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This is a 3 page activity that includes a differentiated option. Great to enhance your lessons on the topic of light independent reactions. This can also be incorporated into INBs. It is very versatile as it can be used as homework, classwork or as a review. Students fill in steps of the Calvin
**Included in a money-saving bundle** The Calvin Cycle is such a challenging thing to teach because there are so many details. Some teachers simply skip over the details and just give students the net reaction to recite and regurgitate. I have taught it many times and I think the details are what
As students complete this chart, they develop a better understanding of the differences between the light reaction and the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis. Location within the chloroplast, energy source, reactants, and products are emphasized. Two slightly different versions are provided for differen
This set of guided notes with biology doodles can be little anchor charts for your student to keep in their notebook! Using these pages, students can color, doodle, and make connections within the material as they takes notes in class. These pages include a page all about the Calvin Cycle (to comp
This biology homework page is perfect for helping students review the Calvin Cycle process of photosynthesis, but focuses them on the bigger picture! This one page worksheet is designed to have meaningful, thought-provoking, and creative questions that are respectful of student time. ***This page
Simplify the Calvin Cycle and make learning fun, especially for kinesthetic learners! Students often become overwhelmed by the multiple steps and complex names of the Calvin Cycle. Help your students focus on the Cross Cutting Concept of matter and energy flow by deemphasizing names and demonstrat
Calvin Cycle is a very difficult process to learn. Students struggle with remembering each part of the process. The Calvin Cycle Activity is designed to help students with remembering the process in the a visual way. Students can practice the cycle over and over again without having to write out the
This dynamic rap song takes you inside the stroma of a chloroplast during the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis, also known as the Calvin cycle. Listen to how a plant takes in carbon dioxide from the air and uses the carbon dioxide, enzymes, ATP, and NADPH to create G3P, the three carbon
Calvin Cycle basics presented in a clear format with a companion worksheet and/or quiz.
The eight critical points of the Calvin Cycle in general terms. Can be used as a study guide students can use their books to find the answers and, later, as a quiz. Key provided.
I created this activity for my AP Biology students on a day that I had to be out of the classroom. The activity uses a TED-ED video on the Calvin Cycle that explains how the cycle works to create glucose and to regenerate RuBP. The process is complicated and I suggested that the video be slowed do
These interactive diagrams are terrific for science teachers teaching their students in a distance learning or blended learning environment. These click-and-learn diagrams are Google Slides files designed to be used in several possible ways.In this diagram set, leaf structure, Calvin Cycle (with the
Calvin Cycle and Photosystems combined flowchart, showing how the products of the two parts of photosynthesis work together to produce sugar and atmospheric Oxygen.
Calvin Cycle guided notes for the following Powerpoint notes: Calvin Cycle NotesBiology Notes Bundle

Also included in: Biology Guided Notes Bundle!

Worksheet to review the main points of stage 2 of photosynthesis. 2 pages
Description:This 3 page set of "BOGOnotes" features a note-taking template for the Calvin Cycle. The diagram comes with a color-coded word bank and an answer key.Why I Developed This Resource:I developed this method of guided note-taking for my students when I discovered that they often needed some
The Calvin Cycle described in a fun way using corn on the cob and corn skewers to clearly show what's going on in a clear and less chemical way.
An in-depth review of the Calvin Cycle using the internet. Students research and self-discover as much as they can about the Calvin Cycle.This is differentiation at it's best! All students are able to work at their own pace and ability level.
A cut and paste flow diagram to support the study of photosynthesis and the Calvin Cycle. Suitable for students studying A-level, IB or AP Biology.A great activity for either the review or consolidation of this essential metabolic process. Could also be used as an alternative assessment item.Can als
This animated music video takes you inside the stroma of a chloroplast during the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis (also called the Calvin cycle or the dark reactions). The rhyming lyrics, catchy beats, and vivid animations explain the phases of carbon fixation, PGA reduction, and RUBP
Quiz or worksheet covering the components and steps of the Calvin Cycle.
This set includes interactive notebook activities for 8 topics throughout biology. There is a wide range of activities to choose from, including differentiated activities for different levels. This unit can be used as a stand alone curriculum or as part of an existing curriculum. 1. Cells Interacti
Photosynthesis Complete Unit Plan Teaching Bundle. It's all here.... Everything you need to teach this complete unit on photosynthesis to your biology students. This bundled unit contains at least 2 weeks of teaching materials or 3 weeks if you complete all of the enclosed labs. This photosynthes
Are you teaching basic cellular processes like photosynthesis & respiration? Need a good way to explain ATP and energy? This product is for you! Save yourself lots of time (and your own ATP)!Photosynthesis and respiration are some of the most difficult topics to teach in a Biology or Life Sci

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