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A calm corner is an essential social-emotional learning tool for every K-3 elementary classroom. If you need to create a space where students can learn to independently manage their feelings and use strategies, this calm corner is it. The calm down corner is set up to step by step guide students through self-regulation. They identify feelings, choose calming strategies, reflect on how it worked and decided if they are ready to return to learning.Click Preview to see everything that is includedWh
Trauma-Sensitive Classroom ResourceNow in both printable and digital formats, this 50 Self-Regulation Coping Skills resource helps students learn strategies to self-regulate, focus, ask for help and return to a calm place, to be better ready to learn and get along with others. Use for in person classrooms, distance learning, and home. The poster, checklist, task cards, and spinner craft are wonderful additions for your classroom or school counseling office and reinforce a trauma informed classr
The Calm Kids Activity Book is a low-prep personal Calm Corner Kit with over 100 interventions and exercises that promote self-awareness, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and social emotional learning, while helping you with classroom management. For SEL distance learning, share the no-prep Digital Calm Kids Activity Book on Google Slides™ with your students to use at home. For face-to-face, in-school learning, the printable coping tools kit is so easy to prepare that you can make individual c
Brain breaks and mindfulness have NEVER been more important! Put your students on the path to more peace and well-being using these yoga cards, posters, book list, and journal! They are perfect for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade as daily brain breaks or for use in a cool-down or calm-down corner. This product includes:36 full-color yoga poses with the name of yoga pose, image, and explanation36 black-and-white posters (same as color yoga posters)36 mini-sized (4 to a page) posters
Get 5 self regulation tools you can use daily in your elementary classroom. This includes an interactive calm corner, brain breaks, yoga cards, feelings posters, and reflection sheets. This bundle will make SEL activities a seamless part of your classroom community. These functional tools will support students with special needs without creating something separate. Create a calm corner to help students use self regulation skills. Try yoga poses and brain breaks to make transitions smoother. Post
Use these coping strategies visual posters to teach, discuss, and practice coping strategies to manage emotions! They include 9 unique posters with a total of over 80 coping skills. Coping strategies are critical skills to help kids and young adults calm down and manage their emotions on the spot.A worksheet and simple student directions are also included to allow learners to make their own individualized coping strategies visuals! This can be a perfect activity to introduce and discuss coping s
Yoga for Kids was originally designed with the school setting in mind: no yoga mats or getting down on the floor required. The DIGITAL version contains all original 32 classroom-friendly poses PLUS 14 new bonus floor poses that can be done more easily at home for distance learning. Detailed, clear, and cute visual supports and (and accompanying animal partners) help reinforce the learning of each mindful yoga pose. Perfect for your Calm Corner, Take a Break Station, Trauma Informed Classroom a
DIGITAL CALM DOWN CORNER for Social Emotional Distance Learning & SupportThis Interactive Digital Calm Corner helps children check in with their feelings and guides them through 25 different self-regulation coping tools, breathing exercises, and mindfulness activities. Great for teachers and school counselors doing SEL distance learning , using Google Classroom™, and teletherapy. Wonderful resource for students and their families who don't already have a physical calm corner in their home.
These Calm Down Corner Posters are a perfect way to create a positive classroom community and support social emotional learning.Each poster has space for you to personalize with your own visuals. No images are included in this product. A fun idea students love is to add your own Bitmoji.**Please note: No Bitmojis™ or IMAGES are included in this product! You MUST add your own! Each poster has space for you to do so.This set includes 24 strategy templates in Google Slides.4 Poster Options:1) Shipl
This resource contains 10 reading passages and 30 mini-writing prompts focused on social emotional learning. Each page includes a SEL reading task, a doodle or discover task, and a “do” task. First, students will read a nonfiction or fiction passage that highlights a key skill associated with social emotional learning. Then, they’ll creatively respond to the passage with a doodle or discover task. Finally, they’ll do something to connect more deeply with the concept. The social emotional learni
Make distance learning and counseling exciting for your students with these Virtual Counseling Rooms. We have all seen the fun, interactive Bitmoji classrooms that some teachers are creating, but it takes an enormous amount of time to design, decorate and create interactive links for just one room!To save you time, I have created 3 Virtual Counseling Rooms: A Virtual Counseling Office, Virtual Counseling Classroom, and Virtual Calming Corner with different decor and over 40 pre-linked objects th
PreK - 8th
This cool down corner was designed to help students regulate their emotions.  Teaching students to be more mindful and to develop self-control has never been more important.You will find everything you need to create a safe space for students to decompress and calm down in a comfortable, supportive setting.PLEASE NOTE: This file is the SAME file as the Cool-Down Corner with KID CLIP ART, but this file includes dot dudes clip art in lieu of kid clip art. This file includes:a quick and handy one
This self-management SEL curriculum BUNDLE includes the PRINTABLE VERSION & a DIGITAL VERSION. Use both perfectly-aligned resources together to teach children coping strategies, ways to calm down, how to self-regulate, about mindfulness, self-control, and self-esteem in person, online during remote learning, in a hybrid classroom, or one-to-one classroom. Check out the PRINTABLE Self-Management curriculum for K-2 HERE filled with hands-on and mindful activities. The lessons and activities wo
This interactive lapbook is a great way for students to independently self-regulate when they are upset. Emotional regulation is hard but this lapbook makes it easy and engaging. It can be used with or without a peace corner (or take a break space or calm down corner or calm corner or zen den!). *This now includes the calm corner lapbook in a Google Slides (TM) version for distance learning. See the preview and video for more details of this piece! It can be used by any student/parent with a Goo
I am a huge believer that all classrooms should have a calm down corner: a safe space where students can regulate their emotions with effective strategies. Distance learning doesn't have to change that!I have created a "Virtual Calm Down Corner" that you can share with your students via Google Slides. This hands on resource allows students to practice 20 calming strategies and exercises to promote self-regulation. AUDIO FEATURE: Each slide has an audio button, which will play a voice recording o
This DIGITAL self-management SEL curriculum for K-2 includes 5 detailed lessons filled with digital, interactive activities that teach kids coping strategies and ways to calm down, how to self-regulate, about mindfulness, self-control, and self-esteem. Children will have opportunities to learn, practice, and develop social-emotional skills through a variety of engaging lessons and digital activities. The program provides teachers and parents with lesson plans, instructions, videos, and activitie
Digital Calming Tools for Distance Learning - Move your calm corner to the digital world! Using this interactive Google Slides TM calm corner, students will practice noticing their thoughts, identifying sensations in their bodies, labeling feelings, and choosing appropriate coping skills or calming strategies to deal with their feelings. Students can practice all 16 calming strategies and then identify strategies that work for them. Use these in Google Classroom TM for students during distance l
2nd - 5th
This calm down corner works with google classroom. Students assess their mood with a feelings check in. Next they choose coping skills to regulate their emotions. Be sure to keep the sound on to hear the calming sounds for each page. These videos and mindfulness based activities help students regulate their emotions while improving overall classroom behavior management. This digital take a break station includes self regulation calming strategies for anger, anxiety, impulsivity and overwhelmin
Product is in Google Slides--This virtual therapy room is focused on mindfulness and relaxation! It can accommodate a wide age range with engaging and fun activities for all (This is my favorite room to use for myself- I love all of the activities). All of the objects have amazing links already, but you can edit and add your own as well! All objects, cat, wall art, etc all have links. Activities include art, music, meditation and relaxation! Screen shots of some of the activities are in the prev
Not Grade Specific
Calm down corner / kit with interactive spinning wheel of calming strategies. After posting the free version of this resource, I have received several requests for an editable format..This is the fully editable, google slides version of the virtual calm down strategy wheel.The calm down corner wheel includes 6 calming strategies, each linked to a song, story, activity, or game to develop social emotional awareness, and provide practice in calming and coping strategies students can use to self-re
Not Grade Specific
This cool down corner was designed to help students regulate their emotions.  Teaching students to be more mindful and to develop self-control has never been more important.You will find everything you need to create a safe space for students to decompress and calm down in a comfortable, supportive setting.PLEASE NOTE: This file is the SAME file as the Cool-Down Corner with Dot Dudes, but this file includes kid clip art in lieu of the dot dudes. This file includes:a quick and handy one page gui
Use these free coping strategies poster to help kids and young adults manage tough emotions and cope with stress. It includes both printable and digital options, making it easy to teach coping skills however is best for you. Coping strategies include practicing mindfulness, exercising, coloring, writing in a journal and more. This is a simple reminder to use coping skills when needed!A blank page is also included for kids and young adults to write in their own individualized coping strategies.Di
This is a digital calm corner that students can use at home or in the classroom to practice their self-regulation skills. The virtual tool leads students through a step-by-step process to identify how they are feeling and calming strategies they can use to feel better. It's a great companion to social-emotional learning activities in the classroom.Want the printable version too? Grab the Digital & Printable Calm Corner Bundle and save!Need this and more? Grab the Self Regulation Toolkit - Pr
Social emotional awareness and learning is essential in middle and high school classrooms.  Every teacher knows that establishing routines is critical to a successful classroom.  This is especially true when creating a calming corner within the classroom.  After teaching students the rules of the calm corner, use this poster to help remind students of the rules of the calm corner.  This product also includes a check-in form for students to complete when utilizing the calm corner.  This form will

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