out thi

Calm Down Corner and Area (Calm Down Tool Kit)

Created by
Brooke Reagan
Calm Down Tool KitEvery classroom needs a safe place where students can go to get calm and use calming strategies. This space in a classroom is often called a calm down corner or area. A calm down area can be set up many ways. This product has many different tools and resources to set up your own calm down area in your classroom. What's Included:-Teacher Note-Calm Down Strategy Printable/ Poster (4 different versions) -Safe Zone/ Area Visual -Safe Zone Breathing -Calm Body Poster (4 versions)-

Breathing Exercises Cards and Calm Down Corner Kit | Calming Strategies

Students need time and space to manage their emotions in the classroom. This resource provides you with the essentials to get started creating a calming space in your classroom to promote student well-being.►Download the preview file to get a closer look at everything that is included!If you are looking for a comprehensive SEL curriculum for 1st or 2nd grade, CLICK HERE for the perfect solution!Looking for simple mindfulness activities?The breathing posters are perfect to support mindful moments

Calm Down Corner | Yoga Cards | Calming Strategies | Breathing Techniques

This calming corner provides posters and visual aides to support social emotional learning in your classroom. A calming corner is designed to create a safe place for your students when they lose control of their behavior and/or emotions. The calming corner will provide students with visuals and resources that will help them learn new breathing techniques, self regulate their emotions through mindfulness and practice Yoga poses. See the preview for more details!⭐️Need some matching Google Slides

Calm Down Strategies Social Story & Activities | Calm Down Corner | Self Reg

Do you have students who struggle to calm down after being upset or angry? This Calm Down Strategies Social Story & Social Skills Activities Set is just what you need.  This set includes an engaging and informative social story and multiple high-interest activities.  Perfect for supporting students who are struggling with self-regulation, emotional-regulation, and coping skills, and guiding your students in developing a strong understanding of strategies and techniques for calming down.This

Coping Strategies Posters for Self-Regulation Skills & Calm Down Corner

Use these coping strategies visual posters to teach, discuss, and practice coping strategies to manage emotions! They include 9 unique posters with a total of over 80 coping skills. Coping strategies are critical skills to help kids and young adults calm down and manage their emotions on the spot.A worksheet and simple student directions are also included to allow learners to make their own individualized coping strategies visuals! This can be a perfect activity to introduce and discuss coping s

SEL Classroom Tools - Calm Down Corner, Yoga, Feelings Posters, Brain Breaks

Get 5 self regulation and social emotional learning tools you can use daily with elementary students. This includes an interactive calm down corner, brain breaks, yoga cards, feelings posters, and behavior reflection sheets. This bundle will make SEL a seamless part of your classroom community. Create a calm corner to help students use self regulation skills. Try yoga poses and brain breaks to make transitions smoother. Post feelings posters on the walls to help students identify emotions in the

Calm Down Corner Positive Behavior Classroom Management

Have you ever had a student that needs a significant amount of behavior support? A child who does not work? A child who gets angry easy? A child who is disruptive? They need a space where they calm down. They need visuals and tools to support their needs. When a child needs a break, they need a place to go so that we can continue to teach the other kids, and then check in on the child when our lesson over we can pause it.You getFirst - Then ScheduleToken Board Calm Down expectationsDirectional C

Calm Down Kit For Calming Corner In Special Education

Have you noticed that your students are coming into school more dysregulated than ever? This Calming Kit is a great addition to your Calming Corner. If you are a parent, are you needing some visuals and strategies to help with self-regulation at home? This is for you too! If you are like me, you have needed to use more co-regulation techniques in your early childhood special education classroom (early elementary too!). You may wonder, "how can I start teaching my young autistic students/chil

Calm Down Construction with STEM Bins® - Calm Down Corner for SEL

Calm Down Construction is designed to accompany my STEM Bins® , found at the following link:★STEM BINS****STEAM BINS VERSION IS ALSO INCLUDED!***Calm Down Construction with STEM Bins is a simple, hands-on center that allows students to deescalate or calm down when they feel angry, fearful, sad, frustrated, or in need of a mental break. For so many of our spatial and kinesthetic learners, building and manipulating objects is a calming and satisfying exercise. It allows them to breathe, decompress

Calm Down Corner Teaching Feelings & Coping Skills For Social Emotional Learning

Create a trauma informed classroom by helping children develop strategies to overcome their big feelings. A calm down corner is the perfect way to teach students about their feelings, coping strategies and self regulation. This set has EVERYTHING you need to support social and emotional learning. Don't be intimidated by behavior management. Implementing a calm down corner helps young students learn to manage their feelings. These safe place resources are an essential SEL learning tool. With thes

Calm Down Corner Bundle • EDITABLE

Created by
DaniVill Art
** NOW EDITABLE! **These resources make a great addition to a Calm Down Corner or Kit!

Calm Down Corner Posters: Peace Corner or Take a Break Spot Tools

This calm down corner resource is a great way to make emotional self-regulation a priority in your classroom, office, and/or school. It includes a centers-based lesson for teaching students how to use the different tools and strategies and posters for your Peace Corner, Calm Corner, or Calm Down Corner, or Zen Den, or Take a Break Spot, or Cool Down Spot. This resource a great fit for trauma sensitive (or trauma informed) classrooms and is everything you need for a regulation station in your roo

Self-Regulation Coping Skills for School Spinner Craft: Use in Calm Down Corner

This 20 Self-Regulation Coping Skills resource helps students learn strategies to self-regulate, focus, ask for help and return to a calm place, to be better ready to learn and get along with others. Use this Spinner Craft in your Take A Break Station, Calm Down Corner, Zen Zone or Peace Spot.What You'll Get:✓Pre-Made just have to cut out and attach with a fastener ✓ DIY Customizable Spinner Templates✓ All files come in color -and- black/white line art (perfect for coloring)✓ Bonu
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