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Primary or Caucus? Students learn difference between primary & caucus elections! This election resource is included in the engaging and hands-on 7-lesson Election Bundle, located here: Election Bundle! 7 Fun & Engaging Resource on Elections, Primaries, Campaigns! Buy the Bundle and Save a
This lesson explores the 2020 Iowa Caucuses. Students will analyze three different artifacts ( a reader, current polling data and a news article) to learn about the 2020 Iowa Caucus.This incredible package includes:- Lesson Plan- Three Artifacts (reader, current polling data and news article)- Quest
In this COMPLETE lesson from InspirEd Educators, students will participate in a simulation that demonstrates the difference between open and closed primaries, and caucuses. Lesson warm up, teacher instructions, teacher answers, guiding discussion questions, all student handouts and activities are i
This student resource, developed by Shawneen Morrison, lists the 2016 presidential primaries and caucuses by state alphabetically and then by the date of the vote. Each chart includes the type of primary or caucus, the number of Democratic delegates for each state (all awarded proportionally), the
In this lesson, students complete three separate tasks to better under the early election stage of the 2020 election. Through lecture and a video, students learn the difference between caucusing and a primary election. Additionally, students will read an excerpt from Michelle Obama's Becoming regard
Teaching your students of any age or grade about voting and the American electoral process? Want to teach your kids about civics and voting without getting political? I have the solution for you: A VEGETABLE CAUCUS AND FRUIT ELECTION!If the thought of taking on politics in your classroom makes you c
This activity packet is perfect for students to understand the multiple concepts of the caucus, primaries, and delegate roles in the United States government. This activity packet includes 2 videos with QR codes, 2 small reading passages, and questions for each section. Perfect for a high school c
Updated for the 2016 Elections! Every four years primaries and caucuses are all over the news as one or both of the political parties chooses their presidential candidates for the following November. But how do you explain the difference to your students? How do you make sure they understand open
A tracker for the 2020 primaries and caucuses. Lists dates in order and a space to write which candidate received the most votes for that State.
This is an activity that I created this year for my regular and advanced Government classes. Students research the Democratic candidates and hold their own Mock Caucus in the class. This can be modified for any election to demonstrate the differences between primaries and caucuses. **please note: I
Students will get to get active and caucus for their favorite subject! While learning how the Iowa Caucus works, they will get to use their math skills to calculate ratios and percents!This lesson is designed to take anywhere from 25-45 minutes, depending on class size and prior knowledge. In this
"When am I ever going to use this?" It is a question that has plagued math teachers for decades. Now you can answer the question with a Common-Core-Standards-aligned activity built around a real-world context. Focusing on these Common Core standards: - 6.RP.1 - 6.RP.2 - 6.RP.3 - 6.SP.4 Download c
Are you watching the U.S. presidential campaigning with your students? Are you trying to keep track of who's winning the delegates through the various primaries and caucuses? Here is a simple chart to give you and your students a place to track the delegate count through the spring and summer. Fi
If you live in a state like I do where a caucus occurs instead of a primary election, this is a great activity for your class. Running a caucus in your classroom is a great way for the students to see how a caucus really happens and it also gives them an opportunity to get to learn about other cand
Primary Elections, Caucus', Step by Step on how to elect a US President
Students can simplify keeping up with the caucuses and primaries with this sheet- it's not too late! My students are going to do research on the winners that already occurred and then fill it in. I feel it's a good way for them conceptualize the individual state races and create good discussion. The
Use this two-page document to teach your students about the similarities and differences of caucuses and primaries.
Explains the difference between different types of primaries and different types of caucuses. I embed forms to the worksheet to help the students and for quick response voting. Visual organizer to vote on candy using open primary, closed primaries, and caucuses.
Viewing guide for the brainpop video
Primary Elections, Caucus', Step by Step on how to elect a US President student reading and notes
The Chaucer Caucus is a simple assignment that asks students to pick a set of characters from the Canterbury Tales, analyze Chaucer's position on that particular group and issues connected to it, and then present a "stump speech" trying to convince that group that Chaucer has their best interests at
FREE! Absentee voting, caucus, debate, delegate, swing state. This election week, have your students learn vocabulary and find words that relate to Election Day.PinkPaw Productions (TpT Seller) said, "Thanks! Just in time for tomorrow! (Election Day and benchmarking!)"Election Day Word Search and Ke
OBJECTIVE: To understand how the caucus, convention, and primary election have been used to choose political candidates through the years. TIME: 1 class period After giving each student a copy of the first three lesson pages, you can read with the class the brief introductory paragraph about how p
Political Parties Key words include:⭐ Delegate⭐ Caucus⭐ Open primary⭐ Closed primary⭐ Super PAC⭐ Inauguration⭐ Representative Democracy⭐ Popular vote⭐ Electors⭐ Electoral College⭐ Conservative Coalition⭐ Democratic Leadership Council⭐ Great Society⭐ Reagan Democrats⭐ Special Interest Groups⭐ A Pledg

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