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This is a simple graphic organizer to guide students research when discovering a career of their choice. Students will look up the basics of a possible career of choice including salary, education requirements, employment outlook, skills, tasks, etc.
This modified handout could be used as part of the Practical Living Curriculum, Vocational Studies, or as part of transitioning for Special Education students.
Career Exploration Research Prompts is a printable and digital activity with Google Slides™ and PowerPoint versions and engages upper elementary students in researching key questions about a career. This activity is intended for distance learning, in-person instruction with 1:1 devices, or printed for individual use. Completed papers would be perfect to display on a career-related bulletin board, presented in class, or displayed online in a virtual (password-protected) career room. There are two
This lesson was designed for 8th grade students at the end of the school year. Students research various Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics jobs and select one to further research for a career fair for parents and other students. Students start by selecting 3 careers they might be interested in and research the basics of the career (using the 3 careers initial sheet). After looking at 3, students narrow it down to their final career and do more extensive research. After researchi
6th - 12th
Research Questions Choose a career? Explain the job responsibilities How does this career help others? How long do you have to go to college for the career you chose? Give 3 reasons why you chose this career
1st - 3rd
This career research project is designed to help students explore a specific career path and evaluate if that career would be a good fit for them. The end product is a 12 slide PowerPoint about what the student learned. The packet includes examples of what students should include as well as a graphic organizer to plan their PowerPoints.
Need a project to introduce your students to Careers and Business Skills? Look no further!This project is designed to help students learn about potential careers that they would be interested in and walks them through the process of job searching to interviewing. This project is well suited to be used as a follow up activity for the Career Assessment Worksheet.If your students completed the Career Assessment Worksheet, they can choose one of their top careers from that activity for use with this
FREE - Career Research Worksheet. One free career research worksheet using the Bureau of Labor website. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And from the larger ensemble...SOCIAL STUDIES13 Colonies (43 worksheets)American History (88 worksheets)Bundle - US History & US GeographyConstitution (8 kid-friendly worksheets)California & USA BundleFlorida & USA BundleNew York & USA BundleNew
Looking for a great way to wrap up your semester or year with your seniors? This project proves to them that they will be using the skills that they have learned in school in "the real world." Students will choose a career or college that they are interested in to research. They will need to organize important details, like what duties are required of them and how much they will be paid or be paying for school. After they research their career or college, students will practice positive oral pr
11th - 12th
This career and employment research activity provides students and adults in vocational rehabilitation or career education programs with a guided means for exploring career interests and opportunities. The worksheet begins with having students take an interest assessment on CareerOneStop's website. The activity then helps to facilitate research related to careers that the student is most interested in. The activity culminates with a job search that helps to promote the development of job seeking
This research project includes an overview of what the students will complete, a full list of career options, details to include in each paragraph, and a rubric for the entire project. This project is to encourage the students to start researching what they may want to do when they grow up and what path they need to take to reach their goal.
Create awesome career research projects with this Career Research Choice Board! Students have 6 choices: Podcasts, Google Sites, Poster, Google Slides, Job Advertisement, and Interview. It is perfect for secondary transition plan goals or just a fun project-based assignment for students! For each assignment, there is a description of the assignment and presentation requirements. At the end, there is a rubric to make grading super easy! Each option has unique requirements and will engage your stu
CAREER RESEARCH ACTIVITY FREEBIEGreat for middle school or high school students! Requires students to research a career of their choice using the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupation Outlook Handbook (link provided).One page pdf download.Kami compatible. To make this worksheet Google Slides compatible, save the worksheet as an image and set the image as the background of an 8.5x11 size Google Slide. Students may insert their own text boxes or you can insert them for them ahead of time.
This career research project will teach students about the research process and presentation skills while they simultaneously learn more about a potential future career. The project is broken into four steps: choose a career, research, create your slides, and present. There is also a rubric that shows how many points to assign to each task. Research questions are also included to guide students through the research process. This resource includes a printable PDF and an editable PowerPoint file.
This is a everything you need for your students to complete a career research paper. Students will learn how to: research 3 different careers they may want to pursue, find out what they need to reach those career goals, write a research paper with MLA style documentation and finally write business letters to organizations to find more information. This updated lesson plan includes: a rubric, parent letter, Career Project Questions, note card set up, paraphrasing explanation, parenthetical docu
6th - 12th
Miniature college and career research project using the California Career Zone site. Detailed instructions are provided on navigating the site to help students complete the project independently as needed. Students complete the interest profiler and research three careers they're interested in based on these results, potential college majors that could help them pursue these careers, and then three potential colleges to attend. By the end of the project, students will have knowledge of various d
Includes Quizlet link to 40 job titles with definitions and picturesUnscramble job titlesMatch jobs to rolesSkills requiredDetailed research and presentation project Peer feedbackAnswer sheets and teacher guidelines provided. See other products for interactive online version with EASEL. This activity can be stretched over multiple lessons.
4th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Help students sort through career information with this simple and fun Career Research worksheet. The worksheet mirrors key vocabulary students will see on, but you could use this activity with any of your favorite career research resources.
This is a research project designed for students to learn how to create S.M.A.R.T. goals, action plans, and research a career of interest. There is a prezi that is linked that will walk the students through the idea of a S.M.A.R.T. compared to a normal goal; a link and instructions for a basic free career survey that will give students a starting point; a checklist for students to consider while conducting their research; and an overview of how they will be graded. Also, there is a grade sheet
This worksheet is great for students to use to research a career or two that s/he may be interested in. It guides them through their research to find the information they need to determine if the career is the right for them.
This is a 80 minute college/career research project that can be completed independently by students. A chromebook is needed for student to complete this project. All instructions are included in the project with website links for assistance. This is a great tool to introduce the college-search project for any students from 9th-12th grade.
9th - 12th
Allow students to begin to explore the various universities in their state and in the nation they might be interested in applying for. This activity allows them to see the different elements universities offer. This one activity alone gives a clear picture as to what universities cost and look for in a student.
This worksheet is a great introduction to health careers. I also used it for my senior level courses for students that would soon be choosing majors for college or career paths outside of high school.It is researched based using data on Texas websites for a realistic look at job salaries, tasks, which jobs are on the rise, which jobs are decreasing etc. The students will need access to internet to use this worksheet. It will help students see if their dream job is realistic and if it meets up wi
This is an introductory career research project which has students research career interests online and look at possible jobs that fit their interests. It also includes a budget activity where they can assess how much a chosen lifestyle would cost to see if their career choices would support that lifestyle. I will post a follow up career research activity called career research 2 which allow students to go in more depth with the jobs they found.

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